Luxcess Group ICO (LXC)

First investment group with zero commission

Luxcess Group is a first investment group with zero commission. We are making a huge bridge between the Crypto and “Fiat” world. This investment company formed the Royal platform, which is based on blockchain technology. All investors will be able to deposit their tokens on this platform, which will operate on the principal of PROFIT SHARE. That means that you will only pay when the profits will be created. You will be able to fully control your capital. Luxcess Group will increase the LXC tokens price by investing in our projects only with our LXC token. Join us and together we will create a better tomorrow.

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Token LXC
Platform Ethereum
Price 1 LXC = 0.15 USD
Country Slovenia
ICO Start Date 03 Mar 2018
ICO End Date 07 Apr 2018

About Luxcess Group

The vision of our investment group, Luxcess, is to help people become a part of a big investment family. On the other hand, the goal is to enable a transparent management and capital escalation for as many people as possible. We have always believed that teamwork, up-to-date information and discipline are most important for success. We will not only join the investments, such as crypto-holding, crypto-trading, forex trading, silver and gold and start up projects, but will also provide for integration of the general public into a big family, which will increase the generated profit and provide for a better tomorrow of all of its members.

You should support our project because we have a great and experienced team with great results in trading and investing from 2014. Intention of Luxcess Group is to introduce investment to the general public. We wish to introduce it as an activity in which anyone can be involved.

The LXC token is Luxcess Group’s icing on the cake.
People who believe in our team and the project will earn even more extra money with the token.

Crypto-analysts believe that more than 90% of tokens have no future. There is an important difference between having an idea and realizing it. They believe that the road from an idea to realization is long and difficult; therefore, only the strongest can brave it.
Luxcess Group team has developed a system that guarantees long-term profit. We will achieve an excellent token price on the market, because investing in our projects will be possible only with our token. The token price will be stable and constant growth will be secured, which is a guarantee that more and more people will invest in our token. In time, more money will be needed to buy tokens, which is the only option for people to join our story.


David Palka member of Luxcess Group ICO
David Palka
Forex Advisor
Andrijano Vujasin member of Luxcess Group ICO
Andrijano Vujasin
Blockchain Advisor
Bex Bostjan member of Luxcess Group ICO
Bex Bostjan
Founder & CEO
Luka Lah member of Luxcess Group ICO
Luka Lah
Co-founder & COO
Urša Škerlj member of Luxcess Group ICO
Urša Škerlj
Špela Škerlj member of Luxcess Group ICO
Špela Škerlj
Žan Petrič member of Luxcess Group ICO
Žan Petrič
Head of Trading Room
Martin Mohar member of Luxcess Group ICO
Martin Mohar
Market Researcher & Analyzer
Andraž Omahen member of Luxcess Group ICO
Andraž Omahen
Crypto developer
John Mohar member of Luxcess Group ICO
John Mohar
Head of Social Media
Gašper Tratnik member of Luxcess Group ICO
Gašper Tratnik
Head of advertising
Tadej Bogataj member of Luxcess Group ICO
Tadej Bogataj
IT departement
Jasmina Kosednar member of Luxcess Group ICO
Jasmina Kosednar
UI/UX, Web & Graphic Designer
Anja Simenich member of Luxcess Group ICO
Anja Simenich
Aljoša Satler member of Luxcess Group ICO
Aljoša Satler
Full time trader
Andrej  Manfreda member of Luxcess Group ICO
Andrej Manfreda
Found manager


  • 1

    January 2018

    Office Ljubljana
    Start promotion events

  • 2

    March 2018

    Start Pre-Sale
    End Pre-Sale
    Start Sale

  • 3

    April 2018

    Office Dubai
    End Sale

  • 4

    May 2018

    Royal Beta platform
    Office Zagreb

  • 5

    June 2018

    Royal platform
    Mobile App

  • 6

    July 2018

    Company and EU license

  • 7

    August 2018

    New Trading floor

  • 8

    September 2018

    Office Beograd

  • 9

    October 2018

    Office Madrid

  • 10

    November 2018

    Presentation of the new product

  • 11

    December 2018

    Luxcess party (for the investors)

  • 12

    February 2019

    Office London

  • 13

    April 2019

    Office Milan

  • 14

    May 2019

    Office Moscow

  • 15

    September 2019

    Asia license and office Bangkok

  • 16

    October 2019

    Presentation of the new product

  • 17

    December 2019

    Luxcess party (for the investors)

  • 18

    February 2020

    Office Amsterdam

  • 19

    April 2020

    Office Berlin

  • 20

    June 2020

    Office Singapore

  • 21

    August 2020

    USA license and office LA

  • 22

    October 2020

    Office Sidney

  • 23

    December 2020

    Luxcess party (for the investors)


Token Sale Info
Token LXC
Token Type ERC20
Platform Ethereum
Price in ICO 1 LXC = 0.15 USD
Tokens for Sale 28000000
Investment info
Accepting ETH
Distributed in ICO 80%
Soft cap 500,000 USD
Hard cap 5,250,000 USD

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