SmartGold ICO (SGT)

Token Based On The Real Gold Mining

A unique token backed by mining and supplying of real gold. The cost is fixed in the metal weight, 1 SGT is equal to 1 gram of gold of 999,95 sample. Our project offers a simple process of involving the blockchain in the real economy. The core economic idea: traditional risks of exploration and production of gold are exchanged for risks of volatility of cryptocurrencies and tokens (insecurity with valuable liquid assets and protection from inflation). The release of tokens is secured by a contract for the supply of goods. Fixing the risks ratio occurs in the price of the purchase of goods in the form of a discount from the market price and is fixed in a unit of physical mass. The commodity of the contract is gold, which is a universal measure of value.

Investment Manufacturing

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Token SGT
Price 1 SGT = 16 - 20 USD
Country Tanzania
ICO Start Date 25 Jan 2018
ICO End Date 25 Mar 2018

About SmartGold

The goal of the project is to release 1,000,000 (one million) SGT tokens to raise funds for the construction of the gold plant and to start the extraction of gold concentrate in Tanzania. Owners of tokens become co-owners of the Main Contract for the supply of gold. One token is equal to 1 g of gold from the Main Contract for the supply of physical gold in the amount of 1 ton (one ton or one million grams). The contract is signed with the local partner company for gold mining for the supply of gold in the period starting since the launch of the gold-recovery plant (the gold plant). The delivery time of the metal under the contract is December 2018 to March 2020.

  • The unit of mass of Precious metal is troy ounce which is 31.1034768 grams.
  • The purity of gold corresponds to the international standard "London Good Delivery".
  • The mass of pure gold in the gold ingot is from 350 to 450 troy ounces (10,886 g - 13,754 g).
  • The weight of each ingot is expressed in troy ounces and is a multiple of 0.025 ounces.
  • The purity of the metal is not less than 999 parts of chemically pure gold per 1,000 shares of the ligature mass.
  • The ingot is marked as follows: serial number, fineness, brand of the manufacturer, year of manufacture.


Arlen Djienbekov member of SmartGold ICO
Arlen Djienbekov
Sergey Bochkayev member of SmartGold ICO
Sergey Bochkayev
Сhief geologist
Medet Aliyev member of SmartGold ICO
Medet Aliyev
Pavel Esinov member of SmartGold ICO
Pavel Esinov
Executive director
Altynai Kosherbek member of SmartGold ICO
Altynai Kosherbek
SMM manager


  • 1

    Quarter 2, 2017

    Idea Development

  • 2

    Quarter 3, 2017

    Start Of The Project

  • 3

    Quarter 4, 2017


  • 4

    Quarter 1, 2018

    Token Sale
    Acquisition Of Factory Equipment, Purchase And Storage Of Gold Ore
    Initiation Of Geological Exploration In A Licensed Area.

  • 5

    Quarter 2, 2018

    Start Of Construction Of A Processing Plant

  • 6

    Quarter 4, 2018

    The Beginning Of The Delivery Of Gold Ore From The License Area To The Processing Plant

  • 7

    Quarter 1, 2019

    Launching Of Metal Production

  • 8

    Quarter 1, 2020

    Completion Of The Contract For Supplying Of Metal


Token Sale Info
Token SGT
Token Type ERC20
Price in ICO 1 SGT = 16 - 20 USD
Tokens for Sale 800000
Investment info
Accepting BTC, ETH, LTC, DASH
Distributed in ICO 80%
Soft cap 7,000,000 USD
Hard cap 14,200,000 USD

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