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Global Finances is a Global platform which combines a new blockchain technology, smart contracts and real sector of everyday life. Its decentralized, blockchain based platform for the development of startup projects. In other words, it is crowdfunding platform for startups and business projects, users who can put information about their business projects, receive resources to develop their startup from other network users, or join business projects that are already located. The GF platform serves as an analogue for all known kickstarter, the main difference is that all operations use crypto-currency.

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Token GFXT
Platform Ethereum
Price 1GFXT = 1 - 1.40 USD
Country USA
ICO Start Date 29 Jan 2018
ICO End Date 25 Mar 2018

About Global Finances

Project Global Finances is the first transparent decentralized crowd funding platform for the financing of perspective business startups. On the site of the project the investors have possibility to buy tokens GFXT with the aim of their future investment in business projects that are offered by the team.

The authors of the startups, which are posted on the site, will receive the collected sum of money as a result of successful campaign and will use them for development purposes of their business. Having received investments on the basis of agreed terms and conditions, the author of each business project guarantees the return of investments to investors.

When investor buys tokens GFXT and invests them in business, he receives the appropriate quantity of tokens GFXT(ERC20) in block chain “Ethereum” and he can sell them on the stock exchange having waited for a profitable rate.


Davide Keller member of Global Finances ICO
Davide Keller
James Davies member of Global Finances ICO
James Davies
Consultant on blockchain
Robert Dressleer member of Global Finances ICO
Robert Dressleer
Project Manager
Teodor Jaspers member of Global Finances ICO
Teodor Jaspers
Technical director
Marius Rasmussen member of Global Finances ICO
Marius Rasmussen
Johann Muller member of Global Finances ICO
Johann Muller
Vice director


  • 1


    Forming the idea of the project Global Finances and discussing it with the team. The creation of distribution scheme of emitted tokens
    Connection with outsider advisors and legal support
    Creation of a prototype, drafting of a technical assignment
    Creation of minimal working prototype for the presentation to potential investors of the project

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    The start of a closed round
    Start of the pre-sale of tokens on PRE-ICO with 25% discount
    Start of the main ICO
    Sale of tokens of those investors, who have purchased them during the preliminary sale. Creation of global community and informational portal in the world of crypto currency
    Ending of ICO, making conclusions, publication of press-releases
    Preparing the opening of the main site discussion of the conditions of future cooperation with investors
    Start investing in business projects
    Development and launch of the ETHEREUM smart contract, negotiation and signing by all active investors, GFXT token accrual (ERC20). Start trading on the stock exchange
    Development of the second beta release of the product with the functionality of the payment system
    Summing up the first year of the project since the creation of the theoretical prototype
    Development of the third beta release of the product with the mobile banking functionality, the implementation of the API interface, the connection of third-party services which will be able to get payments with GFXT tokens


Token Sale Info
Token GFXT
Token Type ERC20
Platform Ethereum
Price in ICO 1GFXT = 1 - 1.40 USD
Tokens for Sale 25000000
Investment info
Accepting ETH, BTC
Distributed in ICO 60%
Soft cap 3000000 USD
Hard cap 25000000 GFXT

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