investFeed ICO (IFT)

First next-gen cryptocurrency social network

Our product integrates with your brokerage account to track every trade. We give you immediate access to the performance and portfolio of every investor who connected their brokerage account. Make truly informed investment decisions and trade with confidence.

Token IFT
Platform Ethereum
Raised $3,400,000
Country USA
ICO Start Date 23 Jul 2017
ICO End Date 07 Aug 2017

About investFeed

investFeed is the first incentivized next-generation social investment network for cryptocurrencies. Since the company’s inception in 2014, investFeed attracted a community of 15,000+ users, with over 200,000 live feeds, sharing market trading insights. Across Q3 2017, investFeed is pivoting from US equities to cryptocurrencies due to both user demand and the extraordinary growth of blockchain based assets. investFeed’s new platform allows the cryptocurrency community to establish professional relationships, promote user content and share rewards-based trading ideas. investFeed is conducting a crowd sale from July 23, 2017 to raise capital for the development of the cryptocurrency-specific platform, and to issue FEED tokens to participants.

How investfeed works

investFeed is a peer-to-peer network comprised of “feeders,” users who discuss, share, and reward FEED to each other, and “companies” who purchase FEED to boost their posts.

investFeed is built from the ground up and doesn’t have to rely on brick and mortar locations like most social networks. investFeed is a platform, a token, and a suite of tools for investors, traders, developers, and cryptocurrency enthusiasts looking to build better tools and applications.

Our accomplishments

One of the few token sales backed by a current active product and community

  1. Channel Partnerships
    We've integrated with existing brokerage providers you already use (Robinhood, Fidelity, TD, etc.) Our reboot will involve integrating with the most reliable crypto exchanges and multi-asset wallet integrations.
  2. Enterprise Ready
    We built a major solution for public companies to advertise natively in our "featured feed" video module. First client signed in 2017, doubling our development team.
  3. Transparecy
    investFeed believes in full transparecy in our technical roadmap and smart contract source code. Check out our Github.
  4. Rapidly Growing
    We have over 15,000 users and over 200,000 live feeds on the investFeed social network, with steady growth each month in the last year.


George Samman member of investFeed ICO
George Samman
Technical Advisor
David Wachsman member of investFeed ICO
David Wachsman
Technical Advisor
Toshendra Sharma member of investFeed ICO
Toshendra Sharma
ICO Advisor
Gary Dmitriev member of investFeed ICO
Gary Dmitriev
Technical Advisor
Ken Uryu member of investFeed ICO
Ken Uryu
Technical Advisor
Gary Ross member of investFeed ICO
Gary Ross
Legal Counsel
Ronald Chernesky member of investFeed ICO
Ronald Chernesky
Founder & Chief Executive Officer
Andrew Freedman member of investFeed ICO
Andrew Freedman
Founder & Chief Technology Officer
Justin Jovanovic member of investFeed ICO
Justin Jovanovic
Chief Operations Officer
Tarryn Valle member of investFeed ICO
Tarryn Valle
Financial Consultant CFA, FRM
Clayton Lambert member of investFeed ICO
Clayton Lambert
Full Stack Developer



Token Sale Info
Token IFT
Platform Ethereum
Tokens for Sale 335000000
Investment info
Raised $3,400,000

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