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Hybrid Decentralized Token Exchange

The future is hybrid. Centralize for speed, decentralize for security. With JOYSO we decentralize access. You don't need to trust a central exchange with your private key or personal information. But we centralize order management, improving speed, matching and user experience compared to decentralized exchanges, and reducing costs.

Cryptocurrency Investment Platform Smart Contract


Start Date 01 Mar 2018
End Date 22 Mar 2018
Token JOY
Platform Ethereum
Country Seychelles


JOYSO suggests a hybrid design for token trading, combining the advantages of a centralized exchange - fast and fully-featured - with the advantages of a decentralized exchange - improved security and privacy.

This hybrid exchange (HEX), able to handle all ERC20-compatible tokens, eliminates the need to trust a central exchange with your private key or personal information, reducing to a historical minimum any opportunities for hacking. It takes order placement and order matching off-chain, substantially improving the user experience compared to decentralized exchanges.

Compared to its competition, JOYSO has a low cost structure and offers users lower transaction and settlement costs.

The marketing strategy includes aggressive pricing (including free listing for ICOs) and professional, targeted digital marketing. The development team comprises eleven people and is based in Taiwan. It has deep connections with the Chinese-speaking Bitcoin and Ethereum communities.

Wallet support currently exists for Metamask and Ledger Nano S. The project is currently in alpha and a beta release is scheduled for June 2018. Proof of concept has been done on all principal functions and the team is ready to migrate the system to the Ethereum testnet. Margin trading and cross-exchange are part of the second phase launch.


Tso-Jung Sung member of JOYSO ICO
Tso-Jung Sung
Chi-Chun Kao member of JOYSO ICO
Chi-Chun Kao
Yung-Chen Hsieh member of JOYSO ICO
Yung-Chen Hsieh
Yi-Cyuan Chen member of JOYSO ICO
Yi-Cyuan Chen
System Architect
Yu-Han Chu member of JOYSO ICO
Yu-Han Chu
DevOps Engineer
Ting-Yuan Chen member of JOYSO ICO
Ting-Yuan Chen
Clarence Chou member of JOYSO ICO
Clarence Chou
Chang-Wu Chen member of JOYSO ICO
Chang-Wu Chen
Bret Treasure member of JOYSO ICO
Bret Treasure


  • 1

    September 2017

    Idea & research

  • 2

    October 2017

    Project start

  • 3

    January 2018

    - Official landing page
    - Internal prototype

  • 4

    February 2018


  • 5

    March 2018

    - Prototype release on testnet
    - ICO start

  • 6

    May 2018

    - JOYSO launch
    - Product release

  • 7

    September 2018

    - JoySelect
    - Mobile version

  • 8

    December 2018

    - Reach $20M daily trading volume
    - Trading API

  • 9

    March 2019

    Margin trade

  • 10

    June 2019

    - Reach $1B daily trading volume
    - Off-chain payment integration

  • 11

    September 2019

    Mobile payment and wallet


Token Info
Token JOY
Token Type ERC20
Platform Ethereum
Tokens for Sale 100000000
Investment info
Accepting ETH
Distributed in ICO 50%

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