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ICO HeadStart™ is the safest ICO fundraising platform in the world. Our experienced team of compliance experts awards only carefully selected ICOs with a seal of approval after screening before these ICOs get listed on the ICO HeadStart™ platform adhering to give our community access to the best possible ICO proposals and the highest security standards in the ecosystem. In return for ETH and BTC the community receives MOAT along with voting points. Through voting the community decides which of these ICOs get funded. Elected projects receive their funds through Escrow 2.0 after the smart contract conditions have been met. ICO HeadStart's profits will be shared for 100%: 80% will be used to exchange back MOAT from the community and 20% will be used to give funded ICOs a head start. Decentralized, transparant, simple, solid, honest.

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Token MOAT
Platform Ethereum
Country Netherlands
ICO Start Date 26 Mar 2018
ICO End Date 25 Apr 2018

About ICOHeadStart

Then ICO HeadStart is secure ICO fundraising platform that currently exists. Where backers and creators find and reinforce each other. A platform that minimizes the risk for backers, and maximizes the chance of success for creators.

- Your agreements are transparently recorded in smart contracts on blockchain, guaranteeing reliability and honesty;
- You use the financial expertise, success and risk analysis of the ICO HeadStart compliance team, which regulates the pre-selection of ICOs;
- Your investment is entrusted to the various projects step by step, through tight monitoring and via escrow, so that the creators adhere to the agreements;
- You use the wisdom of the crowd through the ICO HeadStart community, who also determine which projects are promising;
- You spread the risk by investing in ICO HeadStart’s own token, MOAT (Mother of all Tokens), the value of which is linked to all other tokens. This way you can never lose all your invested money, but you profit from the increases in value;
- You pay no fees and no additional costs as an investor with ICO HeadStart.
- You actively contribute to a new, distinctive and promising financial world – the new ICOnomy.


Dirk Scheringa member of ICOHeadStart ICO
Dirk Scheringa
Chief Execution Officer
Martin Bylsma member of ICOHeadStart ICO
Martin Bylsma
Chief Operational Officer
Hans van Goor member of ICOHeadStart ICO
Hans van Goor
Chief Compliance Officer
Ron van der Does member of ICOHeadStart ICO
Ron van der Does
Chief Trading Officer
Nina Mehmedovic member of ICOHeadStart ICO
Nina Mehmedovic
Business Development Manager
Ivica Djuric member of ICOHeadStart ICO
Ivica Djuric
Senior Backend Developer
Nikki Winands member of ICOHeadStart ICO
Nikki Winands
Web developer
Ahmed Ali member of ICOHeadStart ICO
Ahmed Ali
Senior Solidity Developer
Darko Gavrilovic member of ICOHeadStart ICO
Darko Gavrilovic
Senior Designer
Seyed Mozafar Niazi member of ICOHeadStart ICO
Seyed Mozafar Niazi
Customer Care Manager
Nawid Habib member of ICOHeadStart ICO
Nawid Habib
Founder, Blockchain Enthusiast & Serial Entrepreneur
Aleksandar Martinovic member of ICOHeadStart ICO
Aleksandar Martinovic
Founder, Blockchain Enthusiast & Serial Entrepreneur
Clyde Tjauw Foe member of ICOHeadStart ICO
Clyde Tjauw Foe
Founder, Blockchain Enthusiast & Serial Entrepreneur
Alexey Grakov member of ICOHeadStart ICO
Alexey Grakov
Viron IT (Blockchain, Software Company)
Mark Noorlander member of ICOHeadStart ICO
Mark Noorlander
Flashboys (Blockchain Studio)
Sandro Kalinic member of ICOHeadStart ICO
Sandro Kalinic
Flashboys (Blockchain Studio)
Danijel Petkovic member of ICOHeadStart ICO
Danijel Petkovic
Flashboys (Blockchain Studio)
Nomkwazi Hooplot member of ICOHeadStart ICO
Nomkwazi Hooplot
Weborama (Data company, Marketing)


  • 1

    2nd half 2016

    Global ICO Market Analysis. Business Plan Development.

  • 2

    1st half 2017

    Platform Development.

  • 3

    July,August, 2017

    Seed Funds Received. Smart Contract Development. Operational Team Development.

  • 4

    September, 2017

    Video’s and other supporting media.

  • 5

    October, 2017

    Smart Contract Audit. White Paper.

  • 6

    November, 2017

    30 Days Countdown.Events and Media.

  • 7

    8th December 2017

    12 Days PRE-ICO – Goal: 17.000 ETHER, Implementation Upcoming Projects.

  • 8

    1st half 2018

    30 Days ICO – Goal: 120.000 ETHER. Launch ICO HeadStart. MOAT Listed on Multiple Exchanges. First Live Projects Iconomy.

  • 9

    2nd half 2018

    ICO Fundraising Events. Development Creators and Backers. Platform Tools Development – Compliance, Legal, Marketing.

  • 10

    1st half 2019

    Online ICO University.

  • 11

    2nd half 2019

    Mobile App Development. More things to come.


Token Sale Info
Token MOAT
Token Type ERC20
Platform Ethereum
Tokens for Sale 1500000000
Investment info
Accepting ETH, BTC
Distributed in ICO 15%
Hard cap 33,000 ETH

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