IAME Identity ICO (IAM)

Fragmented Identification For Blockchain

IAME is a blockchain company from Mauritius, the tropical island located off the eastern coast of Africa. The company is pioneering identity verification and data security for cryptocurrencies based around their decentralized fragmented identification system (“DFI”). DFI is the antithesis of conventional identification processes that require the wholesome data to be transferred from one party to another for identification to be conducted. Under DFI, the system fragments the data being shared within blockchain transactions into unintelligible pieces of data that are verified by a multitude of independent Third Party Validators. IAME takes the notion of data security a step further by making compromised information “hack-worthless”.


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Token IAM
Platform ERC20
Price 1 ETH = 12,500 IAM
Country Mauritius
ICO Start Date 02 Apr 2018
ICO End Date 06 Apr 2018

About IAME Identity

A decentralized identification system that would allow parties performing blockchain transactions to verify, on a primary level, the identity of each other without having to disclose non-essential sensitive personal information to the counterparties; and on a secondary level the source of the Cryptocurrencies in the transaction. Identification would be conducted by a multitude of independent third party validators, each verifying fragments of information that together would constitute a complete verification, such that only the original owner of the sensitive personal information retains her/his data in a wholesome and useful way.

The result of the identification process would be hashed onto a designated blockchain and made accessible on a public repository such that the identification status and source of the cryptocurrencies associated with specific blockchain addresses can be consulted, without compromising the unique identification data.


Nathaniel Tsang Mang Kin member of IAME Identity ICO
Nathaniel Tsang Mang Kin
Co-founder / Compliance
Suryani Chang member of IAME Identity ICO
Suryani Chang
Co-founder / Back End
Chirag Patel member of IAME Identity ICO
Chirag Patel
Front End
Ari Vivekanandarajah member of IAME Identity ICO
Ari Vivekanandarajah
Community Manager



Token Sale Info
Token IAM
Token Type ERC20
Platform ERC20
Price in ICO 1 ETH = 12,500 IAM
Investment info
Distributed in ICO 50%
Soft cap 1,000,000 USD
Hard cap 25,000,000 USD

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