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Creative minds deserve INK

The vision of Ink is to provide Sovereign Consortium Blockchains to different use cases, to build a blockchain based infrastructure for the Creative Industry where various applications were possible and correlate to each other in one system. Based on public blockchain (Qtum), an Intellectual Property Assets Exchange is built as a trusted corridor for cash generation and token issuance, making it an integrated ecosystem. At the same time, the cross-chain protocol enables value and information to flow freely between public blockchain and consortium blockchains.

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Token INK
Price 1 BTC = 31000-35000 INK
Country UK

About Ink Labs Foundation

Ink consortium blockchain has designed and implemented an account system that can cater to a large number of anonymous users (from public blockchain users, or from consumers who are covered by the Sovereign Consortium Blockchain) to manage digital assets and interact directly with the consortium blockchain. This account system is called Ink Account.

Users can generate their own key pairs, through which they can acquire their individual Ink Account and the corresponding address. The same account can hold multiple token assets or initiate transactions (either sending tokens or invoking the chaincode, aka smart contract in Fabric) in the name of the account under a given permission. The settings for the account are pluggable, and different Sovereign Consortium Blockchains can choose whether to enable the Ink Account as well as which account algorithm (in accordance with bitcoins and Qtum, or in accordance with Ethereum) to use. In addition, Ink consortium blockchain has developed asset system chaincode (ASCC) to manage the token assets on the chain.

The chaincode invocation request initiated in the name of INK Account requires it to meet the specified rules of signature combination (depending on the degree of openness of the consortium blockchain, it can be batch authorisation or shared authorisation), and the requester should use the Ink Account key to sign the invocation contents, including Channel, ChaincodeSpec, transaction counter (for anti-replay attack), etc. The signature will be verified by peers.



  • 1

    April, 2016

    Ziggurat tech, member of Ink council, received seed-round investment.

  • 2

    October, 2016

    Ziggurat IP Asset Management platform ( based on blockchain was launched.

  • 3

    December, 2016

    The number of original works registered on surpassed 6000. More than 10 partnerships were formed with Ziggurat.

  • 4

    March, 2017

    Founding team of Ink established the core mission and roadmap.

  • 5

    April, 2017

    Founding team of Ink received million-dollar angel investment, and the project entered a new phase.

  • 6

    May, 2017

    Founding team of Ink were invited to the Big Data Expo and signed Strategic Partnership with Guiyang Government in China

  • 7

    June, 2017

    The official Ink team was established, with experts in blockchain, IP incubation, management and operation

  • 8

    July, 2017

    Team Ink received multimillion-dollar Pre-A round financing

  • 9

    September, 2017

    Ink Sovereign Consortium Blockchain entered testing phase

  • 10

    October, 2017

    Whitepaper of Ink to be officially released

  • 11

    November, 2017

    Ink to complete international token offering

  • 12

    December, 2017

    Ink to launch open platform for DApp development

  • 13

    January, 2018

    Cross-chain protocol to be established between Ink Sovereign Consortium Blockchain and Qtum Blockchain.

  • 14

    February, 2018

    Ink to launch first batch of international IP tokens.

  • 15

    March, 2018

    Beta launch of IP Asset Exchange.

  • 16

    May, 2018

    Ink Global IP Blockchain network to be launched.

  • 17

    May, 2018

    Ink Global IP Blockchain network to be launched.

  • 18

    In the future

    Ink Blockchain to receive global acclaim.


Token Sale Info
Token INK
Price in ICO 1 BTC = 31000-35000 INK
Tokens for Sale 500000000
Investment info
Accepting QTM, BTC, ETH
Distributed in ICO 50%
Soft cap 7500 BTC
Hard cap 11000 BTC

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