IronBlock ICO (IRB)

Valid machinery condition data guarantees

IronBlock is a Blockchain based service platform and marketplace for a $1 trillion+ global construction, mining, forestry and farming machinery market. IronBlock is a global decentralized platform designed to optimize maintenance and machinery condition data verification processes, and provide ESCROW for specialized machinery sales.

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Token IRB
Platform Ethereum
Price 1 IRB = 0.00027 ETH
Country Russia

About IronBlock

IronBlock is a decentralized platform for machinery condition verification, maintenance services optimization and it guarantees compliance with all the contractual obligations for transactions between participants in the market of construction, mining and agricultural machinery.

The main task of IronBlock is to provide the necessary confidence level in the information about traded equipment so that owners, leasing and insurance companies, as well as buyers around the world, can interact directly without intermediaries, without risks and with significant money and time savings.

IronBlock provides a solution for the two major problems for the global specialized machinery market:

  1. Proving the validity of information about machinery.
  2. Guarantees of compliance with contractual obligations between participants.



  • 1

    Quarter 2, 2012

    Start of offline business in Ekaterinburg and the Sverdlovsk Region (Russia) in sales and servicing specialized machinery

  • 2

    Quarter 4, 2012

    Cooperation with the leading special purpose machinery and spare parts manufacturers such as Liebherr, Caterpillar, Komatsu, GROVE, DOOSAN, FUWA, HBM-NOBAS, TELTOMAT, EVERDIGM, SPIERINGS, FB GRU, DRESSTA, SPECO, BAUER, LEFFER, BVV, TRIASO, TRIMAN, HOLDER, ROMEA, VENIERI, G.A., Value Parts, and others.

  • 3

    Quarter 1, 2017

    Reached a 250+ units milestone of special purpose and heavy machinery sales in 5 years.

  • 4

    Quarter 2, 2017

    Collection, analysis, and consolidation of the global special purpose machinery market data to design the IronBlock platform.

  • 5

    Quarter 3, 2017

    IronBlock creation, building the team to launch the project and attract partnerships.
    Platform design drafts

  • 6

    Quarter 4, 2017

    Pre ICO launch, platform development launch, Licensed service centers and IronBlock agents Whitelist formation, building and developing partnerships with the largest special purpose machinery owners in Russia to prepare for the local launch

  • 7

    Quarter 1, 2018

    The ICO campaign: general sale of the IRB tokens. Development of a legal system to manage and implement the project globally. Finalization of team building

  • 8

    Quarter 2, 2018

    Platform alpha version launch in Russia. Whitelist formation and signing international partners to launch IronBlock on the key European, Asian, and other regional markets

  • 9

    Quarter 4, 2018

    Global commercial launch after adaptation to local legislations

  • 10


    Scaling up and further project development, the platform launch for the related special purpose machinery and equipment sectors: freight transports, railway rolling stock, aviation industry, and other

  • 11


    Global IronBlock sales, leasing, service market share up to 5%

  • 12


    Ongoing project development with current and emerging trends of the specialized machinery and cryptocoin markets in mind. Growing IronBlock market share, in-house services expansion: logistics, financing, customs brokerage etc.


Token Sale Info
Token IRB
Token Type ERC20
Platform Ethereum
Price in ICO 1 IRB = 0.00027 ETH
Investment info
Accepting ETH
Soft cap 11250 ETH
Hard cap 87187 ETH

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