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For over 4 years JET8 has been transforming peer-to-peer influencer marketing via a tokenised social engagement platform. JET8’s platform, products and services allow brands and agencies to target, publish and track the engagement of peer to peer branded content, via selfies with sponsored frames and stickers that are shared through the JET8 apps to social media platforms such as Tumblr, Facebook and Instagram. With over 15 million app installs and 1.5 million influencers, JET8 reaches 400 million plus mobile social accounts driving peer-to-peer engagement for leading multinationals such as Nestle, Pepsi, Coca Cola, Danone, Avon, Friesland Campina, Unilever, and Heinz Group. There are already over 4 billion JETS in circulation being exchanged for real-life goods in 20,000 points of sale, including 7Eleven, CircleC, and Watson’s. An initial coin offering will help us scale the use and value of our token to a global audience.


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Token J8T
Platform Ethereum
Country Singapore
ICO Start Date 28 Feb 2018
ICO End Date 14 Mar 2018

About JET8

Co2Co™ Engagement

Geo-stickers and Geo-frames give brands the best opportunity to be part of a consumer's digital journey. These are used in the creation of daily moments (selfies, pictures and videos) and published to multiple social media platforms simultaneously by users. Engagement from this user generated content can be 10x higher than average mobile ad formats, and is more relevant than ever with Co2Co™ technology. Generate real time sales and reward users with JET8’s powerful social currency, JETS.

Social Sampling

Giveaways and other sampling formats traditionally convert only 3-5% of sampled communities. With digital social sampling you can target, customise and convert through a smart data dashboard. With the distribution of currency cards used to redeem product samples online or at physical retail stores, brands can determine consumer mindset, as well as monitor the discovery, acceptance and redemption of a sampled product.

Data Mining

User Data Exchange creates an open marketplace where users and brands can decide between themselves when and how to exchange data. Users are prompted in-app to decide whether or not to share their data, and are rewarded when they do.

Full Stack App

In the app, users can create selfies or videos, attach Geo-frames or Geo-stickers, and publish posts to multiple social media platforms simultaneously, earning JETS as they go! The FSA offers anyone their own social media app with which to connect, reward and sell to their own community. The JET8 dashboard allows the app owner to focus on marketing and community growth. Customized apps are released to Google Play and the App Store.


Jon Matonis member of JET8 ICO
Jon Matonis
Founding Director of the Bitcoin Foundation
Dick van Motman member of JET8 ICO
Dick van Motman
Global President Dentsu Brand Agencies
Scott Kronick member of JET8 ICO
Scott Kronick
President & CEO Ogilvy PR Asia Pacific
Happy Ntshingila member of JET8 ICO
Happy Ntshingila
CMO of Barclays Africa
Mike Rich member of JET8 ICO
Mike Rich
EVP at FOX Networks Group Asia
Jeff Seah member of JET8 ICO
Jeff Seah
CEO Mettle & Salt Partners
Chris Foster member of JET8 ICO
Chris Foster
President of Y&R Asia
KP Unnikrishnan member of JET8 ICO
KP Unnikrishnan
Regional Marketing Director at Palo Alto Networks, Asia Pacific & Japan
Pablo Slough member of JET8 ICO
Pablo Slough
Head of Mkt Solutions at Google
Hein Brand member of JET8 ICO
Hein Brand
Ex-CEO of Naspers South America
Leah Besa-Jimenez member of JET8 ICO
Leah Besa-Jimenez
Ex CEO Starcom
Romeo Kumalo member of JET8 ICO
Romeo Kumalo
CEO of Washirika Holdings
John Dixon member of JET8 ICO
John Dixon
CEO of Publicis Groupe Africa
Takao Toshishige member of JET8 ICO
Takao Toshishige
MD at Manchester City Tokyo
Debby Cheung member of JET8 ICO
Debby Cheung
President at Ogilvy Shanghai
Roger Lim member of JET8 ICO
Roger Lim
Co-Founder @ Webvisions Pte Ltd
Davide de Picciotto member of JET8 ICO
Davide de Picciotto
MD at Nettuno Capital AS
Victor Zabrockis member of JET8 ICO
Victor Zabrockis
Santi Corrales member of JET8 ICO
Santi Corrales
Chief Technology Officer
Shannon Cullum member of JET8 ICO
Shannon Cullum
Chief Executive Officer
Mike Allen member of JET8 ICO
Mike Allen
Joshua Thomson member of JET8 ICO
Joshua Thomson
Kirsty Thompson member of JET8 ICO
Kirsty Thompson
Head of Communications
Victor Lavega member of JET8 ICO
Victor Lavega
Senior Graphic Designer
Joan Montagut member of JET8 ICO
Joan Montagut
Head of Back-End
Mae Karl Castillo member of JET8 ICO
Mae Karl Castillo
Adrià Bernabeu member of JET8 ICO
Adrià Bernabeu
Graphic Artist
John Darick Roco member of JET8 ICO
John Darick Roco
Android Developer
Cynthia Szeto member of JET8 ICO
Cynthia Szeto
Finance Manager
Jaume Viñas member of JET8 ICO
Jaume Viñas
Head of iOS & Solidity
Eva García member of JET8 ICO
Eva García
Country Manager
Miguel Rivero member of JET8 ICO
Miguel Rivero
Front-End Developer
Ricard Boned member of JET8 ICO
Ricard Boned
Back-End Developer
Salva Regas member of JET8 ICO
Salva Regas
Senior Graphic Designer
Ivan Thomas member of JET8 ICO
Ivan Thomas
Head of Product
Den Marie Balingit member of JET8 ICO
Den Marie Balingit
Android Developer
Andzej Selistrovskij member of JET8 ICO
Andzej Selistrovskij
Head of Motion Graphics
Brian Heinen member of JET8 ICO
Brian Heinen
Senior Advisor, Community Strategy
Nahuel Velazco member of JET8 ICO
Nahuel Velazco
Solidity & Back-End Developer
Miftah Mubarak member of JET8 ICO
Miftah Mubarak
Android Developer
Oriol Rodriguez member of JET8 ICO
Oriol Rodriguez
Head of Front-End
Angel de Franganillo member of JET8 ICO
Angel de Franganillo
Head of Graphics
Josh Abrams member of JET8 ICO
Josh Abrams
Head of Production
Ana Pérez Gutiérrez member of JET8 ICO
Ana Pérez Gutiérrez
Graphic Artist


