Pingvalue ICO (PCO)

Platform with omni-channel technologies

Pingvalue aspires to be the world’s most successful platform in taking advantage of omni-channel technologies to help people create the relevant experiences they look for, while providing institutions/businesses with precious data for greater effectiveness on a glocal level. In doing so, Pingvalue will meet institutions'/businesses’ needs for measurability and predictive power, and people’s expectations of high personalization and recognition. Innovativeness, open-mindedness, and integrity will guide the company’s growth, with a positive impact on internal employees, the external community, and the environment.

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Token PCO
Country Luxembourg
ICO Start Date 11 Feb 2018
ICO End Date 04 Mar 2018

About Pingvalue

Pingvalue is a tech startup founded in Luxembourg in 2014 that has already expanded to Belgium, the Netherlands, Spain and Italy. The company’s technological and industrial capacity is supported by the high quali cation of its team members. As a high-tech company, there is a clear strategy to heavily invest in R&D to increase the technology value. But having reached a rst technology readiness, and found innovative and monetizable business models, it is time to go to the market and get viable market feedback on the basis of which the ne tuning of the product can begin. 

Pingvalue’s project proposal submitted under Horizon 2020’s SME instrument phase 2 in the area of New business models for inclusive, innovative and re ective societies was scored as high-quality project proposal in a highly competitive evaluation process.

Pingvalue contributes to the implementation of the EU Initiative “A Digital Agenda for Europe”, as it favors innovation and European economic growth and helps citizens and businesses to take full advantage of the economic and social potential of Information and Communications Technologies, and in particular the Internet. It participates of the 5 pillars of this initiative.

A dynamic digital single market, as Pingvalue will be developed.

Interoperability and standards. The technology Pingvalue allows to generate standarizatión to be a unique application.

Trust and security. Pingvalue technology is con gured to ensure user con dence and security.

Fast and ultra fast Internet access. Through their Pingspot, anyone who uses Pingvalue will be able to access the internet for free.

Research and innovation. Pingvalue is a platform in constant movement, where Research and innovation are pillars of its success.

Pingvalue is directly linked to the Priority ‘Smart growth – an economy based on knowledge and innovation’, the rst priority of the Europe 2020 Strategy (Europe 2020 A strategy for smart, sustainable and inclusive growth COM/2010/2020). In particular, the innovation project will collaborate with the European Digital Society goals by promoting the ‘online dissemination of knowledge’ in a wide range of customers, from users of the App to the different business developed in this project allowing increasing their competitiveness in the global market. Furthermore, there is a need to have EU champions in many IT and industrial areas competing with the US- based companies for the world market, and concretely in the Interaction Economy revolution.

Pingvalue uses its own patented algorithms to provide relevant information at the right time with actionable items. The insights provided are based on the “Trust Social Factor”, a measure of the in uential power and expertise of each member of the community.

With our intelligent engine we are able to offer citizens, businesses and cities the tool to make smart choices:

  • For the individuals: A Smart Personal Agenda
  • For the businesses: A Smart Management Solution
  • For the neighborhoods and cities: A Smart Urban Panel

The interaction among all the stakeholders will result in relevant and personalized experiences in a world of unstructured big data, generating wealth for the socio-economic system through a win-win-win relationship.


Jed Grant member of Pingvalue ICO
Jed Grant
CEO Peermountain
Luciano Scatorchia member of Pingvalue ICO
Luciano Scatorchia
Jose Antonio Orallo Vuelta member of Pingvalue ICO
Jose Antonio Orallo Vuelta
Mario Recinella member of Pingvalue ICO
Mario Recinella
Business Developer
Ron van Casand member of Pingvalue ICO
Ron van Casand
General Manager PV Holland
Christoph van Ochten member of Pingvalue ICO
Christoph van Ochten
Art Director
Jose Francisco Amorós Flor member of Pingvalue ICO
Jose Francisco Amorós Flor
SEO/SEM Specialist
Marco Mentucci member of Pingvalue ICO
Marco Mentucci
Marketing Coordinator
Nicoletta Rizzi member of Pingvalue ICO
Nicoletta Rizzi
Communications Manager
Pascual Sánchez Juan member of Pingvalue ICO
Pascual Sánchez Juan
Torquil Harkness member of Pingvalue ICO
Torquil Harkness
Technical Marketing Lead
Adrián Chaves Fernández member of Pingvalue ICO
Adrián Chaves Fernández
Data Extraction
Alicia Alcalde Ávila member of Pingvalue ICO
Alicia Alcalde Ávila
QA Engineer
Antonio Llorens Arias member of Pingvalue ICO
Antonio Llorens Arias
iOS Developer
Carlos Pérez Sánchez member of Pingvalue ICO
Carlos Pérez Sánchez
Backend Developer
Fernando López Rodríguez member of Pingvalue ICO
Fernando López Rodríguez
Data Scientist
Jesús Mañogil Fernández member of Pingvalue ICO
Jesús Mañogil Fernández
José León Serna member of Pingvalue ICO
José León Serna
Technical Lead
Juan Antonio Caballero Medrano member of Pingvalue ICO
Juan Antonio Caballero Medrano
Frontend Developer
Juan Antonio Cid Tomás member of Pingvalue ICO
Juan Antonio Cid Tomás
QA Manager
Julien Tardy member of Pingvalue ICO
Julien Tardy
Frontend Developer
Mario Sevilla Montoya member of Pingvalue ICO
Mario Sevilla Montoya
iOS Developer
Pablo Perea Martínez member of Pingvalue ICO
Pablo Perea Martínez
Rafael Sellés Vizcaíno member of Pingvalue ICO
Rafael Sellés Vizcaíno
Backend Developer


  • 1


    Web app:
    • Dashboard 1.0
    • Sign-up/sign-in
    • Product listing
    • Like/comment
    • System

  • 2


    Mobile app:
    • Product listing
    • Product details
    • Wallet
    • Like/Comment/Share

  • 3


    • Web layout update
    • Profile update

  • 4


    • Coupon campaigns
    • Categories of interest
    • Interest
    • Social Factor
    • Pingspot
    • Dashboard 2.0

  • 5


    • Localisation
    • Nearby
    • Gif support
    • Nearby parking

  • 6


    • Notifications
    • Chat
    • Connections
    • Wishlist
    • Recommendations
    • Best deals
    • Loyalty program
    • and many more...


Token Sale Info
Token PCO
Token Type ERC23
Investment info
Distributed in ICO 60%

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