JoyToken ICO (JOY)

Infrastructure protocol for gaming industry

JoyToken is a platform and protocol that forms the foundation for a “trustless” gambling ecosystem wherein smart contracts are used to automatically determine game outcomes. By joining JoyToken’s platform, game developers can gain distribution and earn rewards from their games. JoyToken is a fully-functional, blockchain-backed platform for the gambling industry wherein smart contracts are used to reward developers for creating games.

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Token JOY
Platform Ethereum
Price 1 JOY = 0.14 USD
Country UK
ICO Start Date 20 Mar 2018
ICO End Date 19 Apr 2018

About JoyToken

Joy Gaming’s technology offers a novel solution to connect small developers, software houses, large casinos and players. It creates a gaming ecosystem that both empowers players and helps developers and casinos reduce risk.

The lack of trust and transparency is a concern with the online gambling industry. Players tend to use reputable casinos instead of smaller sites, even if they offer more “interesting games”, because players naturally gravitate to casino brands that they trust. Joy Gaming’s technology is a transparent blockchain-based system, which will help improve trust in the gaming industry. Joy Gaming’s technology enables users to play in a transparent and code- governed environment. This allows players and developers to have confidence in the fairness of the games. Through an innovative RNG generator, players will have peace of mind that the games they play are fair and safe. Developers, casinos and businesses bene t from an ecosystem that provides liquidity sharing and fair compensation. By connecting developers and casinos, we aim for an optimal solution where all participants in Joy Gaming benefit.

The existing Gaming ecosystem is largely reputation driven - a reputation built up by increased advertising. To acquire and retain players, casinos are forced to spend large amounts in order to build trust and reputation through brand awareness. In addition, large casinos control game development. Players are forced to trust these casinos because a lack of transparency means that players can’t track their wagers and thus can’t assess the legitimacy of each bet.

Smaller developers also suffer because they are paid a small percentage of the games revenue and face difficulties when publishing a new game, such as: lack of immediate income and access to the large gaming platforms.

Joy Gaming’s solution is blockchain-based and it allows developers to create games that are run on its backend through a smart contract, rather than directly on the blockchain. As all the results are recorded within the blockchain, there is significantly lower fraud. Thus players can verify that developers are running games exactly as described on the blockchain. Further, game developers and software houses can connect and integrate with liquidity providers, such as casinos, to provide access directly to their games. Both the casinos and the developers bene t from the additional revenue and increased game innovation. The lack of reputation of any specific site can be offset by the fact that rules and underlying infrastructure of the games are recorded on the blockchain (in addition to the approval system before games are allowed to go live on the Joy Gaming network).


Lee Murphy member of JoyToken ICO
Lee Murphy
Mateusz Mach member of JoyToken ICO
Mateusz Mach
Keld Knudsen member of JoyToken ICO
Keld Knudsen
Andrew MacDonald member of JoyToken ICO
Andrew MacDonald
Mike Leys member of JoyToken ICO
Mike Leys


  • 1

    June 2017

    500,000 Seed Funding

  • 2

    October 2017

    Onboard advisors from industry and blockchain

  • 3

    November 2017

    Joy Gaming Foundation Established
    Speaking At BlockChain Expo

  • 4

    December 2017

    Demo Slot Machine using Smart Contracts
    Application for Gambling Developer License
    Launch of Joy Gaming Platform for Developers
    Code Audit

  • 5

    February 2018

    Token Sale

  • 6

    March 2018

    Token Sale Audit

  • 7

    June 2018

    Games live on Playcosmo

  • 8

    August 2018

    Expansion into Fixed Odds Table Games
    Integration to More Platforms & Direct Operators


Token Sale Info
Token JOY
Token Type ERC20
Platform Ethereum
Price in ICO 1 JOY = 0.14 USD
Tokens for Sale 700000000
Investment info
Accepting ETH, BTC
Distributed in ICO 50%
Soft cap 1000000 USD
Hard cap 46340000 USD

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