  • 1

    July, 2014

    JET8 is incorporated in Singapore Platform development begins.

  • 2

    August, 2014

    New offices inaugurated in Jakarta, Indonesia.

  • 3

    May, 2015

    First partnership with device manufacturer for preinstalls.
    New offices inaugurated in Manila, Philippines.

  • 4

    August, 2015

    New Singapore Headquarters inaugurated.

  • 5


    JET8 launches in SE Asia.
    First unbranded assets published for public use.

  • 6

    February, 2016

    First product redeemed from JET8’s mobile Shop using JET8’s JET Points.

  • 7

    April, 2016

    First brand rewarding influencers with JET Points in the Philippines.

  • 8

    August, 2016

    First brand starts rewarding influencers with JET Points in Vietnam .

  • 9

    September, 2016

    Number of posts from Influencers surpasses 1 million.

  • 10

    November, 2016

    Tenth brand starts rewarding influencers with JET Points.

  • 11

    December, 2016

    JET8’s digital currency circulation reaches 2 Billion through the ecosystem.

  • 12

    January, 2017

    New offline redemptions at Shop&Go Vietnam using JET Points.

  • 13

    May, 2017

    First brand starts rewarding influencers with JET Points in Indonesia.

  • 14

    July, 2017

    JET8 partnership with GroupM for regional expansion.

  • 15

    September, 2017

    First offline redemption at 7Eleven network of 3,000 points of sale in Philippines using JET Points.

  • 16

    October, 2017

    First offline redemption at Alfamart’s network of 10,000 points of sale in Indonesia using JET Points.
    New offices inaugurated in Cape Town, South Africa.
    First brand starts rewarding Influencers with JET Points in South Africa.
    First offline redemption at ShopRite network of 2,500 points of sale in South Africa and Africa using JETpoints.

  • 17

    November, 2017

    JET8 receives Silver at MMA Smarties Awards for Revive Campaign.
    JET8 receives Silver at MMA Smarties Awards for Yomost Campaign.

  • 18

    December, 2017

    J8T Token Pre-Sale launch.

  • 19

    March, 2018

    J8T Tokens Token Distribution Event.
    Digital services become available to token owners.

  • 20

    May, 2018

    Usage of tokens for the consumption of on and offline retail becomes
    available on interconnected apps and Wallets.

  • 21

    October, 2018

    Beta testing of J8T Token in JET8 ecosystem including major transactions
    on the blockchain.

  • 22

    December, 2018

    All pillars of liquidity become fully integrated with the JET8 ecosystem on the blockchain.

  • 23

    January, 2019

    Reach of interconnected marketplaces expected to reach 1 billion social accounts worldwide.


Token Sale Info
Token J8T
Platform Ethereum
Tokens for Sale 150000000
Investment info
Distributed in ICO 30%

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