Raison ICO (RSN)

AI platform for investment and personal finance

RAISON provides you with the investment opportunities which were available only to professional investors. RAISON integrates all your financial life in one app. It gives you the ability to manage capital wiser and invest effectively.

Investment Platform

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Token RSN
Platform Ethereum
Country UK
ICO Start Date 01 Feb 2018
ICO End Date 28 Feb 2018

About Raison

RAISON pools all user accounts, analyses cash flows and offers recommendations on how to improve the customer’s financial position. The application enables utilisation of familiar financial services (IBAN, cards, and payments) on a single platform.

The platform focuses on functional simplicity based on the state-of-the-art high-tech financial solutions in a fully regulated legal environment.

The product specifically targets the Western European market as the most legally-transparent region with positive attitudes towards cryptocurrencies and excellent investment prospects in a zero interest rate environment.

Further market development prioritises Eastern Europe, Great Britain and the USA.

RAISON platform is built by a team of professionals from “Threesixty Elements S.A.” specialising in wealth management services and financial advice, and AKILIO project team, successfully implementing machinelearning and AI-integrated systems across many industries.


Aleksandra Stroganova member of Raison ICO
Aleksandra Stroganova
Head of Business Development
Vladimir Shabanov member of Raison ICO
Vladimir Shabanov
Global Head of Technology
Nikolay Kondratov member of Raison ICO
Nikolay Kondratov
Global Head of IT Services and Development
Waldemar Karcher member of Raison ICO
Waldemar Karcher
Global Head of Business Operations
Alexander Zaytsev member of Raison ICO
Alexander Zaytsev
Global Head of Corporate Strategy
Viktor Mishin member of Raison ICO
Viktor Mishin
Head of Relocation and Following Strategies
Andrey Berezin member of Raison ICO
Andrey Berezin
Global Head of Investment Strategies
Oleg Berezin member of Raison ICO
Oleg Berezin
Chief Marketing Officer
Kirill Kovalenko member of Raison ICO
Kirill Kovalenko
Head of Multi-Asset Strategies, Structured Products
Alexander Vinogradov member of Raison ICO
Alexander Vinogradov
Head of Option Strategies and Trading
Elena Romanova member of Raison ICO
Elena Romanova
Global Head of Compliance
Andrey Gordeychuk member of Raison ICO
Andrey Gordeychuk
Chief Information Officer, IS LLC
Alexey Martynov member of Raison ICO
Alexey Martynov
Chief Technology Officer, IS LLC
Denis Zhuk member of Raison ICO
Denis Zhuk
Chief Data Officer, IS LLC
Artem Kuznetsov member of Raison ICO
Artem Kuznetsov
Computer Systems Architect, IS LLC
Anton Stepanov member of Raison ICO
Anton Stepanov
Team Lead, IS LLC
Andrey Kononykhin member of Raison ICO
Andrey Kononykhin
Global Head of Product Management
Evgeny Lamekhov member of Raison ICO
Evgeny Lamekhov
Global Head of Marketing
Sergey Kononykhin member of Raison ICO
Sergey Kononykhin
Chief Operations Officer


  • 1

    november 2014 – january 2015

    Inception of Element US IPO I and Element Incubator – private closed-ended funds of future Threesixty Elements S.A. anchor investors

  • 2

    october 2015

    BVI Financial Services Commission grants certification to Threesixty Elements S.A. to act as an approved investment manager

  • 3

    february 2016

    Granting registration pursuant to Section 203 of the Investment Advisers Act of 1940 by United States Securities and Exchange Commission to act as an Investment Adviser

  • 4

    december 2016

    Achieving turnover as part of the formation of the investment strategy and the distribution of structured notes for 2016 in amount of about $15 million

  • 5

    august 2017

    Blockchain Mining and Research Investment inception. The first mining fund for professional investors to pool funds for the purposes of generating of generating long-term profits and capital appreciation by maintaining decentralized blockchain-networks

  • 6

    september 2017

    Application to be authorized as a foreign market participant with Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority FINMA Blockchain Mining and Research Investment became a CRYPTO VALLEY (Zug, Switzerland) resident

  • 7

    december 2017

    Crowdfunding campaign with token sale of RAISON

  • 8

    november 2017

    Filling an application for an authorization under MiFID as an Investment firm to custody structured notes and providing investment advisory in Europe

  • 9

    december 2017

    Crowdfunding campaign with token sale of RAISON

  • 10

    february 2018

    Opening a local office in Europe (Luxembourg, Estonia) Filling an application to be licensed as an Electronic money institution with CSSF

  • 11

    may 2018

    First product launch with the aggregation of personal finance data on a single platform and issuing recomendations for a daily financial life based on AI technologies

  • 12

    june 2018

    ICO ratings and blockchain investment instruments beta

  • 13

    august 2018

    Granting authorization to operate within a regulatory scope in place of domiciliation, approval for cross-border activities in EU. Implementing payment cards solution into platform.

  • 14

    september 2018

    Implementing AI trading advisory, launching umbrella services and onboarding to platform for crypto asset managers

  • 15

    december 2018

    P2P lending beta

  • 16

    february 2019

    Banking license application

  • 17

    may 2019

    Implementation of P2P lending into platform

  • 18

    december 2019

    P2P Insurance implementation


Token Sale Info
Token RSN
Token Type ERC20
Platform Ethereum
Tokens for Sale 3520000
Investment info
Accepting BTC, ETH
Distributed in ICO 88%
Hard cap 40,000,000 EUR

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