Luckbox ICO (LCK)

Esports betting done right

Luckbox is creating a fully licensed betting platform dedicated to serving the global esports community, where fans are able to bet, watch and chat in a safe environment using cryptocurrencies, in-game items and cash. Our core team has a tremendous experience in the gambling and esports field (PokerStars amongst others). Our development team has a similar amount of knowledge in product design. Google already believes in our project and enrolled Luckbox in their top tier program.

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Token LCK
Platform Ethereum
Country Isle of Man
ICO Start Date 04 Apr 2018
ICO End Date 11 Apr 2018

About Luckbox

Esports betting done right.

We aim to provide a secure and regulated esports betitng platform and build a strong community around it. In fine, we want to be the market leader in esports and we consider we have the best team to achieve that goal amongst other market challengers. We want to provide our players with an innovative offer and our investors with an interesting and pioneering investment solution.
Luckbox’s dual token structure offers contributors a chance to share in the company’s long-term success with the option to hold a ‘profit share’ token. We have a strong team in every area of the esport gambling sector, from esports to iGaming through crypto-business development and management. We have a seasoned and varied panel of advisors too with experience in world-leading companies related to our business focus. Check our team!

The esports field is growing fast but operators fail to provide players with a comprehensive, secure/regulated and innovative platform. This lack of compliance from operators prevents them to access app stores and provide players with easy payment method options. Our priority is to be fully licensed and regulated first to guarantee a fantastic player experience and guarantee sustainability of our business no matter the regulatory changes.

We are partnering with Google top tier's program. Our managing team is former PokerStars and have tremendous experience in the sector. Our dev team is serious and dedicated and everybody is presented on our website. Finally, we have strong advisors from a permanent Google advisor to the founder of Sigwo Technologies as our blockchain expert.


David Sargeant member of Luckbox ICO
David Sargeant
iGaming Ideas
Vadim Soloveychik member of Luckbox ICO
Vadim Soloveychik
Marketing Director
Onur Bildik member of Luckbox ICO
Onur Bildik
Steven Grove member of Luckbox ICO
Steven Grove
Sigwo Technologies - Blockchain Expert
Serge Ravitch member of Luckbox ICO
Serge Ravitch
Blockchain Entrepreneur
Maurits Grootveld member of Luckbox ICO
Maurits Grootveld
Cryptocurrency Expert
Benjamin Christmann member of Luckbox ICO
Benjamin Christmann
Blockchain Consultant
Alexander Ivanov member of Luckbox ICO
Alexander Ivanov
Dimitar Pavlov member of Luckbox ICO
Dimitar Pavlov
VP of Development
Fredrik Strömberg member of Luckbox ICO
Fredrik Strömberg
Product Manager
Ognyan Kostadinov member of Luckbox ICO
Ognyan Kostadinov
Constantin Angelov member of Luckbox ICO
Constantin Angelov
Product Designer
Lars Lien member of Luckbox ICO
Lars Lien
CEO, co-founder
Mike Stevens member of Luckbox ICO
Mike Stevens
Lee Hills member of Luckbox ICO
Lee Hills
Licensing and Regulatory Affairs
Boris Mihov member of Luckbox ICO
Boris Mihov
VP of Product
James McMath member of Luckbox ICO
James McMath
Nick Smith member of Luckbox ICO
Nick Smith
Marketing Manager
Eric Biggs member of Luckbox ICO
Eric Biggs
Marketing Manager
Elena Walsh member of Luckbox ICO
Elena Walsh
Community Manager


  • 1

    Q1 2018

    Sale ends.
    Crowdsale audited.
    Tokens distributed.
    Isle of Man licence application heard.
    Development operations established (Bulgaria).
    Contracts signed with third-party software and hardware providers.

  • 2

    Q2 2018

    Product built and team strengthened, including recruitment of more developers.
    Esports content creation studio launched.

  • 3

    Q3 2018

    MVP launched with esportsbook, skinned and licensed casino games, social platform built.
    Product built for desktop and mobile.

  • 4

    Q4 2018

    Dedicated Business Intelligence team established.
    UK licence application submitted.

  • 5

    Q1 2019

    Improved social platform implemented, including guilds and player vs player challenges.
    Phase 1 in expanding operations and support team.

  • 6

    Q2 2019

    Luckbox esports tournaments launched.
    Luckbox-built games tested and approved.

  • 7

    Q3 2019

    Luckbox-built games launched.
    Sportsbook enhanced.

  • 8

    Q4 2019

    Expansion of BI and marketing team - phase 1

  • 9

    Q1 2020

    Development of Luckbox-built skill games begins.
    Expansion of operations and support team - phase 2.

  • 10

    Q2 2020

    Expansion into additional markets

  • 11

    Q3 2020

    Rewards program and gamification system enhanced.

  • 12

    Q4 2020

    Phase 2 in expanding BI and marketing team.


Token Sale Info
Token LCK
Token Type ERC20
Platform Ethereum
Tokens for Sale 204000000
Investment info
Accepting ETH
Distributed in ICO 34%
Hard cap 20,000,000 USD

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