A unique fiat-to-crypto exchange business model

A UNIQUE COUNTRY SPECIFIC FIAT-TO-CRYPTO EXCHANGE BUSINESS MODEL. We truly believe in decentralization and for the very same reason, we have developed KALI coin on a public Blockchain. It will be a mineable coin and not an ERC20 token. KALI coin is developed on the Scrypt algorithm which can be upgraded as and when we need to further match with changing dynamics of the Block Chain industry.


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Token KALI
Platform Separate Blockchain
Price 1 KALI = 0.02 - 0.06 USD
Country India


KALI coin is not developed only for fund-raising. There’s a lot of privilege attached to it for initial investors. When we say privilege, we mean it by giving first preference in customer service, trading fees, and lot more.

All participants will not only enjoy one full year of the free trading period, but they are also entitled to get privilege customer service, as well as their fiat deposits and withdrawal will be processed on priority, compared to regular users.

Apart from privilege access, KALI coin will be used to pair new coins that we list on our exchange, apart from the one mentioned in our White paper. Calculating the current size of entire Cryptocurrency market, and also considering the future size of entire cryptocurrency space, 200 million KALI coins will have a huge scope of adoption. With more adoption, more users will join the exchange and with that said; KALI coin will play a significant role, as all new coins shall be paired with KALI.

In addition, we will be buying back and burn KALI coins every year from our profits. We will reserve 20% of our net profit every year for this purpose.

Exchange Business Model

Most of the exchanges are operating on a universal business model. Unlike other exchanges, we are not going global. Instead, we are going one country at a time. Ours is a country-specific business model, by which, scalability will be little slow but efficient. We won’t scale quickly because we will have to incorporate companies, get required licenses, compliance, set-up manpower, and provide IT infrastructure for the respective country we operate in.

The reason we chose the long route is the most of the mainstream exchanges are running out of resources due to huge global traffic and at times their servers start lagging or they have to stop taking new users.

At our exchange, we will have country-specific traffic from respective country. Top of that, we will have enormous server resources for every country-specific exchange we open. When it comes to compliance, we will have our registered company in different countries along with a parent company and we will be taking care of KYC and AML policy of that company.

This sort of business model has huge Capex (Capital Expenditure) requirement, but it is worth it because it is sustainable. No business can operate efficiently with unhappy customers; with this model, consumers will also have seamless trading experience. Considering the social aspect of this business model, there is great need of manpower and there is a great scope of providing employment to a lot of people.



  • 1

    Feb 2018

    Pre-ICO bid.

  • 2

    March 2018

    ICO start

    Exchange Development

    IT Infrastructure

    Office and Infra.

  • 3

    April 2018


    Digital Campaign


  • 4

    May / June 2018

    Tie-up with strategic partners in key business locations


  • 5

    July 2018

    Exchange Demo Launch.

  • 6

    August 2018

    Official Exchange Trading Launch.


Token Sale Info
Token KALI
Platform Separate Blockchain
Price in ICO 1 KALI = 0.02 - 0.06 USD
Tokens for Sale 65000000
Investment info
Accepting BCH, ETH, BTC
Distributed in ICO 65%
Soft cap 600000 USD
Hard cap 3650000 USD

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