Moms Avenue ICO (M.O.M.)

Innovative Solution to Learn Entrepreneurship

Moms Avenue platform integrates multiple Blockchain technologies - Decentralized Autonomous Organization, Token Wallet, Virtual Utility Tokens, Payments, Security and Transparency - and Software as a Service (SaaS) architecture principles into a transparent user-friendly solution. Virtual Utility Tokens (M.O.M.) will enable rewards, quality content and value flow, the organisational strategic governance and simply allow exchange for services and goods.

Communication Education Software

by expert rating and reviews

Token M.O.M.
Platform Ethereum
Price 1 ETH = 8600 MOM
Country Estonia

About Moms Avenue

Our primary focus is to have the platform as a physical representation of Moms Avenuecommunity where the value is created and sustained within the ecosystem, and profit is used to develop value-add through reinvestment. The community members will drive the high-value content creation and will be supported by the reward system. The underlying Blockchain technology will enable transparent organization governance, rewards, rating
scheme (virtual utility tokens) and payments.

Starting one’s own business from zeros is daunting, especially without an extensive support from experts or peers. Moms Avenue is meant to make the experience sleek, simple and rewarding. Users will be able to start, grow and scale their businesses, pitch their ideas, engage in joint ventures, find freelancers or coworkers, find the necessary investment.


Milda Dzidolikienė member of Moms Avenue ICO
Milda Dzidolikienė
Management advisor
Asta Sendonaris member of Moms Avenue ICO
Asta Sendonaris
Economic Consultant
Vilma Misiukonienė member of Moms Avenue ICO
Vilma Misiukonienė
Wulf Kaal member of Moms Avenue ICO
Wulf Kaal
Token Model Advisor
Trevor Basserabie member of Moms Avenue ICO
Trevor Basserabie
Investment Management Advisor
Richard Kastelein member of Moms Avenue ICO
Richard Kastelein
Communication Advisor
Martynas Savickas member of Moms Avenue ICO
Martynas Savickas
Information and IT security advisor.
Dainius Kenstavičius member of Moms Avenue ICO
Dainius Kenstavičius
Legal advisor
Evelina Bajorūnė member of Moms Avenue ICO
Evelina Bajorūnė
Founder and CEO of Moms Avenue
Milda Maslauskaitė member of Moms Avenue ICO
Milda Maslauskaitė
Business Development
Eglė Kuzmienė member of Moms Avenue ICO
Eglė Kuzmienė
Communications expert.
Dovilė Paulavičienė member of Moms Avenue ICO
Dovilė Paulavičienė
Community Development
Marius Bajorūnas member of Moms Avenue ICO
Marius Bajorūnas
Smart Contracts Developer
Mindaugas Baranauskas member of Moms Avenue ICO
Mindaugas Baranauskas
Software Engineer
Kęstutis Bajorūnas member of Moms Avenue ICO
Kęstutis Bajorūnas
Products Expert
Giedrius Paulavičius member of Moms Avenue ICO
Giedrius Paulavičius
Developer and Processes Expert
Vincentas Vitkauskas member of Moms Avenue ICO
Vincentas Vitkauskas
Business Development


  • 1

    Mid 2017

    Market research and concept validation

    Market research.
    Concept validation.
    Technologies selection.

  • 2

    Late 2017

    Create core functionality for further platform development

    Moms Avenue platform Alpha release.
    Creation of M.O.M Token on Ethereum Blockchain.
    M.O.M. Token Pre-ICO.

  • 3

    Mid 2018

    Token Enablement
    Enable M.O.M. Token payments in Moms Avenue platform

    M.O.M. Token payments for Marketplace and Individual orders.
    New modules - Tokens wallet, Reviews module, Job board, Individual orders.

  • 4

    Late 2018

    Value Sustainability
    Enable democracy principles and complete value lifecycle for M.O.M. Token

    Moms Congress ( Social Entrepreneurship Decentralized Autonomous Organization ).
    Token payments for jobs board.
    Token reward system for quality reviews and knowledgebase.
    New modules - Entrepreneurship school, Charity, Kick off business.

  • 5

    Mid/Late 2019

    Global Coverage
    Translate into five additional languages to involve the wider community in emerging markets.

    Additional languages - Mandarin, Russian, Spanish, Hindi, Arabic, Portuguese, German.
    Advertising module will be introduced which will be additional value stream for platform.


Token Sale Info
Token M.O.M.
Token Type ERC20
Platform Ethereum
Price in ICO 1 ETH = 8600 MOM
Tokens for Sale 880000000
Investment info
Accepting ETH

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