We Fight The Oil Monopoly

We are the community of oil workmen and we are sick of our industry being closed, inefficient and harmful for the environment. We want to make it transparent, available to everyone and eco-friendly, so we created decentralized oil company. Every contributor is able to exchange owned blockchain-tokens for the real oil we produce. The company's competitive advantage is the propriety technology for gathering shale oil with 10 times better performance than with conventional methods.

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Token RVL
Platform Ethereum
Price 1 RVL = 10 USD
Country Russia


REVOIL is the first project in oil industry that will combine the most innovative technologies in environmentally conscious hydrocarbons production and blockchain implementation with a high degree of transparency in all business operations.

Some analysts believe that oil business has lost its relevance in the 21st century. However, studies done by leading consulting companies suggest the demand for oil will grow until 2030 , despite the recent market frenzy for electric vehicles. The reason for this forecast 1 becomes evident when considering the rapid growth of emerging Asian economies.

Based on our calculations we are confident that oil production can not only be efficient, but also environmentally friendly. With this goal in mind Konstantin Schekoldin, a REVOIL community founder, developed an innovative technology called AirVento TGT (utilizing thermogas with oxygen injection) for deposit development. The uniqueness of AirVento TGT lies in the increased oil recovery factor when developing shale deposits. Application of this technology allows extracting up to 40-50% of the geologically explored reserves​, whereas hydraulic fracturing technology accounts for only 10-15%. This technology makes extraction highly efficient and affordable, which ensures high profit margins even at the lowest oil prices.

AirVento TGT has already been tested on deposits of the Bazhenov Foundation, located in Western Siberia, where successfully demonstrated its environmental soundness​. By virtue of applying a simple air solution, REVOIL method of oil extraction produce excellent results with minimal effects on the surrounding environment, especially when compared to extraction via water and chemical reagents used in conventional hydraulic fracking.


Dmitriy Ishimbayev member of REVOIL ICO
Dmitriy Ishimbayev
Maxim Makarov member of REVOIL ICO
Maxim Makarov
Konstantin Shchekoldin member of REVOIL ICO
Konstantin Shchekoldin
Founder of the Community & CEO
Vitaly Kharchenko member of REVOIL ICO
Vitaly Kharchenko
Deputy Director
Seymur Veliev member of REVOIL ICO
Seymur Veliev
Senior Oil Production Specialist
Maxim Kozhushko member of REVOIL ICO
Maxim Kozhushko
Senior Oilfield Development Specialist


  • 1


    Prof. Arkady Bokserman participating in development of thermogas technology

  • 2


    Konstantin Shchekoldin, Arkady Bokserman arranged technology tests

  • 3


    Konstantin Shchekoldin led group of scientists working on AirVento TGT project (based on thermogas with oxygen injection)

  • 4

    November 2017

    Arranging Pre Token Launch

  • 5

    Q1 2018

    Geological prospecting, purchasing license for oil field development, starting projects' pipelines

  • 6

    March-April 2018

    Arranging Token Launch 1.0

  • 7

    Q3 2018

    Starting of equipment and infrastructure building

  • 8

    Q4 2018

    Drilling terrain, gathering first oil barrel

  • 9

    Q1-Q2 2019

    Selling first oil barrel, accuraling first bonuses to active community members, first oil barrel is exchanged on token

  • 10

    Q3 2019

    Arranging Token Launch 2.0

  • 11

    Q4 2019

    Scaling business by purchasing extra development licenses

  • 12

    Q3 2020

    Integrating AirVento TGT and blockchain technologies into oil industry


Token Sale Info
Token RVL
Token Type ERC20
Platform Ethereum
Price in ICO 1 RVL = 10 USD
Tokens for Sale 1012327
Investment info
Accepting ETH
Distributed in ICO 70%

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