Payportal ICO (PPTL)

Bill Payments and Money Transfers

The Payportal platform connects Indian service providers such as banks, mobile operators, digital TV operators and utility companies with public through a WALLET. A wallet number is linked to a mobile number of the owner. The platform is utilizing the advantages of personal computers and smart phones, IOS and Android apps are available. The project's goal is to provide a solution to Customers to tackle the following challenges: regular visitings of different offices to pay monthly bills, cash collectors stealing, expensive and risky cross-border remittances, staying in a bank queues, wide geography logistics, non-professional service support and assistance, etc.

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Token PPTL
Platform Ethereum
Price 1 PPTL = 0.002 ETH
Country India
ICO Start Date 21 May 2018
ICO End Date 10 Jun 2018

About Payportal

Payportal Services Private Limited (hereinafter “Payportal”) is a privately-owned company that has been established in 2011 under the laws of India.

The current business area of Payportal is Delhi where we successfully manage 80 distributors and 2300 retailers.  The Payportal team has 21 people with the most in development and sales. 

Based on the blockchain technologies we plan to develop:

  • cross border money transfers service between Indian migrants living abroad and their families in home country. PPTL coins will be acceptable as a means of payment and will be convertible into Indian rupees for the final leg of transaction.
  • loyalty program for customers and retailers as additional motivation for increasing the business and loyal behaviour to Payportal.
  • decentralization of data to protect information in case of hardware failure or hackers attack

Geographical expansion to other metropolitan areas of Mumbai, Bangalore, Pune and Jaipur is crucial for the Payportal growth and PPTL demand.


Simon Cocking member of Payportal ICO
Simon Cocking
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Daniel Heller
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Irina Travina
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Alexandr Shishlov
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Alok Yadav
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Yadhvendra Singh
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Pavel Bannikov
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Timur Abdulkarimov


  • 1

    2018 Q2

    Finalizing an integration with BBPS.

    Integration with Bharat Bill Pay System will extend access to all utility bills, issued by Indian companies across the country. Customers will be able to fetch own bills through Payportal platform and timely pay bills on-line or through retailers.

  • 2

    2018 Q3

    Releasing new version of IOS and Android applications with DMT.

    Domestic money transfer service is available at the moment on web based solutions of the platform and is required to be extended to smart phones applications that will increase the number of wallet usage by customers.

  • 3

    2018 Q3

    Increasing the sales efforts for the area of Delhi.

    Promotion of new BBPS services like electricity, gas and water among the biggest distributors and retailers in the market. Find leads for new distributorship.

  • 4

    2018 Q4

    Advertising of Payportal wallet.

    Running internet advertising campaign to attract and extend on-line Payportal wallet users.

  • 5

    2018 Q4

    Development of own blockchain.

    Development and implementation of blockchain technologies for decentralization of data, cross-border money transfer service and fees collection.

  • 6

    2019 Q1

    Geographical expansion to the new areas close to Delhi (Faridabad, Ghaziabad and Noida).

    Increasing the sales team, creating new distributors and retailers in new areas, promoting Payportal platform among retailers.

  • 7

    2019 Q2

    Developing and implementing loyalty program for retailers and distributors.

    Implementing a loyalty program, that will motivate retailers to increase sales. Distributors in turn, will improve the service quality and the number of new retailers. Additionally, our Company will introduce the number of own services to be used by retailers and distributors for redemption of loyal bonuses and receiving extra value.

  • 8

    2019 Q4

    Geographical expansion to TOP 3 largest Indian cities and surrounding areas (Mumbai, Bangalore, Pune or Jaipur).

    - Registration and opening new offices.
    - Creation networks of distributors and retailers.
    - Promotion of Payportal services.
    - Creating co-branded payment products with banks.


Token Sale Info
Token PPTL
Token Type ERC20
Platform Ethereum
Price in ICO 1 PPTL = 0.002 ETH
Tokens for Sale 20000000
Investment info
Accepting ETH
Distributed in ICO 70%
Soft cap 3,000 ETH
Hard cap 24,000 ETH

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