The Forge Network ICO (FRG)

Cryptocurrency for everyone.

Forge Coin is a hybrid Proof of Work and Proof of Stake token offering 5% annual interest for stakers. However, The Forge Network is much more than a token, it will be a complete cryptocurrency ecosystem, a marketplace, an easy to use desktop and mobile interface, and a valuable tool in emerging markets like the gaming economy, voice assistants, and connected-home technology, all through the use of FRG tokens.


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Token FRG
Platform Bitcoin, Scrypt
Price 1 FRG = 0.75 - 1 USD
Country United States
ICO Start Date 24 Feb 2018
ICO End Date 24 Mar 2018

About The Forge Network

The Forge Network is an all-inclusive ecosystem aiming to bring together all of the demands of the community into a single cryptocurrency. A PoW (proof-of-work set to end at block 10,000 to kickstart the network) and PoS (proof-of-stake) hybrid. We will be bringing the users quick transaction speeds along with low fees, private transactions, full nodes and mobile nodes, mobile staking, a thriving marketplace, market stability, and an all-inclusive mobile app. A truly mobile cryptocurrency for a generation that is on the go.

We aren’t forgetting those who still use their personal computers. We will still remain focused and up to date on all Windows, Linux and Mac tools. We refuse to cater to any portion of the community over another. Our goal is to make this the go-to for all.

As a cryptocurrency, the decentralized nature makes it even more assuring because nobody stands in as the middleman. Since the Forge Network is a blockchain-based platform, it will only be fair to briefly discuss what blockchain and cryptocurrencies are.


Chuck Courtney member of The Forge Network ICO
Chuck Courtney
Co-Founder & Lead Blockchain Developer
Trenton Dagley member of The Forge Network ICO
Trenton Dagley
Co-Founder & Blockchain Developer
Obumneke Okorie member of The Forge Network ICO
Obumneke Okorie
Software Developer
Peter Slagter member of The Forge Network ICO
Peter Slagter
UX Developer


  • 1

    Phase 0.5

    Creation and pre-release of Windows and Linux wallets. Getting ready for the coin sale to start involving community members and boost development.

  • 2

    Phase 1

    Proof of Work has ended. Release of a functioning coin to the public, immediately following the Coin Sale, based on hybrid PoW/PoS system. Windows, Linux and Mac wallets will be updated and released. Release of the first version of Android and iOS lite wallets.

  • 3

    Phase 2

    Updates to transactional security and user anonymity. Updates to blockchain scalability to allow for sidechains. Release of new Android and iOS wallets; the birth of what is now known as The Forge Network App. App will include features like Live Market tracking, a mobile node and a personal portfolio. Desktop wallets will be updated aswell, and will roll out with a poll system and a social messaging system.

  • 4

    Phase 3

    Beginning of integration into additional services and ecosystems, like gaming and gambling. Testing stages of mobile staking.

  • 5

    Phase 4

    The launch of masternodes. Release of Android and iOS wallets, to allow for integration with connected home services (Echo / Home) and Voice Assistent software.


Token Sale Info
Token FRG
Platform Bitcoin, Scrypt
Price in ICO 1 FRG = 0.75 - 1 USD
Tokens for Sale 1000000

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