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Lescovex is a platform for the exchange and creation of digital assets. A tool that, through Ethereum's smart contracts technology, simplifies the process of tokenizing any good or digital asset. At the same time, the platform offers an online market where all kinds of digital goods can be exchanged: Cryptocurrencies, Tokens and Commodities, offering the possibility of trading them with the main fiat currencies such as Euro or Dollar. The main goal of the platform is to simplify the process of creation of tokens and smart contracts to facilitate the adoption of this potential technology in the organization and business of SMEs. With the aim of creating the largest new generation exchange supported by a solid community, Lescovex will distribute its profits among the entire community that supports the exchange by acquiring the official token of the platform [LCX]. Therefore, investors who have LCX tokens will receive 50% of the commissions of all the trading volume generated in the exchange.

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Token LCX
Platform Ethereum
Price 1 LCX = 0.01 ETH
Country Spain

About Lescovex

Save costs in transactions and exchanges using the latest technology. Build your business by creating and distributing digital tokens among customers or users. Create smart contracts to manage financial and governance agreements.
Benefit from low costs in the exchange or withdrawal of funds. Get LCX and you will receive 50% of the fees generated by all the activity that happens on the platform. Exchange easily between multiple assets, tokens, cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies.
Direct access to the emerging universal market of the crypto economy. Simplified creation of smart contracts to issue and manage crowdsourcing, crowdfunding or equity crowdfunding campaigns. Access to a platform full of investors where to launch your ideas and projects.
Turn your products or commodities into a digital asset whose value you can easily exchange. Sell ​​your products or commodities in the futures market included in the blockchain. Eliminate the long chains of intermediaries that make the production of commodities more expensive.


V. Nos member of Lescovex ICO
V. Nos
Joan Gutiérrez Calvo member of Lescovex ICO
Joan Gutiérrez Calvo
Corporate Law Consultant
Jay Bautista member of Lescovex ICO
Jay Bautista
Asia commodities trading expert
Carlos Martin member of Lescovex ICO
Carlos Martin
ICO analyst, Crypto Birds CEO
Jose Felip member of Lescovex ICO
Jose Felip
Blockchain Developer


  • 1

    Q1, 2017

    Genesis of the Idea.

  • 2

    Q3, 2017

    Technical conceptualization.

  • 3

    Q4, 2017

    Alpha development of the exchange.

  • 4

    Q1, 2018

    Launch of the ICO of LCX.

  • 5

    Q2, 2018

    Beta platform development.

  • 6

    Q2, 2018

    Creation of various smart contracts models and standards on financial products.

  • 7

    Q3, 2018

    Tokens portfolios explorer and digital goods created in the platform.

  • 8

    Q1, 2019

    Implementation of consulting services to create financial products.


Token Sale Info
Token LCX
Token Type ERC20
Platform Ethereum
Price in ICO 1 LCX = 0.01 ETH
Tokens for Sale 5000000
Investment info
Accepting ETH
Distributed in ICO 50 %

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