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Control Your History To Control Your Future

MEDIS is a new solution for storing, accessing and sharing medical records. Based on decentralized network technology, it uses an encrypted, swarm-based distributed storage solution and offers easy voice access to medical data, leveraging mobile and three-factor authentication for security. By creating and using our own medical currency we can also easily compare and contrast medical procedures globally. Using the MDC crypto-currency patients can easily pay for services and products, or even get paid for offering their medical data to research institutions or hospitals. Companies can invite patients to new medical studies and pay rewards for participation in the same currency.

Cryptocurrency Health


39 days left
Start Date 01 Dec 2017
End Date 01 Jun 2018
Token MDC
Platform Ethereum
Price 1​ ​ETH = 5000 MDC
Country USA


MEDIS is a new approach that aspires to give control to patients over their existing medical records and health related data, while making it instantly available everywhere. The system utilizes distributed storage technology for redundancy and availability, distributed computing for access control and auditing, and strong cryptographic encryption to ensure confidentiality of the content uploaded in the form of medical records, diagnostic imaging and related information.

Hereby we propose a different approach to the storage, access and monetization of medical data, where EMR entries are kept in a distributed storage layer in an encrypted form. The system does not replace existing EMR solutions, but it offers tremendous value to the patient by providing centralized storage of their medical records and control over who and how gets permission to access these records in this system.




Token Info
Token MDC
Token Type ERC20
Platform Ethereum
Price in ICO 1​ ​ETH = 5000 MDC
Tokens for Sale 100000000
Investment info
Accepting ETH
Distributed in ICO 33.3%
Soft cap 8000 ETH
Hard cap 20000 ETH

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