JWC Ventures ICO (JWC)

Blockchain Revolution for Tokenization Service

We are a tokenized VC that focuses on blockchain-enabled startups & ICO and building decentralized 1) E-commerce, 2) Global Logistics, 3) Biotech and genetic, 4) AI, Machine Learning, Smart Transportation, 5) Social Value i.e. Food Distribution toward "Zero Hunger" and Renewable Energy.

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Token JWC
Platform Ethereum
Price 1 ETH = 10,000 JWC
Country Cayman Islands
ICO Start Date 16 Apr 2018
ICO End Date 30 Apr 2018

About JWC Ventures

The ongoing trends of blockchain technology applications impact many small to large corporations and are disrupting various industries. At the frontier, JWC Blockchain Ventures Corporation (JWC) establishes the first decentralized platform for tokenization service with two missions: 1) connecting the two worlds of Crowdfunding and blockchain to other advanced technologies i.e. Artificial Intelligent (AI), Machine Learning (ML), Big Data and 2) offering crypto-contributors of any size a potential high return of investment through a transparent mechanism of investing in a pipeline of new disruptive opportunities in token investments.

JWC aims to be one of the most active tokenization service provider dedicated to unique blockchain solution for tech innovators that answer the needs of crypto communities and can deliver positive changes to specific industries. JWC can assist our portfolio companies to drive growth inflection in the defined markets, to deliver strategic partnerships and operational high-growth support, and to enable high value M&A, IPOs and TGEs in EMEA, APAC and US regions. JWC searches for early-stage ventures with a focus on a set of vertical industries. We provide finance, advisory and advanced technology support to help companies reach their highest potential. For our contributors, transparency is no longer a myth with JWC ecosystem, thanks to the blockchain technology.


Henry Nguyen member of JWC Ventures ICO
Henry Nguyen
Agriculture-Biogenetics Technology Advisor
Matthew Brandt member of JWC Ventures ICO
Matthew Brandt
Venture Investment Advisor
Frank Saviane member of JWC Ventures ICO
Frank Saviane
Investment General Partner for Europe
Luca Mohammadi member of JWC Ventures ICO
Luca Mohammadi
Investment General Partner for APAC
Luan Nguyen member of JWC Ventures ICO
Luan Nguyen
Investment General Partner for US, Chief Crypto Architect and Officer
Amarjit Singh member of JWC Ventures ICO
Amarjit Singh
Blockchain R&D General Manager


  • 1

    Late 2014

    Initial Brainstorm

  • 2

    May 2016

    Investing in strategic partner – Caganu.com

  • 3

    Sep 2017

    TGE team formation + Project R&D

  • 4

    Oct 2017

    Document Preparation

  • 5

    Nov 2017

    Token & Smart Contract creation

  • 6

    Dec 2017

    Investor wallet creation

  • 7

    Jan 2018

    TGE Public sale

  • 8

    Apr 2018

    Listed on 5 exchanges

  • 9

    May 2018

    Asia & Europe office

  • 10

    Jul 2018

    TGE Consultancy & Investment

  • 11

    Sep 2018

    Payment gateway beta

  • 12

    Dec 2018

    Investment portfolio: 15

  • 13

    Jan 2019

    North America office

  • 14

    Apr 2019

    Loyalty reward module

  • 15

    Jul 2019

    Target to double value of asset under management

  • 16

    Aug 2019

    e-Commerce ecosystem: Logistics, Telco & Warehouse Management

  • 17

    Oct 2019

    e-Commerce smart contract modules

  • 18

    2020 and onwards

    New fund establishment for other industries


Token Sale Info
Token JWC
Platform Ethereum
Price in ICO 1 ETH = 10,000 JWC
Tokens for Sale 1000000000
Investment info
Accepting ETH
Distributed in ICO 40%
Hard cap 100,000 ETH

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