Scrinium ICO (SCR)

The Future of portfolio investment

Scrinium is a decentralised blockchain-based portfolio investment platform that operates using smart contracts. It solves several widespread investors problems: 1) Amount of knowledge and analytics skills required for trading is hard to keep up with, 2) Copy trading presents a user with significant level of risks and investment loss and don’t guarantee profits, 3) Several intermediaries participation and centralised schemes of trading result in low profit from archaic forms of investments.

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Token SCR
Platform Ethereum
Country Cyprus
ICO Start Date 11 Feb 2018
ICO End Date 11 Mar 2018

About Scrinium

Since the very beginning of human’s history trading has been an universal way of exchanging goods and services. In many ways trading made us who we are now, it’s an essential part of our life.

Every day billions of transactions take place around the world, we buy food, talk on the phone, get paid for our jobs. And yet at the same time we invest: we pay for our kids’ schools, buy houses, all that aimed to invest in our future and the future of our families.

Even though you might not notice that in the daily routine, but the fact is clear: modern life is impossible without trading and investing.

Now the time has come to take trading to the next level.

With Scrinium unique innovative blockchain technology trading and investing are never going to be the same again. With Scrinium ICO you get an opportunity to stand in the beginning of the revolutionary blockchain-based decentralized portfolio investment technology and take advantage of the profits from the initial offering.


Andreas Siapanis member of Scrinium ICO
Andreas Siapanis
Legal Council
Larysa Borisova member of Scrinium ICO
Larysa Borisova
Senior IT Consultant
Tomoaki Sato member of Scrinium ICO
Tomoaki Sato
Founder at Starbase
Abhijith Naraparaju member of Scrinium ICO
Abhijith Naraparaju
Blockchain Solution Architect
Marcin Zduniak member of Scrinium ICO
Marcin Zduniak
Blockchain Solution Architect
Simon Cocking member of Scrinium ICO
Simon Cocking
Business mentor and advisor
Sebastian Forbes member of Scrinium ICO
Sebastian Forbes
Finance Director
George Pantzis member of Scrinium ICO
George Pantzis
MBA – Trading/Dealing Expert
Alexey Taygin member of Scrinium ICO
Alexey Taygin
System Architect
Ivan Savinov member of Scrinium ICO
Ivan Savinov
Smart-contract and DAO developer
Matt Sevely member of Scrinium ICO
Matt Sevely
Social Media Advisor
Tatiana Shabanova member of Scrinium ICO
Tatiana Shabanova
Board Member
Christina Constantinides member of Scrinium ICO
Christina Constantinides
Regional Investor Relations Manager: Europe
Demetris Christou member of Scrinium ICO
Demetris Christou
BSc, MBA, ACCA – Risk/Compliance Manager
Olga Vasilyeva member of Scrinium ICO
Olga Vasilyeva
Senior IT/Development Consultant
Dina Ennab member of Scrinium ICO
Dina Ennab
Regional Investor Relations Manager: MENA region


  • 1

    March 2017

    Idea development
    Math model prototype

  • 2

    May 2017

    Team Formation

  • 3

    June 2017

    Analytics and research
    Architecture development stage

  • 4

    July 2017

    Initial development stage

  • 5

    December 2017

    Internal prototype for testing purposes

  • 6

    January 2018

    Team growth

  • 7

    February 2018


  • 8

    March 2018

    Blockchain contracts integration

  • 9

    April 2018

    Digital asset exchanges listing

  • 10

    May 2018

    Liquidity connect
    Public prototype release

  • 11

    June 2018

    Smart portfolio compilation

  • 12

    July 2018


  • 13

    September 2018

    Product release

  • 14

    October 2018

    Extended number of Liquidity providers


Token Sale Info
Token SCR
Token Type ERC20
Platform Ethereum
Tokens for Sale 122400000
Investment info
Accepting ETH
Distributed in ICO 68%

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