SafeCrypt ICO (SFC)

SafeCrypt is a cryptoexchange platform which is fail-safe by design. We expect to capture up to 9.6% of the cryptoexchange market share which already shows more than $500bln capitalization. The platform is being based on the most secure model so far — does not oblige you to store your assets within the platform in order to perform crypto-trading operations which prevents any chance for the traders to lose their crypto assets. A total of 850 000 BTC disappeared along with mt.Gox, more than $400 mln with Coincheck. We are designing a fail-safe platform to prevent such disasters from reoccurring and stabilize the crypto-market. The main premise of is to provide a zero-risk full-spectrum crypto-trading functionality and complete anonymity for the traders.

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Token SFC
Platform Ethereum
Price 1 SFC = 1/15000 ETH
Country Latvia
ICO Start Date 26 Mar 2018
ICO End Date 02 May 2018

About SafeCrypt

Instant Transactions
It takes less than 24 seconds for the trader to receive the desired cryptoasset.

Large Selection of Cryptoassets
More than 44 cryptocurrencies are already being accepted and hundreds yet to be added.

Risk-free Cryptoexchange is fail-safe by design. Traders retain control over their assets at all time.

Absolute Anonymity
Cascade data encrypting ensures the highest-standard security of the information possible.

Trader Oriented Design
A intuitive and easy-to-use multifunctional user interface is designed to satisfy the traders.

Secure Cloud Environment
Temporarily storing transaction metadata ensures that every order is processed perfectly.


Jason Hung member of SafeCrypt ICO
Jason Hung
Blockchain Tech & ICO Advisor
James Sowers member of SafeCrypt ICO
James Sowers
ICO & Blockchain Advisor
Tyler Sanford member of SafeCrypt ICO
Tyler Sanford
ICO Marketing & Branding Advisor
Max Efremov member of SafeCrypt ICO
Max Efremov
Co-founder / Business
Eugene Bann member of SafeCrypt ICO
Eugene Bann
Financial AI and Data Security Advisor
Tim Bahriddinov member of SafeCrypt ICO
Tim Bahriddinov
Co-founder / Analytics
Ilya Klimkin member of SafeCrypt ICO
Ilya Klimkin
Head Graphic Designer -
Artem Petrov member of SafeCrypt ICO
Artem Petrov
CTO / Back-office Development
Roman Galashov member of SafeCrypt ICO
Roman Galashov
Tech R&D and Automation Advisor
Alex Sor member of SafeCrypt ICO
Alex Sor
Full Stack Blockchain & Web Developer
Lisa Harlova member of SafeCrypt ICO
Lisa Harlova
Communty Management -
Konstantin Kokonin member of SafeCrypt ICO
Konstantin Kokonin
Stephan De Haes member of SafeCrypt ICO
Stephan De Haes
Marketing Advisory & Local Community Management (Western Europe)


  • 1


    Cryptoexchange Market Analysis. Problem Identification. Search for Possible Solutions.
    Forming a Core Team. Evaluation of a Range of Solutions. Seed Funding Provided (4 240 ETH).
    Development of a Platform Blueprint. Establishing Testing Methods for Platform Models.

  • 2

    Q1, 2017

    Platform Prototyping Initiated (web). Additional Funding Received (~10 935 ETH). Team Growth.
    SafeCrypt Prototype Developed (web). SafeCrypt Web Platform Prototype Testing. Stakeholder Meeting to Evaluate Project Needs. Decision to Prepare and Issue ICO.

  • 3

    Q2-Q3, 2017

    Engaging Qualified Consultants and Designers. Establishing System Security Standards. Pre-ICO Operationalization of SafeCrypt Framework. SafeCrypt Mobile Version Development Started.
    Financial Risks Evaluation. SafeCrypt Token Value Estimation. Whitepaper and Website Development Started.

  • 4

    Q4 2017- Q2 2018

    SafeCrypt Closed Alpha Testing (Android). Public ICO Announcement. Pre-ICO Marketing Activities. ICO + updates (see p.22 for more details). Preparing and Establishing the Action Plan. Recruitment of new qualified specialists. System Security Development Started.
    Closed Alpha-testing of SafeCrypt Web Platform. Bugfixes and Optimization for the Alpha Version. Highload System Architecture Development.

  • 5

    Q3, 2018 - Q1, 2019

    Closed Beta Available to the Project Backers. Collecting and Analysing of the Feedback Data.
    Marketing Campaign Planning. Open Beta Testing of the Platform (web and mobile). Collecting and Analysis of Public Feedback Data. Final Marketing Campaign Planning. Open Beta Testing of the Platform (web and mobile). Collecting and Analysing the Public Feedback Data. Pre-Release Bugfixes and Optimization. UI Adaptation for the Sight Impaired Users.

  • 6

    Q2, 2019 onwards

    Development of Secure Cloud Environment. Public Release of SafeCrypt Web and Mobile Versions. Popularizing and Global Scaling of the Platform. Achieving Global Cryptomarket Security and Stability. Steady Growth of the Platform Boosting Token Value. Research and Implementation the Advanced. Technologies in the System Updates.


Token Sale Info
Token SFC
Token Type ERC20
Platform Ethereum
Price in ICO 1 SFC = 1/15000 ETH
Tokens for Sale 1075000000
Investment info
Accepting ETH,BTC
Distributed in ICO 70%

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