Tag World Exchange ICO (TWEX)

Innovative crypto-currency crowd-lending platform

Tag World Exchange is involved in helping innovative startups reach their full potential.Our investment in your business is more than just financial.When we commit to working with a client, we become partners and lend our full support behind their efforts to move their company forward. TWEX platform allows investors and companies to come on a single platform with investments done on a portfolio rather than a single company and so enables investors to manage risk accordingly. Tag World Exchange platform is a crowd-lending platform allowing investors to invest funds in new companies using TWEX Tokens and smart contracts powered by Ethereum. Smart contracts based on block-chain technology enable investors to benefit from Capital Reimbursements and Profit Payments. TWEX Tokens are non-inflationary and are based on real world economies. TWEX Tokens can be acquired in Bitcoins, Ethereums, US Dollars, Euros, Swiss Francs, Australian Dollars, New Zealand Dollars and Pounds.

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Token TWEX
Platform Ethereum
Price 1 TWEX = 0.30 EUR
Raised Unknown
Country Portugal
ICO Start Date 03 Feb 2018
ICO End Date 15 Apr 2018

About Tag World Exchange

TWEX addresses the main issues of the current cryptocurrency investment vehicles, such as lack of diversification, non-compliance with existing and foreseen regulation and lack of standardization. Our goal is to become the industry standard and one-stop solution in setting up a hustle free cryptocurrency exchange.

The use of proceed of the fund raised and share in profits provides auditability and transparency to the investment process as well as to the results. This transparency means the investment funds won’t be hidden for the investors, with reporting full of fine print. This much-needed transparency will substantially improve accountability of the investment managers.

We believe that TAG World Exchange Platform is a turnkey solution that will lead to further proliferation of the decentralized economy. Our platform will allow investors to liquidate part or all of their investments themselves if and when warranted because of life’s unforeseen situation and offer their existing investors all the benefits of the blockchain that has been a buzzword among investment managers for several years.

Funds’ legal structure will be reviewed and approved by our legal advisors to ensure they are compliant with existing laws and regulations. TWEX has vetted the proposed structure with several financial institutions and has received an indicative approval that it will pass internal procedures, enabling funds to be transferred from and into the crypto world. By sorting out these risks from the beginning, TWEX will improve investor confidence and provide necessary sustainability of the investment process.

Setting up the proper investment structure is a costly endeavour. Not all crypto-exchanges set up a proper structure, which leads to greater regulatory risk. TWEX believes that now is the right time to introduce industry standards for setting investment vehicles that can attract investments from private individuals and institutional investors of any kind. This will reduce or remove regulatory risk from investors at a minimal rate.

We are creating an innovative cryptocurrency crowd-lending platform that will help investors become more liquid. All crowd funding and crowd lending platforms enable users to invest their funds. But what happens when said investor needs cash because of life’s unforeseen reasons? They usually find themselves stranded and suddenly strapped for money.


Christophe Ozcan member of Tag World Exchange ICO
Christophe Ozcan
Blockchain Technical Advisor
Yuriy Habarov member of Tag World Exchange ICO
Yuriy Habarov
CEO Avalanchain
Annemieke Dirkes member of Tag World Exchange ICO
Annemieke Dirkes
CEO of Blockchain Projects BV
Sean Brizendine member of Tag World Exchange ICO
Sean Brizendine
CTO at Project ICO & Blockchain Specialist Manager
Dr. Anthony Sousa member of Tag World Exchange ICO
Dr. Anthony Sousa
CEO of Blockchain Champions
Gerard Van de Par member of Tag World Exchange ICO
Gerard Van de Par
Professional in Innovatie, Strategy & Change Implementation b.v.
Anouche Karaman member of Tag World Exchange ICO
Anouche Karaman
Swiss International Financial Advisors Ltd
Rohan Handa member of Tag World Exchange ICO
Rohan Handa
Venture Creation Manager within New Digital
Amal Sharma member of Tag World Exchange ICO
Amal Sharma
CEO and Director
Tapan Das member of Tag World Exchange ICO
Tapan Das
Chief Technology Officer
Ajay Sharma member of Tag World Exchange ICO
Ajay Sharma
Nathan Christian member of Tag World Exchange ICO
Nathan Christian
Business Development Director
Ken Tachibana member of Tag World Exchange ICO
Ken Tachibana
Business Development Director
P.B. Stanton ESQ. member of Tag World Exchange ICO
P.B. Stanton ESQ.
Crypto currency Lawyer
Aamir Kadri member of Tag World Exchange ICO
Aamir Kadri
Information Technology Head
Sweety Dixit member of Tag World Exchange ICO
Sweety Dixit
Graphic Designer & 3d Animator
Tuba Shaikh member of Tag World Exchange ICO
Tuba Shaikh
Web Developer
Saman Shaikh member of Tag World Exchange ICO
Saman Shaikh
Web Developer
Amit Sharma member of Tag World Exchange ICO
Amit Sharma
3D& VFX Artist
Naina Jude member of Tag World Exchange ICO
Naina Jude
Public Relations
Vaibhav Tendulkar member of Tag World Exchange ICO
Vaibhav Tendulkar
Marketing Manager
Gabrielle Menezes member of Tag World Exchange ICO
Gabrielle Menezes
Legal Assistant
Sohini Majumder member of Tag World Exchange ICO
Sohini Majumder
Anisha Jaichandran member of Tag World Exchange ICO
Anisha Jaichandran
Human Resources Manager


  • 1

    July 2017

    TWEX Whitepaper

  • 2

    October 2017

    Mockup Hadware Wallet
    Tokens Pre-sale

  • 3

    December 2017

    Twex platform first release

  • 4

    January 2018

    Tokens Crowdsale

  • 5

    February 2018

    Hardware Wallet Alpha version

  • 6

    Quarter 2, 2018

    Twex Platform Final version

  • 7

    Quarter 3, 2018

    Hardware Wallet Final version


Token Sale Info
Token TWEX
Token Type ERC20
Platform Ethereum
Price in ICO 1 TWEX = 0.30 EUR
Tokens for Sale 500000000
Investment info
Accepting BTC, ETH, Fiat
Distributed in ICO 85%
Soft cap 100,000,000 EUR
Hard cap 150,000,000 EUR
Raised Unknown

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