Skrilla ICO (SKR)

Global esports wagering brand

Skrilla is a licensed, fully regulated, global esports wagering brand Our Daily Fantasy Esports platform is currently live and our roadmap includes a betting exchange, pool betting and head-to-head skill based competitions. The platform will be built on the Ethereum blockchain, with the Skrilla token as the core unit of exchange, to provide the gaming community with the world’s premier esports wagering platform.

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Token SKR
Platform Ethereum
Price 1 ETH = 2000-2400 SKR
Country Australia

About Skrilla

Skrilla is a collaboration between two leading technology firms, Puntaa and the GAMURS Group. Puntaa are the founders of the world’s first licenced peerto-peer (P2P) social betting platform, while the GAMURS group are the leading international esports media network.
Skrilla have delivered an innovative, scalable, and engaging entertainment and wagering platform to achieve our mission; connecting esports fans through competition, social and betting. Our skill-based Daily Fantasy eSports (DFS) platform is currently live, and our roadmap details a betting exchange, pool betting and head to head skill based competitions. This will ensure we provide the gaming community with the the world’s premier esports P2P betting platform. The days of opaque corporate bookmakers extracting money from your wallet are numbered. We have created a token, Skrilla (SKR), to address issues inherent in existing centralised betting products. The benefits include; improved trust and transparency, enhanced liquidity through global player pools, reduced fees, and incentivised behaviours (participation, referrals, and social sharing) that grow the network effects for the benefit of all members. SKR, an ERC20 token built on the Ethereum blockchain, will be the unit of exchange within the network. Initially it will be available for use within the existing, operational DFS platform, alongside traditional currencies, to ensure immediate utility for token holders. In tandem we are transitioning the Skrilla platform to a decentralised, licensed, P2P betting platform on the blockchain, with the token as the sole unit of exchange, to enter contests, place bets, and collect winnings. Further utility may be available within the broader GAMURS Group ecosystem, which has 3.5 million monthly active members and is growing rapidly, as well as additional esports partners.
Skrilla is poised to ride the explosive growth forecast for esports and is committed to bringing the gaming and esports community the best licensed decentralised betting and entertainment experience. The SKR token sale represents an opportunity for us to work closely with the passionate esports community and share the benefits with the network. We are excited to be taking this journey with you!


Nick Heaney member of Skrilla ICO
Nick Heaney
CEO and Co-founder
Damon Oudejans member of Skrilla ICO
Damon Oudejans
COO and Co-founder
Jeremy Hare member of Skrilla ICO
Jeremy Hare
Ash Guy member of Skrilla ICO
Ash Guy
Head of User Technology
Thomas Ponting member of Skrilla ICO
Thomas Ponting
Software Engineer
Riad chikhani member of Skrilla ICO
Riad chikhani
Phillip Luu member of Skrilla ICO
Phillip Luu
Director of Services & Product
Andrew Nguyen member of Skrilla ICO
Andrew Nguyen
Software Engineer
Tracey Yau member of Skrilla ICO
Tracey Yau
Web Developer
Benn Godenzi member of Skrilla ICO
Benn Godenzi
Director of Marketing
Chance Waters member of Skrilla ICO
Chance Waters
Director of Partnerships
Ben Lundin member of Skrilla ICO
Ben Lundin
Director of Marketing
Dan Crane member of Skrilla ICO
Dan Crane
Former Head of Innovation at Tatts Group
Craig Meagher member of Skrilla ICO
Craig Meagher
Former GM at Pokerstars
Lucas Cullen member of Skrilla ICO
Lucas Cullen
Blockchain / Smart Contract Engineer
Scott Cross member of Skrilla ICO
Scott Cross
Director at Altor Capital
Adrian Mccullagh member of Skrilla ICO
Adrian Mccullagh
IT Security and Blockchain Lawyer
Alistair Doulin member of Skrilla ICO
Alistair Doulin
Director at Bane Games
Jamie Skella member of Skrilla ICO
Jamie Skella
Co-founder at Horizon State


  • 1


    Esports DFS product live Licenced (Aus) Existing userbase GAMURS ecosystem

  • 2

    STAGE 1.0

    Ewallet token integration Token contests (Aus) Free-to-play contests (US & Canada)

  • 3

    STAGE 2.0

    Growth token integration Licences (US) Token contests (US)

  • 4

    STAGE 3.0

    European expansion (Licences) Platform transitioned to blockchain

  • 5

    STAGE 4.0

    Head to head skill based competition Token integration into GAMURS group brands

  • 6

    STAGE 5.0

    Betting exchange Pool betting

  • 7

    STAGE 6.0

    Token integration with external partners Growth fund to rapidly scale userbase and operational capital to grow the Skrilla network


Token Sale Info
Token SKR
Platform Ethereum
Price in ICO 1 ETH = 2000-2400 SKR
Tokens for Sale 1000000000
Investment info
Accepting ETH
Distributed in ICO 60%
Hard cap 150000 ETH

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