Octobase ICO (OEP)

Decentralized convenience

Octobase is a blockchain company that unlocks value in the blockchain by making the technology accessible to everyone through a simple, secure interface which is navigable through perfectly integrated products in the Octobase Suite™. At the heart of Octobase lies Octobase Suite™. A product suite ecosystem which utilizes blockchain and smart contract technology, both on and off-chain, to create a meaningful fertile area for individuals and institutions to address real-world business challenges.

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Token OEP
Platform Ethereum
Country South Africa
ICO Start Date 15 Mar 2018
ICO End Date 15 Sep 2018

About Octobase

Imagine a wallet with all of the convenience you are used to in a bank account. Now imagine that same wallet, but completely under your own control. No bank, exchange or company with control over your funds - not even us!


  • Account reset, if you lose or forget your password
  • Fund freezing if your password is stolen
  • Last will and testament management
  • Spending limits
  • and much more

Even though there are many wallets out at the moment, most of them do not offer these features in a way where you are truly in control of your funds.

Stop imagining; Octobase™ is building this wallet - a wallet for you. We are a blockchain product provider and consulting company focusing on the development of products that allow people to effortlessly store and manage digital assets on various blockchains. And you could have the opportunity to be part of it.

Octobase Equity Partnership Tokens represent shareholding in Octobase and entitle you to both voting rights and dividends. We are inviting investors to submit offers to acquire up to 10% of Octobase's shares.




Token Sale Info
Token OEP
Token Type ERC20
Platform Ethereum
Investment info
Accepting ETH

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