L-pesa ICO (LPK)

L-Pesa Microfinance

L-Pesa is a financial technology platform providing new financial tools to consumers and small business in Africa and Asia. We allow people to create opportunities for themselves and their families. Borrowers on the L-Pesa platform use funds to start or grow a business, pay for education or otherwise support their ambition in life. Using a dedicated token on the blockchain means that all investors can benefit from the capital gain caused by the network effect. The coins are finite in supply, and as L-Pesa expands people can pay back their loans with the coins. People will also be able to use to LPK buy goods and services.

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Token LPK
Platform Ethereum
Price 1 LPK = 0.04 USD
Country Gibraltar
ICO Start Date 18 Mar 2018
ICO End Date 10 Apr 2018

About L-pesa

L-Pesa Microfinance is a fintech startup poised to take advantage of the fast-growing need for financial services in the developing world. The company has validated its operating model over the past 18 months and has built sophisticated technology, automating most of the operation. Its primary barrier to growth at this point is its ability to fund user acquisition and loans.

The loss ratio on loans runs below 10% while return on loans is
approximately 25%.

The idea for L-Pesa was incubated for a decade, and the business was launched at the time four important market forces converged to allow scaling:

  • Big Data, Artificial Intelligence & Blockchain
  • Alternative Credit Data
  • Mobile Technology
  • Biometric Identity

L-Pesa has harnessed these market forces and built technology and a proprietary credit scoring model that allows it to quickly scale microlending in developing countries while keeping loss ratios below 10%. The solution is highly automated, allowing a small back office team to support high volume loan origination. All loans are serviced by L-Pesa.

Ron Ezra Tuval, the founder and managing director of L-Pesa, has extensive experience in the developing world, primarily related to technologies-related agriculture and tourism projects. Ron first came across microfinance in South East Asia and spent a decade incubating the idea of L-Pesa while waiting for the required technology to mature. Ron has built a strong and diverse team for L-Pesa with in-country managers operating in Tanzania, Kenya, and Uganda, and a development team in India. There is also a back office team in Tanzania, Kenya, and Uganda handling background checks, credit approvals and customer service. The technology, marketing, and accounting teams operate on a virtual model and consist of experienced staff based in Europe, USA, and India.

L-Pesa has a strong focus on automation. 95% of the user acquisition and loan underwriting process is automated and therefore extremely scalable. The company has spent two years developing its customer-facing and back office systems using a team of seven software developers. The user 832754982.1 4
experience is based on mobile and web interfaces, and marketing is primarily handled via social media and SMS-based marketing.
L-Pesa’s technology stack is built on top of Amazon Web Services, an extremely scalable on-demand cloud computing platform which has been or is used by major brands such as Netflix, Airbnb, Pinterest, and Spotify.

L-Pesa has integrated a number of third party applications to perform tasks such as SMS messaging, user verification, and marketing. Funds transfers are handled via integrations with mobile money service providers such as M-Pesa, Tigo Pesa, and MTN.

L-Pesa has issued over 35,000 loans since going live in March 2016. Over 160,000 users have registered based on social marketing campaigns run on a minimal budget. The marketing strategy has been refined over the past 18 months, and L-Pesa is now prepared to launch marketing campaigns via SMS and social media with a conservatively projected customer acquisition cost of

The founder of L-Pesa, has invested approximately $500,000 to date. The business was launched in Tanzania in 2016 and in Kenya in August 2017.

Soft launches are underway in Uganda and India. The company’s technology is stable, scalable, proven, and will support the company’s growth plans. At this point, L-Pesa has hit a growth barrier—there is not enough capital available to lend to everyone interested, and the potential for user acquisition is almost unlimited, but requires capital for marketing expenses and support staff. The company is now raising funds to take advantage of its
leading position, strong platform, and nearly unlimited opportunity to extend financial options to a large portion of the earth’s population.


Tamir Hodorov member of L-pesa  ICO
Tamir Hodorov
Bogdan Fiedur member of L-pesa  ICO
Bogdan Fiedur
John Petersen member of L-pesa  ICO
John Petersen
Steve Goods member of L-pesa  ICO
Steve Goods
ICO Advisor
Ron Ezra Tuval member of L-pesa  ICO
Ron Ezra Tuval
Founder & CEO
Jordan Balindo member of L-pesa  ICO
Jordan Balindo
Country Manager, Tanzania
Andrew Langat member of L-pesa  ICO
Andrew Langat
Country Manager, Kenya
Amitabh Roy member of L-pesa  ICO
Amitabh Roy
Project Manager
Angualia Daniel member of L-pesa  ICO
Angualia Daniel
Legal Counsel, Uganda
Khaya Maloney member of L-pesa  ICO
Khaya Maloney
Operations Manager, South Africa
Bo Henriksen member of L-pesa  ICO
Bo Henriksen
Desiree Domo member of L-pesa  ICO
Desiree Domo
Copywriter & PR
Malcolm Ngugi member of L-pesa  ICO
Malcolm Ngugi
Legal Counsel, Kenya
Bernard Kipkuri member of L-pesa  ICO
Bernard Kipkuri
Mselem Said member of L-pesa  ICO
Mselem Said
Director, Tanzania
Leonard Jackson member of L-pesa  ICO
Leonard Jackson
Marketing support
Yunia Warioba member of L-pesa  ICO
Yunia Warioba
Support, Tanzania
Analisa Mtetemela member of L-pesa  ICO
Analisa Mtetemela
Support, Tanzania
Sandipan Paul member of L-pesa  ICO
Sandipan Paul
Riaz Laskar member of L-pesa  ICO
Riaz Laskar
Somsubhra Saha member of L-pesa  ICO
Somsubhra Saha
Uttam Kumar Karmakar member of L-pesa  ICO
Uttam Kumar Karmakar
Diane Bjorling member of L-pesa  ICO
Diane Bjorling
Social Media


  • 1

    January 2014

    L-pesa Microfinance was launched in January 2014. The idea was finally was finally put into practice.

  • 2

    2016 - Tanzania Operation Launch

    Tanzania operation launched, registered as L-pesa Microfinance.

  • 3

    2017 - Launch of Kenya Operation

    Kenya operation launched in August 2017.

    The company operates as "L-pesa Loans and credit limited.

  • 4

    2018 - Launch of Uganda Operation

    Uganda operation launched in February 2018.

    The company operates as "L-pesa Microfinance Ltd.

  • 5

    2018 - Launch of India Operation

    Indie operation expected to launch June 2018.

    The company operates as "L-pesa Microfinance".


Token Sale Info
Token LPK
Token Type ERC20
Platform Ethereum
Price in ICO 1 LPK = 0.04 USD
Tokens for Sale 1510000000
Investment info
Accepting ETH
Distributed in ICO 58%
Soft cap 50,000 USD
Hard cap 52,000,000 USD

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