Naviaddress ICO (NVT)

Naviaddress is much more than just an address

Naviaddress aims to create a decentralised global unified address platform for real and virtual worlds. Using a patented technology Naviaddress developed a platform with a capability to assign a digital address to any location with geocoordinate precision: Same in any language, cross-cultural: digits only Addressing any object or place: hybrid postal address and geotag More than just an address: additional information (contacts, “last mile”, etc.), users’ content

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Token NVT
Platform Ethereum
Price 1 NVT = 0.05 USD
Country Cayman Islands
ICO Start Date 01 Mar 2018
ICO End Date 31 Mar 2018

About Naviaddress

Naviaddress is the first global digital addressing system that is being deployed onto the blockchain. It will provide people and businesses with freedom and ability to create, obtain, own, lend and sell their digital addresses. We call them naviaddresses - unified digital IDs for any place and object in real and virtual worlds.

We deployed Naviaddress addressing system in the end 2016. A user can interact with the addressing system through three our proprietary applications (web, iOS, Android). As of January 2018, there are 1.5 million naviaddresses in the system, including 1.3 million business naviaddresses; c. 60 000 registered active users of our applications. Naviaddress integrated its addressing system with UBER in 2016. In 2017 we signed the Strategic Partnership Agreement with and later integrated our system with it. In December 2017 we signed LOI with DPD to start pilot integration project in Q1 2018. Alfa version of the platform on the blockchain is up and being tested now.

Once the addressing system is deployed on the blockchain, Naviaddress will enable 4 billion people in the world living without addresses to obtain digital postal delivery naviaddresses, verified by a transaction on the blockchain at almost no cost. Usage of naviaddresses will enable local governments to provide more citizens with essential services and create new markets for e-retailers and delivery businesses (AliBaba, Amazon, etc.)

Naviaddress falls into the category of blockchain ID management projects. Our addressing platform will simplify and speed up the way transactions are conducted between common users and online retailers, postal delivery businesses as well as between users - without compromising privacy and security. Up to 20% and up to 80% of addresses in developed and developing countries respectively are not verified today from the first time due to mistakes in address spelling, verification and “last mile” navigation problems. This creates billions of US dollar wastes in e-retail and postal delivery industries. Naviaddress provides the solution for e-retail and delivery businesses - a trustless verified by transaction and geo coordinates precise ID of users’ locations with metadata. The solution that will cut the wastes drastically.

International tourists and expats remained inaccessible for local hotels, cafes and restaurants. This result in lost sales. Naviaddress will provide authentication and easy last mile navigation for local HoReCa and retail outlets due to only digits, no language-specific, digital address, which is easy to find, share and communicate.


William Mougayar member of Naviaddress ICO
William Mougayar
Author at The Business Blockchain
Fabrice Croiseaux member of Naviaddress ICO
Fabrice Croiseaux
CEO - InTech SA
Christophe David member of Naviaddress ICO
Christophe David
CFO, DomRaider
Jean-Jacques Quisquater member of Naviaddress ICO
Jean-Jacques Quisquater
Cryptography Expert
Jed Grant member of Naviaddress ICO
Jed Grant
CEO Peermountain
Nicolas Courtois member of Naviaddress ICO
Nicolas Courtois
Cryptologist, Senior Lecturer at University College London
Gleb Davidyuk member of Naviaddress ICO
Gleb Davidyuk
Managing Partner, iTech Capital
Sébastien Bourguignon member of Naviaddress ICO
Sébastien Bourguignon
Manager Conseil IT
Gilbert Reveillon member of Naviaddress ICO
Gilbert Reveillon
Konstantin Yakunin member of Naviaddress ICO
Konstantin Yakunin
Co-Founder and CEO, Express Russian Mail Service
Ian Scarffe member of Naviaddress ICO
Ian Scarffe
Alexander Busarov member of Naviaddress ICO
Alexander Busarov
WaBi co-founder
Mikhail Gamzin member of Naviaddress ICO
Mikhail Gamzin
CEO & Founder
Dmitri Moiseev member of Naviaddress ICO
Dmitri Moiseev
COO & Co-founder
Mikhail Zelenin member of Naviaddress ICO
Mikhail Zelenin
VP, Products & Blockchain Architect
Dmitri Khmelidze member of Naviaddress ICO
Dmitri Khmelidze
Dmitri Sukhanov member of Naviaddress ICO
Dmitri Sukhanov
Andrey Li member of Naviaddress ICO
Andrey Li
VP, Integration & Strategic Partnerships


  • 1


    The concept of a new unified digital address platform developed

  • 2


    Naviaddress incorporated, patent filed, MVP developed, Angel round $500K raised

  • 3


    The first app released, integration with UBER implemented

  • 4

    2017 Q1

    Seed round $2MM received

  • 5

    2017 Q2

    Strategic Partnership Agreement signed with

  • 6

    2017 Q3

    Naviaddress app user base reached 100 000 users
    Naviaddress blockchain protocol development started.

  • 7

    2017 Q4

    ICO & NaviToken (NVT) token will be available on exchanges

  • 8

    2018 Q1

    Naviaddress ownership ledger, sell and rent smart-contracts

  • 9

    2018 Q2

    Implementation of the Naviaddress blockchain protocol in the existing Naviaddress app

  • 10

    2018 Q2

    Launch of the incentive program for a new free address platform

  • 11

    2018 Q3-Q4

    Re-sell & ownership transfer smart-contracts
    Business integration and partnership initiatives (DiDi, AirBnB, Alibaba, DHL, DPD, Amazon, etc.)


Token Sale Info
Token NVT
Token Type ERC20
Platform Ethereum
Price in ICO 1 NVT = 0.05 USD
Tokens for Sale 400000000
Investment info
Accepting ETH, BTC, Fiat
Distributed in ICO 40%
Hard cap 20,000,000 USD

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