Ponder ICO (PON)

A Decentralized Matchmaking Platform

Using game mechanics and financial rewards Ponder motivates everyone to play matchmaker for friends and strangers alike. Our vision is to be the go-to place for meeting new people in all contexts where trust is critical, such as recruiting, business partners, roommates, and babysitting.


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Token PON
Platform Ethereum
Price 1 PON = 0.2 USD
Country USA
ICO Start Date 14 Feb 2018
ICO End Date 20 Apr 2018

About Ponder

Our first target is Romance
Ponder uses game mechanics and financial rewards to make matchmakers out of everyone.

  • Users choose matches using a playful drag and drop interface.
  • If the couple like each other the matchmaker wins $10 and $1000 if they marry.
  • Token holders can create sub-communities, such as ‘yogis in San Jose’, that they can matchmake within.

Ponder uses blockchain technology for securely collecting and transferring personal data and currency within the community.

What is Ponder Gold?
The Ponder Gold token is being released as a cryptocurrency to operate in parallel with the current fiat-based Ponder Dollars, which are pegged to USD. Ponder Gold can be purchased in the token sale or within the app in the near future.

What are the benefits of Ponder Gold?

  1. Acts as a VIP card to improve users’ match rates. Matchmakers get the most active singles. Singles get exposure to best matchmakers.
  2. Only Ponder Gold holders can participate in the matchmaking sub-groups.
  3. Only Ponder Gold holders can participate in the additional matchmaking services such as singles' events and relationship advice.
  4. As Ponder expands into recruiting and other sectors, there will be areas within the application restricted to Ponder Gold holders.


Manshu Agarwal member of Ponder ICO
Manshu Agarwal
Hooman Imani member of Ponder ICO
Hooman Imani
Patrick Maxwell member of Ponder ICO
Patrick Maxwell
Creative Director
Dan Flanegan member of Ponder ICO
Dan Flanegan
VP of Product Marketing
Elliot Yan member of Ponder ICO
Elliot Yan
User Acquisition
Vladimir Ryhlitskiy member of Ponder ICO
Vladimir Ryhlitskiy
Lead Mobile Developer
Tianqi Wang member of Ponder ICO
Tianqi Wang
China Business Associate
Londynn Metten member of Ponder ICO
Londynn Metten
UI / UX Quality Engineer
Daniel Kim member of Ponder ICO
Daniel Kim
Business Analyst
Deepak Rao member of Ponder ICO
Deepak Rao
Blockchain Consultant
Bjorn Lestrud member of Ponder ICO
Bjorn Lestrud
Community Advisor/Crypto Hero
Greg Taylor member of Ponder ICO
Greg Taylor
Principal Engineer
Ryan Lasher member of Ponder ICO
Ryan Lasher
Graphic Designer
Michael Egan member of Ponder ICO
Michael Egan
Chairman of the Board
Keith Teare member of Ponder ICO
Keith Teare
Jeffrey Wolfe member of Ponder ICO
Jeffrey Wolfe
Board Consultants
Peter Davison member of Ponder ICO
Peter Davison
Matt Curtis member of Ponder ICO
Matt Curtis
Irfan Kamal member of Ponder ICO
Irfan Kamal


  • 1

    Oct 18th, 2017

    Launch of Ponder beta

  • 2

    6am PST Feb 14th, 2018

    Start of Ponder Gold sale

  • 3

    10pm PST Apr 20th, 2018

    End of Ponder Gold sale

  • 4

    Apr 20th , 2018

    Launch of Ponder Gold coin inside app

  • 5

    May, 2018

    Release of Chinese version

  • 6

    June, 2018

    Launch of game levels

  • 7

    July, 2018

    Launch of Matchmaking groups

  • 8

    Sept, 2018

    Japanese version

  • 9

    Oct, 2018

    Korean version

  • 10

    Dec 1st , 2018

    Release of Indian version

  • 11

    July, 2019

    Release of Recruiting product beta


Token Sale Info
Token PON
Token Type ERC20
Platform Ethereum
Price in ICO 1 PON = 0.2 USD
Investment info
Accepting BTC, ETH, LTC, DASH, ZEC, NEO, ETC, Fiat
Distributed in ICO 25%
Hard cap 18,000,000 USD

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