Medicalchain ICO (MedToken)

Building the future of healthcare

Medicalchain is a decentralized platform that enables secure, fast and transparent exchange and usage of medical data. We introduce utilization of blockchain technology to store patient health records and maintain a single version of the patient’s true data. Medicalchain will enable different healthcare agents such as doctors, hospitals, laboratories, pharmacists and insurers to request permission to access and interact with medical records. Each interaction is auditable, transparent, and secure, and will be recorded as a transaction on Medicalchain’s distributed ledger. Moreover, no privacy is lost in this process; Medicalchain is built on the permission based Hyperledger Fabric architecture which allows varying access levels; patients control who can view their records, how much they see and for what length of time. Medicalchain is dedicated to empowering patients, improving outcomes, and building healthcare infrastructure for the future.

Token MedToken
Platform Ethereum
Raised $24,000,000
Country UK
ICO Start Date 01 Feb 2018
ICO End Date 01 Feb 2018

About Medicalchain

Medicalchain is building a platform for secure storage and utilization of electronic health records on the blockchain. The company is also building a telemedicine platform to allow users to directly connect with healthcare professionals, share their records and get consultations, second opinions, online through a secure channel.

The company was originally founded in February 2016 to provide a software solution inside hospitals. The solution is known as ‘Discharge Summary’ and it uses a workflow tool to accurately write an assessment of a patient as they are being discharged from surgery or a long hospital visit. The software is currently being used by hospitals in UK and the team decided to extend this project and go further with Medicalchain.

Medicalchain wants people to have access to their health records everywhere. Today, you can travel far and wide and you will have access to your phone, contacts, photos, files, bank accounts but not your health records - probably the most important and life saving information you need. In most developed countries around the world you, as a patient, have a legal right to request your records. Medicalchain is providing you with a platform to do that. But more importantly, Medicalchain wants its users to be able to use it immediately by communicating and sharing (on a time limited basis) with other doctors.

The bigger vision is to allow pharmaceutical, insurance and other healthcare organisations and stakeholders to be able to interact with health records on patients' terms. Medicalchain believes that health records should be a part of everyone’s life and not just referred to when someone is ill.

Legal Overview:
Please note that we have hired KPMG in Lugano and have applied for a FINMA ruling on our utility token for Medicalchain. I can provide you evidence of our FINMA ruling application but this cannot be published publicly.

Please note that we are using Hyperledger for our technology and ERC20 token for the ICO. We are members of Hyperledger and Linux Foundation.


Abdullah Albeyatti member of Medicalchain ICO
Abdullah Albeyatti
Mohammed Tayeb member of Medicalchain ICO
Mohammed Tayeb
Jay Povey member of Medicalchain ICO
Jay Povey
Robert Miller member of Medicalchain ICO
Robert Miller
Andy Yee member of Medicalchain ICO
Andy Yee
BEng MEng MA
Stewart Southey member of Medicalchain ICO
Stewart Southey
Natalie Furness member of Medicalchain ICO
Natalie Furness
Kornelia Koscik member of Medicalchain ICO
Kornelia Koscik
‌LL.B. (Hons) LL.M.
Tim Robinson member of Medicalchain ICO
Tim Robinson
Ivan Guevara member of Medicalchain ICO
Ivan Guevara
‌Ph.D., LL.M., M.Phil.
Dominik Zynis member of Medicalchain ICO
Dominik Zynis
Robert C. Miller member of Medicalchain ICO
Robert C. Miller
Dominik Schlosshan member of Medicalchain ICO
Dominik Schlosshan
Paolo Barrai member of Medicalchain ICO
Paolo Barrai
Richard Hadfield member of Medicalchain ICO
Richard Hadfield
Eddy Travia member of Medicalchain ICO
Eddy Travia
CEO and Co-founder of Coinsilium
Vincent Biret-Chaussat member of Medicalchain ICO
Vincent Biret-Chaussat


  • 1

    Feb 2016

    Conceptualization of ideas. Development started.

  • 2

    Dec 2016

    Cardiology department identified as good starting point to cultivate idea.

  • 3

    April 2017

    Discharge Summary website in production stages with data collection process.

  • 4

    May 2017

    Wide adoption of website through-out Cardiology department of Leeds Teaching Hospital Trust.

  • 5

    June 2017

    First release of Medicalchain source code for prototype.

  • 6

    December 2017

    Discharge Summary moves to Hyperledger.

  • 7

    January 2018

    - Release of mobile app, patients can port medical record to blockchain.
    - Doctor enrolment programme for Medicalchain platform.

  • 8

    February 2018

    Nationwide rollout of Discharge Summary.

  • 9

    March 2018

    First rollout of Doctor to Patient communication platform.

  • 10

    June 2018

    First direct connectivity to hospital EHR in Europe and US (Beta).

  • 11

    August 2018

    Smart contract for insurers and researchers.

  • 12

    October 2018

    Rollout of platform to pharmacies and doctor practices.


Token Sale Info
Token MedToken
Token Type ERC20
Platform Ethereum
Tokens for Sale 200000000
Investment info
Accepting BTC, ETH
Raised $24,000,000

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