RuCoin ICO (RUC)

RUCOIN cryptocurrency + One Global Loyalty Networ

RUCOIN cryptocurrency and the One Global Loyalty Network are aiming to be a bridge between virtual currencies of the digital world and world-known brands’ bonuses/discounts of the real world. Features of RUCOIN. Stable Crypto-Currency with a quarterly increase in liabilities. Now consumers don’t have to combine different rewards and loyalty points, they can just use RUCOIN in the Global Loyalty Network, receiving goods and services that are necessary for them.

Business services Cryptocurrency Retail

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Token RUC
Platform ThePower
Price 1 RUC = 2 USD
Country Russia
ICO Start Date 15 Jan 2018
ICO End Date 15 Apr 2018

About RuCoin

  • RuCoin cryptocurrency open source code.
  • Payments are published in a public block chain which ensures confidentiality.
  • RuCoin has a fixed total stock of 500 million units.
  • BFT delegated nodes validators + DPoS delegated proof of stake.
  • The speed of transaction less than 1 second.
  • Secure transactions with the Rucoin, Bitcoin, Ethereum.
  • Throughput of over 100,000 operations per second.
  • Cashback wallet of rewards, bonuses, discounts. Built Exchange Exchange Rucoin, Bitcoin, Ethereum. Goods and services of the catalog BRC.
  • 0.01% of max commission for transactions.
  • Automation reduces transaction costs.
  • Quick and secure identification.
  • Stable and predictable token.



  • 1

    FEBRUARY 12, 2014

    Foundtion of RuCoin Community. Building the vision and ideology of the platform.

  • 2

    DECEMBER, 2014

    Market and its needs analysis. Development of the first RUCOIN platform prototype.

  • 3

    OCTOBER, 2016

    Development and testing the Alpha version platform. BRC site development.

  • 4

    NOVEMBER, 2017

    Start of Pre-ICO RUCOIN. Issue of Biotech products.

  • 5

    DECEMBER, 2017

    Legal structure RUCOIN CHECK platform prototype. BRCICO site.

  • 6

    JANUARY, 2018


  • 7

    FEBRUARY, 2018

    RUCOIN platform launching.

  • 8

    MARCH, 2018

    Internal currency exchange.

  • 9

    APRIL, 2018

    Rucoin Loyalty, See Life, Smart Reputation and Movie Worker launching, Rucoin Check.

  • 10

    MAY, 2018

    Application for iOS. Improving the web version.

  • 11

    JULY, 2018

    Android app.

  • 12

    AUGUST, 2018

    Development of additional functionality. Integration with third-party services.

  • 13

    SEPTEMBER, 2018

    Localization of the platform into additional languages.


Token Sale Info
Token RUC
Token Type ERC20
Platform ThePower
Price in ICO 1 RUC = 2 USD
Tokens for Sale 45000000
Investment info
Accepting BTC, ETH
Soft cap 1,000 ETH
Hard cap 10,000 ETH

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