A decentralized micro-task marketplace economy

By utilizing the power of blockchain, we are expanding our platform to create StorMarket, the first decentralized micro-task marketplace economy.

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Platform Ethereum
Raised $32,000,000
Country USA

About Storm

After years of success promoting the blockchain space through our current app, we recognized the additional capabilities that our platform possessed to help the 4.68 billion eligible workers in the world (and not just the 3.4 billion people that can afford to work within today’s systems). By creating a secured, decentralized, micro-task marketplace, we can disrupt the current environment by empowering the users. The problem with today’s centralized systems (e.g. Fiverr, Upwork, and Mechanical Turk) is not only the nonsensical high fees (as high as 10-40% of the transaction), but also the lack of freelancer (seller) protections in their platform. It is time to evolve now.

Our vision is to use the power of blockchain to expand our platform to create StorMarket, the first decentralized micro-task marketplace economy. StorMarket will be a place where people can go to utilize their skills and talents to complete various tasks. In addition, automation via blockchain technology will allow for all of the project management and marketing aspect of a micro-task to be integrated into the platform. Blockchain will enable us to be the bridge to a new digital world economy.

By utilizing the power of blockchain, we are expanding our platform to create StorMarket, the first decentralized micro-task marketplace economy.

Token Generation Event (TGE) Structure

Symbol STORM
Total Supply 7,500,000,000 Tokens to enable a sustainable ecosystem of Micro-tasks with micro-rewards.
Allocation for TGE 66.7% (includes pre-sale)
Pre-sale Period August 1, 2017
TGE Period 08/15/17 to 09/14/17
Token Distribution Date Within 1 week at end of token generation event (by 9/21/2017)

* We are using a revolutionary hybrid crowdsale model where $10M will be distributed through Bittrex and $40M through smart contracts.

Token Distribution

7,500,000,000 STORM Tokens will be created.

  • 66.7% of tokens available for TGE(includes presale) (Presale participants will be subject to a 6 month lock)
  • 15% of tokens available for User Rewards (Resource for acquisition, promotion and bonuses within StorMarket)
  • 18.3% of tokens available for employees, contractors and partners of the company (12-month lock placed on staff to uphold long-term commitment to STORM)


Bill Shihara member of Storm ICO
Bill Shihara
CEO & Founder, Bittrex
Jon Nolz member of Storm ICO
Jon Nolz
President, Symmetry Consulting
Ivan Braiker member of Storm ICO
Ivan Braiker
CEO TransBioTech
CK Wang member of Storm ICO
CK Wang
CEO & Founder, Kooapps
Brett Noyes member of Storm ICO
Brett Noyes
Blockchain Advisor
Simon Yu member of Storm ICO
Simon Yu
CEO | Co-Founder
Calvin Hsieh member of Storm ICO
Calvin Hsieh
CTO | Co-Founder
Arry Yu member of Storm ICO
Arry Yu
Sean Zhong member of Storm ICO
Sean Zhong
Architect, VP of Engineering
Rui Maximo member of Storm ICO
Rui Maximo
Blockchain, VP of Engineering
Esther Song member of Storm ICO
Esther Song
Felipe Augusto member of Storm ICO
Felipe Augusto


  • 1


    BitMaker released
    A digital advertising application that uproots the traditional marketing methods by offering bitcoin in exchange for customer engagement.

  • 2

    February, 2017

    BitTask feature released
    Launched our first major release to allow users to opt-in to more multi-engagement level experiences.

  • 3

    August 1, 2017

    Whitepaper released
    Release official whitepaper for StorMarket and STORM Token.

  • 4

    August, 2017

    Public QA session held
    Hold a public Q&A and AMA on Reddit to provide the public with opportunity to learn more about the upcoming crowdsale.

  • 5

    August 15, 2017

    STORM token crowdsale begins
    August 15, 2017 13:00 UTC STORM Token becomes available for public purchase.

  • 6

    Q4, 2017

    STORM tokens & BitMaker to be integrated
    Enable STORM with BitMaker.

  • 7

    Q1, 2018

    BitMaker for iOS to be launched
    Launch BitMaker for iOS.

  • 8

    Q1, 2019

    StorMarket mobile client to be launched
    The first decentralized micro-task marketplace powered by STORM tokens.


Token Sale Info
Platform Ethereum
Tokens for Sale 7500000000
Investment info
Accepting ETH
Raised $32,000,000

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