Global Exchange Platform for Cannabis Industry

Our mission involves introducing a trustless verification system on all supply chain & business transactions in the cannabis industry, providing growers, processors, distributors, retailers, doctors and users full transparency into the supply chain, from seed to user distribution, with decentralized private & public blockchain verification at every step. This will provide total transparency & auditability to all industry participants adding significant value to the industry.

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Token GETX
Platform Ethereum
Price 1 GETX = 0.0047 ETH
ICO Start Date 01 Feb 2018
ICO End Date 27 May 2018


Nuvus Blockchain is a decentralized blockchain company, formed to build a big data and supply chain verification ecosystem using distributive ledger technologies and trustless trust platform for the agri- cultural industry initially focusing on the cannabis industry.

Our mission involves introducing a trustless verification system on all supply chain transactions in the cannabis industry, providing growers, processors, distributors, retailers, doctors and users full transpar- ency into the supply chain, from seed to user distribution, with decentralized blockchain verification at every step. This will provide transparency on the type, potency and potential benefits of different strains and their effects on the human body, adding significant value to the commodity across uses, research and industries, some of which are likely not yet defined.

Our technology has the potential to become one of the most used and valuable products in the canna- bis industry, potentially becoming ubiquitous across all industry participants. If adopted globally, it will add billions of data points to the supply chain, benefiting medicinal research and proper diagnosis in patients. Bringing decentralized, immutable blockchain technologies with billions of live, verified data points to the cannabis industry, will add significant value and transparency to the Industry’s supply chain. Currently, supply chain data is non-transparent and controlled by centralized organizations and authorities, subject to industry manipulation and slow adoption of life saving treatments and research.

Nuvus, along with its partners, will provide a distributed ledger network and trusted technology, based on open source public & permission based private blockchain technologies to house and secure the data while providing uniform access to all its stakeholders. Nuvus’ partners include master growers, universities, doctors, scientists, technology companies and various government affiliates working in tandem to ensure that the patient is receiving the right product at the highest quality for the treatment being sought.

The Nuvus Protocol will be designed with enterprise grade business blockchain tech- nology to verify supply chain development and transactions. Nuvus has developed the Global Exchange Token (“GET”), a proprietary ERC-20 Ethereum based token that is used for the validation process of both the quantitative and qualitative data collection, process flow and analytics related to the supply chain details being captured by the blockchain. The blockchain will provide real time patient’s feedback and grower input to encourage full transparency of data providers and user behavior, rewarding timeliness, quality, reach of communications, as well as accountability of the diagnosis.

The Medicinal and Recreational Cannabis industries are relatively new and are growing at an incredible pace, year after year. Over the next few years legalization of medicinal marijuana in the US States is expected to exceed the 75% mark. There is also an expectation in the industry that Laws at the Federal level will include the removal of Marijuana as a Schedule 1 drug, which in turn will lead to an explosion in the growth of the industry and medicinal research. Standards, rules and regulations written at the Federal Level will require States compliance.

Universal standards and certified data capable of tying cannabis strains and their attributes to medical conditions and patient profiles will become a requirement just as it is in other pharmaceutical industries. Regulations such as seed to sale and transaction processing will become standard throughout the nation. Nuvus Blockchain will be the first to market a viable, thriving solution adhering to the expected standard; providing security and transparency for the flow of information through an immutable, distributed ledger, positioning the decentralized blockchain Company to become the undisputed leader in this space and affect the changes as they occur in real time.


Sam Talari member of ICO
Sam Talari
Terry Gardner member of ICO
Terry Gardner
Deirdre Fernandes member of ICO
Deirdre Fernandes
Alan Mathon member of ICO
Alan Mathon


  • 1

    September 2017

    Team initiates preliminary preparations for an ICO by developing industry’s most comprehensive white paper.

  • 2

    September 2017

    Team begins recruiting blockchain consultants, platforms, programmers.

  • 3

    October 2017

    Team completes white paper and related marketing site for preparation for Pre-ICO.

  • 4

    October 2017

    Team begins selling Pre-ICO to selected groups, Angels and VCs. Launch Token contracts onto Ethereum, Security audits & admin testing.

  • 5

    November 2017

    Team begins first phase of the crowdsale.

  • 6

    December 2017

    Team completes its ICO and begins developing Nuvus Protocal & its integration with CognetiX.

  • 7

    Mid 2018

    Team rolls out its first version of its Nuvus Protocal to selected groups for the Cannabis industry as beta.


Token Sale Info
Token GETX
Token Type ERC20
Platform Ethereum
Price in ICO 1 GETX = 0.0047 ETH
Investment info
Accepting ETH, BTC
Distributed in ICO 60%
Soft cap 39000 ETH
Hard cap 78000 ETH

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