Robo Advisor Coin ICO (RAC)

Robo Advisor for crypto-currencies

Intelligent, fast, and neutral forecasts about Cryptos and Tokens Secured in the blockchain by our AI engine. RAC will enable futures contracts on crypto currencies.

Cryptocurrency Software

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Token RAC
Platform Ethereum
Price 1 ETH = 18 - 28 RAC
Country UK
ICO Start Date 20 Apr 2018
ICO End Date 21 May 2018

About Robo Advisor Coin

Most of the time, customers do not get the advice they need but rather the advice their advisor thinks they need, based on a desire not to deviate to far from conventional wisdom, or on a desire to maximise the potential to sell products to them. This conflicted situation arises so often that an intelligent user can never really know which human generated advise they can really trust.

Now, imagine a world in which all advices received was neutral, honest and never manipulated by human biases and beliefs. That’s the exciting new world of opportunities which the Robo Advisor Coin project represents.

Robo Advisor Coin project is very easy to communicate: AI, plus cryptocurrency, plus blockchain. Since 2013 our team is working to create the most advanced and reliable technology to make forecasts on securities.

We are working on the first world Robo Advisor offering daily forecasts and stats on crypto currencies and tokens.

But this is not enough.

We want to offer you more: more services, more analysis, more reports and original researches. We want to provide more and more precise forecasts on cryptos and on any kind of security worldwide.

We will use blockchain to ensure and verify the authenticity, the accuracy and moreover the integrity of the predictions made by our Robo-Advisor engine. The platform embraces the challenge of decentralizing forecasts through the blockchain.

We aim at building an innovative blockchain layer thanks to our distributed and real time price forecasts algorithms. We will design an innovative tool specifically designed for Miners, with the primary intent of delivering analytics designed to help optimize their production functions and profitability.


Edoardo Narduzzi member of Robo Advisor Coin ICO
Edoardo Narduzzi
CEO and founder
Alessandro Lentini member of Robo Advisor Coin ICO
Alessandro Lentini
CTO and co-founder
Marco Querini member of Robo Advisor Coin ICO
Marco Querini
IT Manager
Federico Narduzzi member of Robo Advisor Coin ICO
Federico Narduzzi
Andrea Bianchini member of Robo Advisor Coin ICO
Andrea Bianchini
Web Developer
Stefano Mazzarini member of Robo Advisor Coin ICO
Stefano Mazzarini
Software Engineer
Alessio Ciancio member of Robo Advisor Coin ICO
Alessio Ciancio
Digital Art Director
Giuseppe Marazia member of Robo Advisor Coin ICO
Giuseppe Marazia


  • 1

    2013 - Start

    Birth of our Artificial Intelligence Project after a successful trial in the B2B world with two financial institutions.

  • 2

    2014 - First platform release

    Constant R&D results in our team improving the AI algorithm and developing an advanced IT platform

  • 3

    2015 - Virtual portfolios

    Our platform starts to simulate automated assets allocation proposals, namely Robo-portfolios.

  • 4

    2016 - RoboAdvisor for all

    In April our platform begins generating and sending out automated reports and weekly news articles including stocks market analysis and forecasts.

  • 5

    Early 2017 - MVP (self-funded)

    In August, we became the first Robo-Advisor engine able to offer simple forecasts related to crypto-currencies and tokens.
    The current platform is already functioning and the idea of the ICO is to take our service to a next level which allows us to become a world-leading provider of on-demand forecasts and analytics for global markets and crypto-currencies.

  • 6

    Late 2017 - ICO

    Our priority after the token launch will be to expand our Team to improve the expertise and operations in the Robo-Advisory domain. We intend to attract the most talented and accomplished personnel currently available in relevant areas including: Blockchain, Machine Learning, Fintech industries and Financial Markets.

  • 7

    2018 - 2019

    Development depending on raised funds in ICO.


Token Sale Info
Token RAC
Token Type ERC20
Platform Ethereum
Price in ICO 1 ETH = 18 - 28 RAC
Investment info
Accepting ETH
Soft cap 3,000 ETH
Hard cap 100,000 ETH

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