Take Profit ICO (XTP)

Trading signals from experienced traders

Take Profit is an expert platform in which experienced traders offer their recommendations (signals) for investing cryptocurrency, and users can buy and use these recommendations. TakeProfit provides professional traders with an opportunity to monetize their skills by directly selling them to their subscribers. Subscribers can earn income using the skills and recommendations of traders. To do this, subscribers get access to indicators of the performance of a specific trader — TakeProfit rating, average yield of signals, frequency of publications, risk level, etc. This allows you to make a rational choice within your market strategy. Such a tool is useful as for a professional, who needs fresh ideas, and for a beginner who does not understand the market trends and is afraid of being deceived. The free subscription form includes the ability to view the history of Trader’s closed publications posted with a delay and the number of published active signals. The paid form in addition to the possibilities of free subscription allows you to see active published signals of the Trader, follow them and make a profit.

Investment Platform Software

by expert rating and reviews

Token XTP
Platform Ethereum
Country Hong Kong
ICO Start Date 21 Feb 2018
ICO End Date 07 Mar 2018

About Take Profit

Take Profit is the first aggregating platform of the most up-to-date information on trading and investment. The platform provides an opportunity for traders to publish their investment advice and receive money from each of their subscribers. In their turn, subscribers get access to a huge base of investment advice (market signals) which will bring them a consistently high income that doesn’t have to be shared with portfolio managers.

At present, the market of cryptocurrency signals remains “wild” in the absence of financial regulation. The main risk for customers who buy signals via instant messengers or sites is the lack of guarantees from the seller. Communication channels are fully controlled by their creators. There is a technical opportunity to change the proposed signals post factum and fictitiously raise the indicators of the profitability level. Thus, new customers are attracted, who, in fact, become victims of scammers.

Take Profit project solves this problem making the industry as transparent as possible due to the use of the blockchain technology. When using Take Profit platform, any user can easily check the real performance of each signal provider on the platform. All signals are verified on the blockchain. They cannot be changed or deleted without overall circuit integrity violation.

As a result, an independent rating system working for the benefit of the entire cryptocurrency community is formed. Anyone can see the indicators of a specific signal provider on Take Profit platform. (Take Profit rating, average yield of signals, frequency of publications, risk level etc.)

A user can make a rational choice based on his market strategy. Such tool will be useful both for a professional who needs fresh ideas and a newcomer who does not understand the market trends and is afraid to be deceived.

On the other hand, Take Profit provides an easy way for talented professional traders to monetize their skills by selling them directly to their subscribers. Opening their channel on Take Profit platform, the provider independently fixes the cost of a monthly subscription to signals and only pays a small commission for using it.

We invested our own funds and created a working MVP (Minimum Viable Product). The user can login to their account, choose the provider of the signals, depending on their performance, and subscribe to their channel.

All the published signals become part of the blockchain circuit, which allows them to check their consistency at any time.

The main XTP token is released on the Ethereum platform and is the main means of payment. Using XTP token, You get the opportunity to use the services and benefits provided on Take Profit platform. In case a participant of the system owns tokens but does not use them in any way, he has the right to receive an additional bonus for making useful actions on Take Profit platform.

We appreciate honesty, and if we cannot reach the targets on tokens implementation for each of the rounds, all the received funds will be returned to the participants.

We believe that we are creating a new future for cryptocurrency market!


Ivan Tumanov member of Take Profit ICO
Ivan Tumanov
Pavel Rubakhin member of Take Profit ICO
Pavel Rubakhin
Head of product
Alexey Astafiev member of Take Profit ICO
Alexey Astafiev
Frontend developer
Alexey Kurepin member of Take Profit ICO
Alexey Kurepin
Backend developer
Ilya Bovkun member of Take Profit ICO
Ilya Bovkun
Daniel Feldman member of Take Profit ICO
Daniel Feldman
Chief development officer


  • 1

    October 2017

    Work on MVP and preparation of the first version of the product

  • 2

    November 2017

    Pre-TGE stage performance with a target of 1000 ETH.

  • 3

    December 2017

    Release of the first public version of the product for TGE participants exclusively. Token holders can start using Take Profit and participate in the development process by making suggestions how to improve the platform.

  • 4

    January 2018

    Collecting of feedback on the product and implementation of the first changes required to ensure that the platform is fully operational and convenient to use.

  • 5

    The end of January — the beginning of February 2018

    TGE stage performance with a target of 10000 ETH.

  • 6

    February 2018

    The second large-scale release of the product:
    Blogs that allow TakeProfit owners to publish training content for basic, advanced users and traders.
    A news feed consisting of analytical articles and public papers prepared by the project founders and the best project traders.
    Ability to repost signals with a mutual benefit for both the poster and user of the signal.
    Notification of incoming signals using any of user-friendly channels: e-mail, SMS, messengers.

  • 7

    May 2018

    The third major release of the product:
    Personal consultations on the platform.
    Training sessions for beginners and advanced traders on the platform.
    Publication of analytical articles on a by-order basis.
    Additional functionality which will be determined upon getting of feedback from users.
    Ability to receive a bonus when attracting subscribers for traders on referral links.

  • 8

    June 2018

    Start of work on TakeProfit mobile application.

  • 9

    August 2018

    Integration with major cryptocurrency exchanges, introduction of automatic following of recommendations that were published by the selected traders. Adding a feature to accept a signal directly from a notification in a messenger using a unique link.

  • 10

    September 2018

    Development of the project and expansion of support for signals on the classic stock and currency markets. Largest stock exchanges involvement.

  • 11

    October 2018

    Release of the first version of TakeProfit mobile application which would include all functionality available on the web version.

  • 12

    November 2018

    Integration with the largest stock and currency exchanges, introduction of the opportunity to follow automatically the recommendations that were published by the selected traders.


Token Sale Info
Token XTP
Token Type ERC20
Platform Ethereum
Tokens for Sale 60000000
Investment info
Accepting ETH
Distributed in ICO 60%
Soft cap 2000 ETH
Hard cap 10000 ETH

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