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TE-FOOD is the world's largest publicly accessible, farm-to-table food traceability system. It's a ready product with live operation. Started in 2016, it serves more than 6000 business customers, and handles 400,000 transactions each day.TE-FOOD is the only fresh food ecosystem which integrates supply chain companies, consumers, and governments/authorities to improve food safety, eliminate food frauds, and decrease costs of the supply chain companies. TE-FOOD's main focus is on the emerging countries, which account for 60% of the world's population, but need massive technological disruption because of the level of distrust in their food supply chains.

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Platform Ethereum
Country Switzerland
ICO Start Date 22 Feb 2018
ICO End Date 22 Mar 2018


TE-FOOD is a successful farm-to-table livestock and fresh food traceability solution, focusing on

emerging markets. Since 2016, TE-FOOD has been implemented in Vietnam. As a farm-to-table TE-FOOD solution, TE-FOOD tracks the items through the whole supply chain (farm, slaughterhouse, wholesaler, retailer) and provides tools to consumers, supply chain companies, and authorities to

gain food history and food quality insights.

TE-FOOD has grown to over 6000+ business customers, tracking 12,000 pigs, 200,000 chickens, and 2.5 million eggs daily. In 2018, it will be extended to track cattle, fish & seafood, and fruits & vegetables.

Foodborne diseases around the world are accountable for the hospitalization of 700 million people and 400,000 deaths annually. The global food traceability solution market will reach $15.1 Billion by 2021. Compound Annual Growth Rate is highest in Asia-Pacific (CAGR: 16.7%) vs. rest of the world (5.5-8.7%). Effects of traceability are medical (fewer foodborne illnesses and deaths), social (consumer demand, need for trust), and economical (decreased product recall costs, supporting export, transparency, increased VAT revenue).

TE-FOOD provides physical identification tools, mobile and web based software solutions in a PPP model (low or no upfront fee, and long term contract). TE-FOOD charges for the identification tools, the data transactions made in the system, and custom services. Our customers are governments, private companies, and professional organizations.

TE-FOOD is optimized for emerging markets. Despite it uses modern technology, it’s the cheapest solution available, with no need for special equipment. The business model fits emerging countries, making it a profitable business. Our detailed, practical implementation guide ensures scalability in other countries.

TE-FOOD is a joint project of a Hungarian and a Vietnamese company, currently employing 30 people. For international expansion, all rights and activities will be incorporated into a new single company: TE-FOOD International Ltd. Leaders of the new company have over 20 years of business and IT experience.

To pre-sell tokens which can be exchanged for services within the system. Our main plan for 2018 is international market expansion. We have detailed roadmap to launch TE-FOOD in 17 countries within 5 years. Blockchain provides transparent trust based solution for international operation. Tokenization with smart contracts eliminates volatility as a unified financial transaction ledger solution.


Trung Dao Ha member of TE-FOOD ICO
Trung Dao Ha
CEO / Chairman / Co-Founder
Erik Arokszallasi member of TE-FOOD ICO
Erik Arokszallasi
CEO / Chairman / Co-Founder
Marton Ven member of TE-FOOD ICO
Marton Ven
Gergely Koves member of TE-FOOD ICO
Gergely Koves
Project Manager
Katalin Vereczkey member of TE-FOOD ICO
Katalin Vereczkey
Food Industry Expert
Gabor Pajor member of TE-FOOD ICO
Gabor Pajor
Food Industry Expert
Endre Jobbagy member of TE-FOOD ICO
Endre Jobbagy
Blockchain and Business Advisor
Michael Patching member of TE-FOOD ICO
Michael Patching
Independent Animal Welfare and Husbandry Advisor
Gabor Nagymajtenyi member of TE-FOOD ICO
Gabor Nagymajtenyi
BDO Leader, Blockchain Team
Istvan Szukacs member of TE-FOOD ICO
Istvan Szukacs
DevOps, Blockchain Team
Daniel Csendes member of TE-FOOD ICO
Daniel Csendes
Blockchain Technology Consultant
Tamas Biro member of TE-FOOD ICO
Tamas Biro
Mobile App Developer
Miklos Csaszar member of TE-FOOD ICO
Miklos Csaszar
Senior Software Engineer
Gergely Mate member of TE-FOOD ICO
Gergely Mate
Software Developer
Zoltan Vadovics member of TE-FOOD ICO
Zoltan Vadovics
Software Developer
Gyorgy Varga member of TE-FOOD ICO
Gyorgy Varga
Senior IT Infrastructure Engineer
Jozsef Tatar member of TE-FOOD ICO
Jozsef Tatar
IT Infrastructure Engineer


  • 1

    Quarter 2, 2015

    Development of TE-FOOD started by TE Ltd., Vietnam, in cooperation with Erba Ltd. Hungary

  • 2

    Quarter 2, 2016

    Agreement is reached with the government of Ho Chi Minh City to implement TE-FOOD. Preparations of the implementation started immediately.

  • 3

    Quarter 4, 2016

    TE-FOOD launched in 12.16.2016 for pig and pork tracking in HCMC region.

  • 4

    Quarter 2, 2017

    Training of chicken farms and egg producers starts. In total, more than 10,000 people is trained.

  • 5

    Quarter 3, 2017

    On 01.09.2017, chicken and egg traceability started in 22 vietnamese regions.
    National livestock registry contract is signed with the Ministry of Agriculture in Vietnam, Livestock Production Department.

  • 6

    Quarter 4, 2017

    In the pilot phase, the system is used in 4 provinces in Vietnam to regularly report about the status of the livestock.

  • 7

    Quarter 1, 2018

    TE-FOOD International Ltd. is founded. All TE-FOOD rights and contracts are transfered to TE-FOOD International.
    Token based operation of TE-FOOD starts before the Token Sale.
    TE-FOOD token sale starts in February, 2018.

  • 8

    Quarter 2, 2018

    Cattle tracking will be implemented in TE-FOOD.
    Tracking of fruits and vegetables will be implemented in TE-FOOD.
    TE-FOOD offices are established in 2 target countries.

  • 9

    Quarter 3, 2018

    Blockchain as a traceability transaction ledger is implemented in the system.
    Fish and seafood tracking will be implemented in TE-FOOD.
    Animal antibiotics traceability
    AI based smart pandemic forecasting and alarm modules for the National Livestock Registration system

  • 10

    Quarter 4, 2018

    TE-FOOD Marketplace extends logistical and food safety data, with trading possibilities with conditional smart contracting possibility.

  • 11

    Quarter 1, 2019

    The sensor equipped tools log directly to blockchain, and contain smart locks which can be opened only by specific users, and log their status.
    Extending the existing functions (inventory, feeding, vaccination), new modules are available, according to the G.A.P. standards.

  • 12

    Quarter 2, 2019

    Identification tools are extended by a facial recognition system for cattles. The R&D project starts in Q1, 2018.
    Two new TE-FOOD offices are opened in target countries.


Token Sale Info
Token Type ERC20
Platform Ethereum
Tokens for Sale 400000000
Investment info
Accepting ETH, BTC, USD, EUR
Distributed in ICO 40%

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