Smart Valley ICO (SVT)

Singular Decentralized Platform for All

Powerful tools of project assessment, global expert community, secure ICO investments - in one platform.


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Token SVT
Platform Ethereum
Price 1 SVT = 0.1 USD
Country Switzerland
ICO Start Date 15 Dec 2017
ICO End Date 29 Mar 2018

About Smart Valley

How it works

  • Projects are evaluated using a unique automated solution: experts and community members vote on the project, resulting in a decentralized, reliable, multidimensional assessment;
  • The assessment is made using over 10 criteria, including financial potential, blockchain functionality,
    legal aspects, founders’ background, etc.
  • Expert evaluation eliminates the risk of scams;
  • Highest-rated projects are published on the platform and are made available to investors;
  • Founders can hire community experts to perform the full cycle of pre-ICO, ICO, and post-ICO
    activities, including marketing, legalization, smart contract development, etc.
  • Investors choose the best projects, purchase tokens, and follow how their money is spent;
  • Tokens can be traded at the in-built digital exchange;
  • Use of blockchain and smart contracts ensure transparency and security of payments.


Konstantin Zhukov member of Smart Valley  ICO
Konstantin Zhukov
Maksim Zakharov member of Smart Valley  ICO
Maksim Zakharov
Alexey Voronin member of Smart Valley  ICO
Alexey Voronin
Alexander Ruchiov member of Smart Valley  ICO
Alexander Ruchiov
Vladimir Zhiganov member of Smart Valley  ICO
Vladimir Zhiganov
Valentin Livkin member of Smart Valley  ICO
Valentin Livkin
Vladimir Marinovich member of Smart Valley  ICO
Vladimir Marinovich
Vladimir Manzyuk member of Smart Valley  ICO
Vladimir Manzyuk
System analyst
Vadim Chupin member of Smart Valley  ICO
Vadim Chupin


  • 1

    June 2017

    Core team formations.

  • 2

    July 2017

    Architecture development.

  • 3

    August 2017

    Draft wite paper.

  • 4

    September 2017

    Smart Valley website development.

  • 5

    October 2017

    Start of legal authorizations process.

  • 6

    November 2017

    Road Show starts.

  • 7

    December 2017

    - MVP
    - Final whitepaper
    - Pre-sale

  • 8

    January 2018

    Partership agreements with market participants.

  • 9

    March 2018

    - Involvement of experts, investors, projects and other specialist.
    - ICO.

  • 10

    September 2018

    Crowdsale marketplace.

  • 11

    October 2018

    Full launch of ecosystem.


Token Sale Info
Token SVT
Token Type ERC20
Platform Ethereum
Price in ICO 1 SVT = 0.1 USD
Tokens for Sale 408000000
Investment info
Accepting ETH, BTC
Soft cap 3000000 USD
Hard cap 30000000 USD

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