Easiest way to do KYC checks

It is the easiest way to do KYC checks. In a matter of minutes ICO Pass verifies authenticity of person's ID documents, does a face-matching, checks Sanction lists and the country of origin & residency. After the identity is verified it is written in blockchain and the identity holder can choose to share this data with as many services as wants. We initially will focus on Token Sale organizers that need to do KYC checks in order to exchange crypto to fiat. However later on will offer the product to Exchanges, Banks and Governments.

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Token ICOP
Platform Ethereum
Price Dutch auction
Country Latvia
ICO Start Date 06 Apr 2018
ICO End Date 06 May 2018

About ICO Pass

In a matter of minutes ICO Pass verifies authenticity of person's ID documents, does a face-matching, checks Sanction lists and the country of origin & residency. 

All data is encrypted and without the consent from person, it is not possible to have access to it.

As KYC process is automated and accurate, it is possible to significantly reduce costs. Moreover, once a person is identified - they can re-use the identity for several ICOs.


Janis Kirsteins member of ICO Pass ICO
Janis Kirsteins
CEO, Founder
Gints Kirsteins member of ICO Pass ICO
Gints Kirsteins
COO, Founder
Janis Graubins member of ICO Pass ICO
Janis Graubins
CCO, Founder
Ingermars Asmanis member of ICO Pass ICO
Ingermars Asmanis
Head of Development
Magnuss Karklins member of ICO Pass ICO
Magnuss Karklins


  • 1

    February, 2017

    ICO launch. Product launch.
    Technically: validate that the owner of
    an Ethereum wallet has passed an ID
    background check stating that they are
    not part of a restricted set of users (e.g. US
    citizen or individuals on official watchlists).
    The background check is run via a third
    party, namely Onfido. The ICO Pass team
    has set up a smart contract system to
    record the outcome of the background
    check on the public Ethereum blockchain,
    i.e. whitelist Ethereum addresses that are
    owned by non-restricted users.
    Legal point of view: doublecheck with
    all the regulators in different countries
    how to even more effectively meet their
    Business: attract first ICOs from Europe.

  • 2

    Mar, 2018

    New databases are added for higher

  • 3

    April, 2018

    Video identification with live agents added.

  • 4

    May, 2018

    ICO organizer communication tool added
    for contacting ICO contributors.

  • 5

    June, 2018

    Integration with US State Revenue
    Service or Banks to automatically
    determine if the investor is accredited.
    First US based ICO.

  • 6

    November, 2018

    Integration finished with Banks who in
    EU are providing their APIs under PSD2
    regulation. Automatically determines if
    the person is accredited investor.

  • 7

    December, 2018

    Interest payout functionality in app.


Token Sale Info
Token ICOP
Token Type ERC20
Platform Ethereum
Price in ICO Dutch auction
Tokens for Sale 20000000
Investment info
Accepting ETH
Distributed in ICO 33%
Soft cap 500,000 EUR
Hard cap 5,000,000 EUR

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