Native Video Box ICO (NVB)

Video Distribution Platform

Native Video Box (NVB) is next generation decentralised video distribution platform, based on cutting edge modern technologies of multi-tier blockchain and deep machine learning. Our ecosystem resembles YouTube like cryptocurrencies resemble traditional banking system. We create the service that meets the old pains of advertisers, publishers and video content creators at the same time. We believe it will disrupt the industry and could change to future of video advertising. NVB focused on programmatic video advertising with native eco approach. We see that nowadays typical digital video ad platform is literally black box so NVB created to be all the way transparent from the scratch.


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Token NVB
Platform Ethereum
Price 1 NVB = 1 USD
ICO Start Date 01 Jan 2018
ICO End Date 15 Apr 2018

About Native Video Box

Native Video Box (NVB) was originally launched in Russia in early 2016 as a native video platform for websites with editorial content. We would like to think of ourselves as a cohort of creative minds who have set out to change the game of the​ ​video​ ​advertising​ ​market.

Who​ ​will​ ​benefit​ ​from​ ​using​ ​NVB?

NVB is a platform that has been designed to benefit a diverse range of content creator market players such as: publishers, advertisers and video bloggers.

Positioning​ ​power

It provides websites with relevant video content and offers opportunities for additional monetisation, while ensuring brand values, a safe environment for advertisers and more than 90% complete views of video ads.

Pocket​ ​Friendly​ ​Profits

Historically platforms such as YouTube and other well known video-hosting sites have disrupted the media industry by giving a new generation of video content creators the opportunity to monetize their content.

However, the original systems for monetisation were effective for awhile. But as time elapsed rapidly growing platform fees and centralized work models of modern video-hosting became more biased towards meeting the need of intermediaries vs lining the pockets of the content creator communities.

According to Never Stop Marketing’s Jeremy Epstein, intermediaries earn ¢44 out of every $1 on each link in the chain of advertising market costs. We agree with Epstein that the advertising industry is ready to take​ ​a​ ​step​ ​forward​.


Mike Raitsyn member of Native Video Box ICO
Mike Raitsyn
Julian Zegelman member of Native Video Box ICO
Julian Zegelman
Yaacov Bitton member of Native Video Box ICO
Yaacov Bitton
Alexander Miheev member of Native Video Box ICO
Alexander Miheev
Georgy Mikhaylets member of Native Video Box ICO
Georgy Mikhaylets
Alexander Shishow member of Native Video Box ICO
Alexander Shishow
Founder and CEO
Nikki Stewart member of Native Video Box ICO
Nikki Stewart
Head of marketing
Dmitriy Solodkiy member of Native Video Box ICO
Dmitriy Solodkiy
Blockchain evangelist
Paul Vasin member of Native Video Box ICO
Paul Vasin
Peter Kozyakov member of Native Video Box ICO
Peter Kozyakov
IR Director
Alexander Vasilev member of Native Video Box ICO
Alexander Vasilev
Commercial Director
Xenia Vyazemskaya member of Native Video Box ICO
Xenia Vyazemskaya
PR Director
Max Prudchenko member of Native Video Box ICO
Max Prudchenko
Head of Support


  • 1


    Start of the project
    MVP development
    Market and industry tests
    Testing the local video ads market (agencies and programmatic selling)

  • 2


    Pre-sale launch
    Early-stage crowdsale

  • 3


    ICO launch
    Main milestone of crowdsale
    Token issuance
    Tokens will be issued after the end of crowdsale
    Cryptocurrency stock exchange listing
    Listing on top cryptocurrency stock exchanges
    Mobile apps network
    Integration of mobile SDK with mobile ecosystem services

  • 4


    Commencement of multi-tier blockchain
    Start of the integration of the view- and clickflow into the blockchain


Token Sale Info
Token NVB
Token Type ERC20
Platform Ethereum
Price in ICO 1 NVB = 1 USD
Investment info
Hard cap 15000000

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