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Experience live concerts like never before

Towards the end of 2015, 10 million people attempted to purchase tickets for Adele’s 2016 tour. Only 100,000 tickets were available, leaving over 9 million fans (clients willing to pay) unable to attend. This is the primary problem addressed by Heardbeats, a project that started over a year ago that has made great progress thus far. Heardbeats has come to eliminate the physical barriers that currently exist in the industry and brings the live concert experience to any location in real time through virtual reality.

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Token HBT
Platform Waves
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Country USA

About Heardbeats

Heardbeats will be a platform that delivers all the solutions we have already mentioned as well as a complete revolution in the musical world, allowing live music to cross new frontiers and reach more people than ever before. In this
project, which will also have an application compatible with mobile devices and tablets, you can find:

  • The best live concerts through streaming (Pay-per-view – PPV)
    With Heardbeats, you won’t miss out on your favorite concerts. You can enjoy the best live streaming experience at an affordable price that will take you virtually to the optimal vantage point from which to watch the show.
  • On demand concerts at your disposal (Video on Demand – VOD)
    If you subscribe to Heardbeats, you can enjoy hundreds of live concerts whenever you want. In addition, most of the concerts that we will broadcast through PPV will later be available in VOD.

Main Features

  • Live multi-camera to see exactly what you want and nothing that you don’t
    All cameras transmitting the concert live in 4K or Full HD will be at your disposal. You can select the camera angle you want and always have control of what you are watching. Now you control your concert experience. If you just want to enjoy the concert without making any decisions, you can experience it through a default option that provides an automatic mix of pre-selected camera angles.
  • Exciting 360º transmission for a totally new experience with virtual reality
    If you have a virtual reality device, you can live the best experience with Heardbeats. You will constantly be in the best location at the concert at all times, enjoying a 360º unframed experience with surround sound. It truly feels as if the concert is just for you, whether you are watching from a front row camera or one from the middle of the crowd. If you do not have an VR device, you can still enjoy the 360º video with the controls on the screen of your device.
  • Exclusive content from your favorite artist
    The Heardbeats experience doesn’t start and end with the artists first and last songs like at a typical concert. Instead, it continues with access to sound tests, backstage content, and exclusive interviews with your favorite artist.
  • Exclusive packages for the purchase of the complete tour
    If you are one of those fans who doesn’t want to miss a single show by your favorite artist, you can buy special tour packages at exclusive prices that include tickets for each show on the tour, merchandising, and many more surprises.
  • Enjoy on many compatible devices
    Whether you want to enjoy the show on your big screen TV, your laptop, tablet, smartphone or VR device, Heardbeats accompanies you on all your devices through applications designed to give you the best experience.
  • Interact throughout the concert with other fans
    Connect live with other fans who are also enjoying the concert through LifeChat. This way you can share your experience in real time with other music aficionados.


Javier Held member of Heardbeats ICO
Javier Held
CEO & Co-Founder
Carlos Torres member of Heardbeats ICO
Carlos Torres
CPO & Co-Founder
Juan Carlos Tapia member of Heardbeats ICO
Juan Carlos Tapia
Chief Marketing Officer
Diego Plaza member of Heardbeats ICO
Diego Plaza
Chief Technology Officer
Natalia Albornoz member of Heardbeats ICO
Natalia Albornoz
Chief Design Officer
Mollie Picha member of Heardbeats ICO
Mollie Picha
Content Specialist
Matías Plaza member of Heardbeats ICO
Matías Plaza
VR Specialist
Aaron Oropeza member of Heardbeats ICO
Aaron Oropeza
VR Headset Design Consultant


  • 1

    Completed to Aug. 2017

    - Idea development
    - Market analysis in North America and Europe
    - Hiring of team members
    - Branding development
    - Market validation focus groups
    - UI/UX platform prototype design
    - UI/UX platform prototype testing with 250 people
    - Development of multiple designs of our all-in-one headset
    - Selection of final design and creation of 3D render of headset
    - Design validation with experts
    - Website
    - 2018 strategic planning

  • 2

    May 2018 ($3M)

    - Recruitment and hiring of more team members
    - Live Concert Web Platform
    - Application for iOS
    - Application for Android
    - Close Negotiations with Producers
    - Planning and Development to integrate technology needed to record and broadcast concerts in virtual reality around the world.
    - Marketing
    - Platform + first concert deadline: May 2018.

  • 3

    Aug. 2018 ($5M)

    - Applications for Apple TV, Chromecast, Roku, Amazon Fire TV
    - Recruitment and hiring of more team members
    - Marketing

  • 4

    Sept. 2018 ($15M)

    - Development of exclusive all-in-one VR headset to transmit the concert experience in the best way possible with built in surround sound.
    - Recruitment and hiring of more team members
    - Marketing

  • 5

    Feb. 2019 ($20M)

    - Creation of a research and development area that focuses on new technologies that elevate the experience of being at a concert to new and unexpected levels for the user.
    - Recruitment and hiring of more team members
    - Marketing

  • 6

    Jul. 2019 ($30M)

    - Creation of a custom set where private concerts with recognized artists will be performed and transmitted only by Heardbeats. Users can interact directly with the artist from afar through our platform.
    - Recruitment and hiring of more team members
    - Marketing


Token Sale Info
Token HBT
Platform Waves
Price in ICO 1 HBT = 0.45 USD
Tokens for Sale 88000000
Investment info
Distributed in ICO 80%
Soft cap 3,000,000 USD
Hard cap 3o,000,000 USD

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