Discovery platform for shops and promotions

HotNow is a discovery platform for shops and promotions with integrated, in-app promotional offers. HotNow allows for merchants and brands to deliver exclusive promotions to nearby consumers, a subsidiary of Axion Ventures - a sucessful Asian PC and Mobile Games developer. With strategic partnership with Axion Games, revolutionalize the face of mobile promotion discovery platform into Gamified Network which have mission-based game features employing treasure hunting and territory conquering concepts, which represent some of the most successful genres. This will create a much richer and more engaging user experience on the app, which will result in greater economic benefits for each party within the network. For consumers, HoToKeN (HTKN) will be an access granting token to the best deals and promotions a business can offer. For businesses, it will be a means to explore the true price elasticity of their demand function. When the value of HTKN stabilizes, in the eyes of both the businesses and consumers, HTKN will be the dominant currency for all transactions in the network.

Infrastructure Retail Software

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Token HTKN
Platform Stellar
Country Thailand
ICO Start Date 21 Jan 2018
ICO End Date 20 Mar 2018

About HoToKeN

HotNow platform provides merchants in SE Asia with costeffective, high-efficacy marketing tools, while encouraging merchants to transfer some of that value surplus to consumers of their goods an d services. Given the impact of blockchain and surrounding technologies, the inevitable evolution of HotNow is an expansion of its current real-time marketing app and platform into a token economy. Its unique location-based services (LBS) already generate profits and increase market exposure for partner merchants, and deliver value and great content to its users. The platform will become a network that ut lizes strict open source protocols, smart contracts, and (rapidly growi g ) developments in distributed l dger and other decentralized (permissioned) data structure solutions. As part of this next-step evolution of its proven business model, HotNow will transform into a gamified ecosystem based on a utilitarian access token (ERC-20 standard, symbol: HTKN) and micro-transactions. The HotNow token economy will reward its participants with HTKN for every economic activity they perform (every action made by buyers and sellers that keeps the HotNow ecosystem growing).
HotNow utilizes unique methods in the creation of its ecosystem with an emphasis on mechanics found in “freemium” video games and other game mechanics that increase shop conversion rates and enhance consumer engagement. Other innovations include individually-tailored loyalty programs for cash-base d businesses and tools that enable merchants to create organizations and solve coordination problems such as creating shared loyalty programs and aggregating purchasing power. In addition, deep analysis of the spending history data of consumers can create “credit profiles” for individuals without financi l history to enable these consumers to access micro-loans.


J. Todd Bonner member of HoToKeN ICO
J. Todd Bonner
Nithinan Boonyawattanapisut member of HoToKeN ICO
Nithinan Boonyawattanapisut
CEO & Founder
Prachya Gorpaisarn member of HoToKeN ICO
Prachya Gorpaisarn
Chief Technology Officer
Varoon Aroonsit member of HoToKeN ICO
Varoon Aroonsit
Chief Operating Officer
Ake Sukasem member of HoToKeN ICO
Ake Sukasem
Marketing Manager
Christopher Jon Peter Bagguley member of HoToKeN ICO
Christopher Jon Peter Bagguley
Chief Financial Officer
Sebatiao D’almada Remedios member of HoToKeN ICO
Sebatiao D’almada Remedios
Business Development
Takashi Katagiri member of HoToKeN ICO
Takashi Katagiri
Business Development
Mark Henry Saft member of HoToKeN ICO
Mark Henry Saft
Business Development
Jason Corbett, Ph.D. member of HoToKeN ICO
Jason Corbett, Ph.D.
External Counsel
Mark Vange member of HoToKeN ICO
Mark Vange
Chief Technical Advisor
Noppanut Saothayanan member of HoToKeN ICO
Noppanut Saothayanan
Marketing Advisor
Benjamin Scherrey member of HoToKeN ICO
Benjamin Scherrey
Network Security Advisor
Kirit Sælensminde member of HoToKeN ICO
Kirit Sælensminde
Cryptosecurity Advisor
Boaz Yemini member of HoToKeN ICO
Boaz Yemini
Chief Economic Advisor


  • 1

    Nov 2014

    HotNow incubated

  • 2

    Aug 2015

    HotNow Alpha

  • 3

    Feb 2016

    HotNow Beta

  • 4

    Nov 2016

    Axion Ventures acquires stake in Red Anchor

  • 5

    Mar 2017

    HotNow official launch

  • 6

    Jul 2017

    500K+downloads 40K+ Merchant listings

  • 7

    Oct 2017

    HotNow featured in iTunes

  • 8

    Nov 2017

    HoTokeN White Paper published TDE/TGE Pre-sale begins

  • 9

    Dec 2017

    ITO/TGE Pre-sale completed ITO/TGE Public sale begins

  • 10

    Q1 2018

    ITO/TGE completed HotNow gamified version with HTKN wallet

  • 11

    Q2 2018

    1M+ downloads 100K+ Merchant listings Launch Merchant CRM Casual game integration Jakarta office opens

  • 12

    Q3 2018

    Beta of Permissioned Blockchain

  • 13

    Q4 2018

    White Paper vision actualized

  • 14

    Q1 2019

    5M+ downloads 200K+ Merchant listings

  • 15

    Q2 2019

    Manila office opens

  • 16

    Q4 2019

    1M+ downloads

  • 17

    Q1 2020

    Tokyo office opens

  • 18

    Q2 2020

    20M+ downloads


Token Sale Info
Token HTKN
Platform Stellar
Tokens for Sale 3000000000
Investment info
Accepting BTC, ETH
Distributed in ICO 30%

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