Transforming Digital Money Into Real Goods

Joys is a service of legal payments for goods and services in all cryptocurrency. Joys represents an open global blockchain platform that allows adding nearly any cryptocurrencies and tokens as a mean of payment. Many companies use blockchain for cryptomoney payments in many fields from interbanks transactions to personel p2p payments: CoinBase, BitPay, Coinify, PundiX, Bitwala, Wirex, Blockchain Merchant, LoyaltyX, LoyalCoin etc. The frequent problem of many projects is the violation of many countries law in cryptocurrency turnover. The second is the necessity to install the special equipment for POS or the absence of automatic registration for sales and payments. And the third one is limited field of application such decisions in retail. Joys solving this tasks applies technology of digital coupons and other means, it makes purchasing by cryptocurrency legal. Market analysis proves that Joys is a unique cryptocurrency project because of its wide application.


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Token JOYS
Platform Ethereum
Price 1 JOYS = 0.04 USD
Country Russia
ICO Start Date 21 Jun 2018
ICO End Date 12 Jul 2018
PreICO Start Date 16 May 2018
PreICO End Date 31 May 2018

About JOYS

Joys is an open global blockchain platform for making payments in any cryptocurrency between buyers and any stores connected to Joys.

Joys provides services to secure payments by any cryptocurrency as a payment for part or full value of goods or services with optimization of legal risks for all participants in the purchase and sale process registered in the system1. The project is intended for those trade and service enterprises that want to receive bitcoin or other crypto currency. We create the Joys platform for projects that want to give the opportunity to pay with their cryptocurrency or tokens in retail stores, adhering to compliance with local laws. We propose to use Joys for classic projects that would like to use blockchain and crypto-currencies to encourage participants and formulate motivation and loyalty programs.

Thus, Joys is a platform that integrates blockchain projects and cryptocurrencies into the classical real economy, allowing users to take advantage of the benefits of blockchain technology in their daily lives.


Andrey Mikhaylishin member of JOYS ICO
Andrey Mikhaylishin
Sergey Zhdanov member of JOYS ICO
Sergey Zhdanov
CTO, Back-end Developer
Vladimir Tolmachev member of JOYS ICO
Vladimir Tolmachev
CVO, Payment System
Lev Shemetov member of JOYS ICO
Lev Shemetov
Head Of Partner Communications
Svyatoslav Martynenko member of JOYS ICO
Svyatoslav Martynenko
Vladimir Perov member of JOYS ICO
Vladimir Perov
Roman Meister member of JOYS ICO
Roman Meister


  • 1

    August 2017

    T3 development for the creation of Joys system
    Development of crypto-cluster

  • 2

    September 2017

    API Joys v1.5 development (static QR)
    Integration of the first project with Joys (Rate & Goods)

  • 3

    November 2017

    Integration of API Joys v1.5 into POS

  • 4

    December 2017

    Wallet v1.0 Joys
    miniPOS Joys for smartphones

  • 5

    January 2018

    Application Reticule for minors of the cryptocurrency JOYS
    Pool for JOYS crypto currency miners (
    JOYS Investor's Office
    JOYS application for cloud POS Evotor

  • 6

    February 2018

    API Joys v2.0 development (dynamic QR)

  • 7

    April 2018

    Wallet v2.0 Joys

  • 8

    July 2018

    JOYS will be displayed on the stock-exchange
    Development of marketing mechanics

  • 9

    August 2018

    Integration of API Joys v2.0 into POS Russia and CIS

  • 10

    September 2018

    Integration of API Joy’s v2.0 into POS EEC.

  • 11

    October 2018

    Integration API Joys v2.0 in POS South-East Asia

  • 12

    November 2018

    Integration API Joys v2.0 in POS Latin America

  • 13

    December 2018

    Integration API Joys v2.0 in POS North America


Token Sale Info
Token JOYS
Token Type ERC20
Platform Ethereum
Price in ICO 1 JOYS = 0.04 USD
Tokens for Sale 3500000000
Investment info
Accepting ETH, BTC
Distributed in ICO 35%
Soft cap 30,000,000 USD
Hard cap 105,000,000 USD

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