Decentralized infrastructure for city flights

While automakers are striving to invest into eVTOL developers and taxi companies are buying up roofs to make landing pads and monopolise customer relations, reduces uncertainty, risk and entry barriers for all those who would like to participate in the emerging urban passenger air taxi market. It was initiated by the Technology Consortium committed to make products of its participants comprise a turnkey urban air taxi marketplace and management system. operates as a Technology and Business Incubator. It offers benefits of global expert and entrepreneurial community, as well as portfolio investment strategy. It incubates businesses that will sell and operate passenger transportation, as well as related products, technologies and services along the end-to-end value chain from R&D for aerial vehicles to landing pads, mobile apps and additional services that can be sold by the grid. Consortium members see as a market channel for products and services. Entrepreneurs see as support ecosystem and a marketplace that rewards contributions into its development and later would allow them to sell devices-as-services for a fee from the grid and passengers. Experts see as gateway to the new emerging industry and market. Passengers see as an opportunity to get more affordable flight sooner than possible and in more cities. McFly token is a reward mechanism for human and machine services within the common shared system — business and technology incubator (now) and air taxi marketplace and management system (later). McFly token is a success metric reflecting developments of the concept, participants, the incubator and the industry as a whole. McFly token is technically a measurement of and a right to 1 minute served by committing aerial vehicle. Thus, it is a unit of measurement for device use, record of rights to use, a ticket to ride, an ignition key, and a unit of billing.

Infrastructure Platform

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Token MFL
Platform Ethereum
Price 1,000 MFL = 0.065-0.1 ETH
Country Russia
ICO Start Date 05 Apr 2018
ICO End Date 31 May 2018


You go out on the street and you have got some McFly tokens. Tokens are “flight itself”. You use them to order an aerial vehicle (electric vertical take-off and landing, autonomous or semi-piloted) to the nearest landing area or directly to your house roof and you use your mobile device.
At times you will wish to vote to get priority service (for example, in case of a temporary lack of available vehicles in your area). Then you do it in two ways:

  • With the number of tokens in your wallet (without spending them, this affects the "class of service")
  • By consenting to a higher tariff determined by demand and supply ratio at the moment. (And the decentralized system allows you to see real-time changes in the current demand and supply of network capacity in your area and your fair trading will form the final flight price)

    The aerial vehicle then arrives to take you to the desired destination and some tokens are transferred from the client’s wallet into the "current" (operational) wallet of the vehicle. From this wallet the vehicle autonomously settles all associated costs of the urban flight and its ecosystem and infrastructure:
  • Battery recharge costs
  • Landing site (vertiport) rent
  • Purchase of media content the passenger opted to enjoy
  • Scheduled maintenance
  • Air traffic control
  • Insurance costs, etc

    The vehicle may even track cabin damage and other excessive use of its resources and issues additional bill to the passenger on the smart contract basis.


Andrey Manolov member of ICO
Andrey Manolov
3D visualizations
Artem Kharchenko member of ICO
Artem Kharchenko
Stan Polozov member of ICO
Stan Polozov
Oleg Tsyganov member of ICO
Oleg Tsyganov
Nikolay Bezhko member of ICO
Nikolay Bezhko
Olga Bolkunova member of ICO
Olga Bolkunova
Community evangelist in China
Val Jerdes member of ICO
Val Jerdes
International lecturer, head of SIlicon Valley Insiders program, ex-Apple and Lockheed Martin Aerospace
Ilya Khanykov member of ICO
Ilya Khanykov
Financial sector executive turned high-tech entrepreneur
Toomas Allmere member of ICO
Toomas Allmere
Keith Teare member of ICO
Keith Teare


  • 1


    3,000 of Bartini vehicles are tokenized by McFly tokens. Cross-industrial workgroup for the business and technological requirements for the core blockchain established. First cities agree to participate in the development and deployment of the grid.

  • 2


    10,000 of Bartini vehicles are tokenized by McFly tokens. Alpha version of the’s custom blockchain for the urban mass aviation. Application layer and APIs become available, first mobile apps are tested. 2-seater Bartini and other vehicles become available for test flights, first real flight-blocks are recorded on the blockchain.

  • 3


    30,000 of Bartini and other aircraft vehicles are tokenized by McFly tokens. Key cities (markets and communities) are determined. Mass production manufacturing facility construction is started (to provide 50,000 Bartini vehicles throughout 2021-2022). 4-seater Bartini and other vehicles become available for test flights.

  • 4


    7,000 of Bartini vehicles are tokenized by McFly tokens. While Uber starts flights in Dallas, Abu Dhabi and Dubai, introduces flights in the first cities — its community members. Entire fleets are operated through blockchain. Mass urban traffic organizers are adopting the decentralized technologies of the consortium.


Token Sale Info
Token MFL
Token Type ERC20
Platform Ethereum
Price in ICO 1,000 MFL = 0.065-0.1 ETH
Tokens for Sale 1260000000
Investment info
Accepting ETH
Distributed in ICO 55%

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