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INTRO is a BI (Business Intelligence) system for the participants of off-plan development – builders, investors, homebuyers, banks and other agents. INTRO IT products provide access to advanced market analytics for industry professionals as well as for private homebuyers. The register of under construction objects and investors’ contracts are stored in the blockchain, which in turn receives data from official state sources. This allows for effective market analysis without violating the proprietors' rights to personal data protection. INTRO system users will be able to find the most attractive off-plan properties in dozens of countries and invest in the ongoing construction under smart contracts. The blockchain ensures reliability of the information about the building plan and transaction security, while avoiding costs of intermediation by real estate brokers, lawyers or profiteers. Smart contracts enable the users to save up to 30% on property investment.

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Token ITR
Platform Ethereum
Price 1 ITR = 0.4 USD
Country Russia
ICO Start Date 26 Mar 2018
ICO End Date 30 Apr 2018


The team of INTRO TECHNOLOGY RUS, JSC, is glad to present the INTRO Token that will become a license to the INTRO Services for real estate market participants.

Our team has been creating software for developers since 2016. Our IT-project was originally initiated by the Gosstroy Group, a major Russian real estate development holding, est. in 2009. Today, the development portfolio of Gosstroy includes 14 completed residential and commercial objects, as well as 13 under-construction buildings with total area of about 150,000 sq.m. By construction volume, Gosstroy is one of Top 150 developers in Russia.

In early 2017, the IT Division of Gosstroy was separated as an independent business and registered as INTRO TECHNOLOGY RUS, JSC. In early 2018, the company had 42 staff members and about 20 freelance contractors. The main profile of the company is the creation of Business Intelligence System for off-plan property investors, as well as the development of IT-products for business and state actors.

The rapid growth is largely caused by the growing demand for BI systems from market players and regulators. Over 20 construction companies, several governmental agencies and industrial associations is now using the products of INTRO RUS. Our users include the representatives of National Association of Housing Developers, Union of Construction Companies of Ural and Siberia, Chelyabinsk Interregional Union of Builders and other professionals from 18 parts of Russia, where INTRO business is present.

However, the potential of scaling of our BI system is not limited to the market of Russia and the CIS countries. According to our research, more than 10 million homebuyers a year invest in off-plan properties in the BRICS countries. Most of the residential property in India, Brazil and Russia are sold at the construction stage. Still, offplan development remains a risky investment due to low market transparency.

We were the first to use AI (Artificial Intelligence) to collect and process data on off-plan development investments from the official state registries. Now our system INTRO Analytica quickly processes raw data on property rights claims, helping to create accurate market forecasts. At the next step, we plan to integrate the blockchain technology for data protection and secure transactions between developers, investors and home buyers.

Our mission is to make the global off-plan property market transparent and to protect the developers and homebuyers against insecure investment.

INTRO Tokens will become the access key for the INTRO ecosystem, which brings together developers, investors and home buyers from all over the world


Valerii Koliada member of INTRO ICO
Valerii Koliada
Albert Mannapov member of INTRO ICO
Albert Mannapov
Aleksandr Lazarev member of INTRO ICO
Aleksandr Lazarev
Dmitry Pogorelov member of INTRO ICO
Dmitry Pogorelov
Dinar Semenov member of INTRO ICO
Dinar Semenov
Marat Valiev member of INTRO ICO
Marat Valiev
Akil Mohammad member of INTRO ICO
Akil Mohammad
BRICs countries advisor
Temirbek Kasimov member of INTRO ICO
Temirbek Kasimov
Real Estate Analyst
Kirill Badikov member of INTRO ICO
Kirill Badikov
Denis Vechkanov member of INTRO ICO
Denis Vechkanov
Oleg Obolensky member of INTRO ICO
Oleg Obolensky
Andrey Krylov member of INTRO ICO
Andrey Krylov
Product Manager
Andrey Machinsky member of INTRO ICO
Andrey Machinsky
Front-end Developer
Vadim Petrov member of INTRO ICO
Vadim Petrov
Back-end Developer
Timur Zainullin member of INTRO ICO
Timur Zainullin
Head of Government Relations
Denis Smoliar member of INTRO ICO
Denis Smoliar
Leader of Development Team
Diana Imamgaiazova member of INTRO ICO
Diana Imamgaiazova
Head of Communications
Alexander Kolesnikov member of INTRO ICO
Alexander Kolesnikov
Head of Marketing


  • 1


    Company establishment

  • 2


    The development of INTRO Analytica

  • 3

    July 2017

    Development of INTRO Sale started

  • 4

    October 2017

    Development of INTRO Analytica is completed, sales started

  • 5

    November 2017

    Development of INTRO COINvest started

  • 6

    January 2018

    Development of INTRO Sale is to be completed

  • 7

    March 2018


  • 8

    May 2018


  • 9

    July 2018

    Development of COINvest is to be completed

  • 10

    September 2018

    Development of INTRO Restate is to be completed


Token Sale Info
Token ITR
Token Type ERC20
Platform Ethereum
Price in ICO 1 ITR = 0.4 USD
Tokens for Sale 80000000
Investment info
Accepting BTC. ETH, LTC, Various, Fiat
Soft cap 3,000,000 USD
Hard cap 15,000,000 USD

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