Safein ICO (SFN)

Control your data with no cost of comfort

Safein is a blockchain-based single sign-on digital wallet ensuring security, comfort and trust for our customers. With Safein, users can easily demonstrate their true identity online where needed, make instant payments as well as control the extent of their personal data given out to various service providers.

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Token SFN
Platform Ethereum
Price 1 ETH = 7,000 - 9,000 SFN
Country Lithuania
ICO Start Date 03 Apr 2018
ICO End Date 16 Apr 2018

About Safein

Safein is a single sign-on digital wallet ensuring security, comfort and trust for our clients.


Safein addresses today’s problems in e-commerce and cryptocurrency transactions by offering a single-click sign-in, verification and payments functionality.

For user, Safein means:

  • No more registrations in multiple websites;
  • No more waiting to get KYC done for each site / ICO;
  • Trusted, convenient and quick payments in fiat and cryptos;
  • Enhanced privacy, cybersecurity and data protection;
  • Revolutionary referral program with token rewards.

For merchants, Safein brings:

  • Enhanced trust and increased conversion rates;
  • Reduced customer support costs;
  • Free KYCs;
  • Lower cryptocurrency and fiat transaction costs;
  • Lower compliance costs and risks as well as buyer protection.

Safein is a game-changer because of:

  • Ability to easily solve the delays, crypto payments and multiple account management problems in e-commerce;
  • Free of charge user verification and data protection services complying with applicable regulations;
  • Exceptional focus on easiness of use, integration and cybersecurity;
  • Tokenized platform business, where everyone benefits from being part of the network;
  • Revolutionary referral growth model, consisting of a Referral, Registration and Login token pools.

Safein’s growth roadmap is based on:

Establishing our user base by moving from sector to sector and improving user experience in such sectors: first in crypto business, gaming, financial services, then moving to e-commerce and widespread adoption.

Safein - make it simple


Vladas Jurkevičius member of Safein ICO
Vladas Jurkevičius
Co-Founder, Business
Audrius Slažinskas member of Safein ICO
Audrius Slažinskas
Co-Founder, Legal
Lukas Deksnys member of Safein ICO
Lukas Deksnys
Co-Founder, Operations
Bogdan Kuštan member of Safein ICO
Bogdan Kuštan
Senior Development Team Lead
Jonas Tirevičius member of Safein ICO
Jonas Tirevičius
Senior IT Project Manager
Joseph Borg member of Safein ICO
Joseph Borg
Vilius Benetis member of Safein ICO
Vilius Benetis
Marius Miškinis member of Safein ICO
Marius Miškinis
Justas Brazauskas member of Safein ICO
Justas Brazauskas
Pierre Roberge member of Safein ICO
Pierre Roberge
Vilius Semėnas member of Safein ICO
Vilius Semėnas
Business development
Arthur Zubkoff member of Safein ICO
Arthur Zubkoff
Marketing and Fintech Lead


  • 1

    Quarter 2, 2017

    Safein idea is born

  • 2

    Quarter 4, 2017

    MVP with login functionality

  • 3

    Quarter 1, 2018

    Whitepaper and ICO campaign launch
    Full ID vertification
    ICO launch

  • 4

    Quarter 2, 2018

    Login Pool launch

  • 5

    Quarter 3, 2018

    Crypto payments and wallet launch
    Login pool launch
    Registration Pool and Referral Program launch

  • 6

    Quarter 1, 2019

    EMI licence obtained

  • 7

    Quarter 2, 2019

    Fiat payment launch


Token Sale Info
Token SFN
Token Type ERC20
Platform Ethereum
Price in ICO 1 ETH = 7,000 - 9,000 SFN
Tokens for Sale 300000000
Investment info
Accepting ETH
Distributed in ICO 30%
Soft cap 6,000 ETH
Hard cap 40,000 ETH

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