Loyakk ICO (LYK)

Business Relationship Platform

Loyakk is a blockchain-enabled Business Relationship Platform that enables enterprises to engage with their network of business partners with greater security, efficiency, and governance. With Loyakk, businesses can now finally address critical challenges they face while engaging with other businesses, including data / IP theft, data reconciliation, contract execution and disputes while ensuring compliance to business rules across the network.


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Token LYK
Platform Ethereum
Price 1 LYK = 0.50 GBP
Country UK

About Loyakk

Loyakk's mission is to transform how businesses create and deliver value in the new decentralized economy with their globally distributed network of partners, channels, distributors and vendors. Businesses today face multiple challenges related to data security and privacy, data reconciliation, contract disputes, inefficient processes and limited governance within their business networks leading to billions of dollars lost annually due to increased costs and lost revenues.

Loyakk is addressing these real world challenges through our patent-pending blockchain-enabled Vega Business Relationship Platform. Loyakk Vega is an enterprise-grade platform that has been designed specifically for secure, decentralized business-to-business engagement. It leverages patent-pending blockchain technology to support permissioned sharing of data, standardized communication interfaces, accelerated movement of value based on smart contracts and consistent propagation of business rules & security policies - leading to greatly improved security, efficiency & distributed governance across any business network.


Salim Ali member of Loyakk ICO
Salim Ali
Jitu Telang member of Loyakk ICO
Jitu Telang
Tsvetan Georgiev member of Loyakk ICO
Tsvetan Georgiev
Blockchain Technical Architect and Development Lead
Jimjees Abraham member of Loyakk ICO
Jimjees Abraham
Blockchain Solutions Architect
Jaijiv Prabhakaran member of Loyakk ICO
Jaijiv Prabhakaran
Chief Architect
Marzanne DeLoof member of Loyakk ICO
Marzanne DeLoof
Customer Success
Rakesh Sreekumar member of Loyakk ICO
Rakesh Sreekumar
Chief Marketing Officer
Sadiq Quasim member of Loyakk ICO
Sadiq Quasim
Director, Loyakk Ltd.
Anthony Thomas member of Loyakk ICO
Anthony Thomas
Advisor, Global CIO, Nissan Motors
Patricia Hatter member of Loyakk ICO
Patricia Hatter
Advisor, ex-CIO , McAfee
Jonathan Becher member of Loyakk ICO
Jonathan Becher
Advisor & Investor, Chief Digital Officer, SAP
Gerry Mcclement member of Loyakk ICO
Gerry Mcclement
Investor, Director, 'Big 4' UK Bank


  • 1

    November 2015

    Customer Relationship Platform Release

  • 2

    January - October 2016

    Onboarding of Blue chip clients (SAP, infosys, Abbott, Novartis, Mphasis)

  • 3

    October - December 2016

    Customer demand for Enterprise Relationship capability with Blockchain-grade security and integrity

  • 4

    January - April 2017

    Customer Requirements Gathering

  • 5

    May - July 2017

    Enterprise Blockchain Solution Scoping and Design

  • 6

    August - September 2017

    Patent-filling & ICO plans

  • 7

    February 2018

    ICO Main Sale Starts

  • 8

    March - April 2018

    Token Reconciliation & Issue Vega Platform Development continuous

  • 9

    July 2018

    Vega Alpha Release

  • 10

    August 2018

    Lighthouse Customer Engagement Join Go-to-Market with Charter Technology and Service Partner

  • 11

    October 2018

    Industry Value Web Solution for Insurance Released

  • 12

    December 2018

    Focus on Customer Success & Referenceability

  • 13

    January 2019

    Industry Web Solution for Wealth Mgt Released

  • 14

    February 2019

    API Release for third-party App developers Vega Blockchain Developer Network Program Launch

  • 15

    March 2019

    Vega Platform Update - Version 2.0 Released

  • 16

    April 2019

    Industry Value Web Solution for Hight-tech Released

  • 17

    June 2019

    Vega Developer Ecosystem Marketing and Growth. Start showcasing Developers and their software/add-ons

  • 18

    October 2019

    Industry Value Web Solution for Life Science Released

  • 19

    November 2019

    Platform Updates - Version 3.0 Released


Token Sale Info
Token LYK
Token Type ERC20
Platform Ethereum
Price in ICO 1 LYK = 0.50 GBP
Tokens for Sale 183000000
Investment info
Accepting BTC, ETH
Distributed in ICO 61%
Hard cap 30,000,000 GBP

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