PolySwarm ICO (NCT)

The World's First Threat Intelligence Market

The threat intelligence market is expected to grow to 9 Billion by 2022, thanks to an increasing need for cybersecurity with about 80 to 90 million cyberattacks each year, up to 70% of which go undetected. We're releasing Nectar, a utility token that powers PolySwarm, a decentralized security marketplace where threats are detected in real-time by thousands of micro-engines, honed by security experts competing to protect you. Nectar will be used, exclusively, in the PolySwarm ecosystem by enterprises and existing anti-virus subscribers to distribute anti-virus subscription fees only to those security experts who are timely and accurate with being able to identify malicious files.


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Token NCT
Platform Ethereum
Country USA
ICO Start Date 20 Feb 2018
ICO End Date 22 Mar 2018

About PolySwarm

Polyswarm is a decentralized threat intelligence market made possible by Ethereum smart contracts and blockchain technology.

Polyswarm incentivizes rapid innovation in the $8.5B/yr anti-virus and automated cyber threat intelligence space with precise economic incentives that reward timely and accurate threat intelligence concerning the malintent of files, network traffic and URLs.

PolySwarm defines a real-time threat detection ecosystem involving enterprises, consumers, vendors and geographicallydiverse security experts. Experts develop and hone competing “micro-engines” that autonomously investigate the latest threats, attempting to outperform their competition. PolySwarm’s “Proof of Work” is threat detection accuracy: the market rewards experts who are best able to defend enterprises and end users.

Relative to today’s ad hoc market, PolySwarm will lower the barrier to entry, provide broader coverage options, discourage duplicative effort and ensure interoperability among products and threat intelligence feeds.

Economically, PolySwarm functions as a skill-required twist on a prediction market2 with thousands of micro-engines (“workers”) investigating the latest in malware evolution at machine speed - no human in the loop.

PolySwarm will be developed by Swarm Technologies, Inc. (“Swarm Technologies”) with funding derived from the sale of ERC20-compatible Nectar (“NCT”) utility tokens.

As a utility token, PolySwarm economically disincentivizes Nectar speculation by rewarding honest market participation through the collection and distribution of Fees to value-adding, active participants.


Mark Tonnesen member of PolySwarm ICO
Mark Tonnesen
Dan Guido member of PolySwarm ICO
Dan Guido
Carl Hoffman member of PolySwarm ICO
Carl Hoffman
Paul Makowski member of PolySwarm ICO
Paul Makowski
CTO, Developer, Co-founder
Steve Bassi member of PolySwarm ICO
Steve Bassi
CEO, Developer, Founder
Ben Schmidt member of PolySwarm ICO
Ben Schmidt
Director Of Product Security, Developer, Co-founder
Nick Davis member of PolySwarm ICO
Nick Davis
COO, Developer, Co-founder
Max Koo member of PolySwarm ICO
Max Koo
Senior Backend Developer, Co-founder
Adrian Escude member of PolySwarm ICO
Adrian Escude
Bill Fehr member of PolySwarm ICO
Bill Fehr
VP Of Growth & Partnership
Jessica Thiefels member of PolySwarm ICO
Jessica Thiefels
Community Manager


  • 1

    V0.1 Alpha

    A “Bounty Manager” smart contract which holds Bounty Amounts and Fees, accepts Assertions, publishes Verdicts, and rewards accurate Experts
    Artifact posting and retrieval to / from off-PolySwarm storage (e.g. S3 and/or IPFS)
    Prototype algorithm for selecting Arbiters at Bounty expiration
    Reference implementations for Bounty publishing, Assertion response, and Arbiter ground truth determination

  • 2

    V0.2 Beta

    Offer Channels: Distributed Channel establishment, multiple Offers via a single Channel, NCT settlement at Channel Close
    Reference implementation for Offer production and response
    Reference implementation for Arbiter ground truth notification and response
    Fee collection and distribution smart contracts
    Research and quantify trust (in NCT) required for a specific Artifact volume
    Offer/Bounty development toolkit: a test and implementation framework for Experts and Ambassadors to automate servicing of Bounties and Offers

  • 3

    V0.3 Gamma

    Worker Description Language (WDL) describing artifact analysis capabilities and Expert authorship attribution (for reputation)
    Distributed, searchable, registry of Workers and their capabilities.
    Confidentiality for pre-deadline Bounty Assertions
    Finalize Arbiter selection, response, and end to end Bounty feedback loop

  • 4

    V1.0 Stable

    PolySwarm Stable will focus on eliminating bugs in PolySwarm Gamma prior to migration from the PolySwarm testnet (test tokens) to the real PolySwarm market.

  • 5

    V2.0 Future

    Flexible Artifact confidentiality: Basic: Artifacts selectively disclosed to Experts or SaaS providers, Advanced: Artifacts never revealed to anyone outside of SGX enclaves of fully homomorphic engines
    New Instruments (e.g. subscription-ready threat feeds)
    Deployment support for endpoint-resident Worker containers that supplant today’s endpoint protection suites


Token Sale Info
Token NCT
Token Type ERC20
Platform Ethereum
Investment info
Accepting ETH
Distributed in ICO 70%
Soft cap 5000000 USD
Hard cap 50000000 USD

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