TokenPay ICO (TPAY)

Introducing the world's most secure coin

TokenPay is a blockchain project that incorporates Bitcoin cryptographic technology with advanced security and privacy features. Additionally, TokenPay is building out a platform that combines banking and a closed-end private exchange. This enables wider adoption of the coin via consumer and merchant services TokenPay is launching a hard capped TPAY digital token sale to raise funds for the TokenPay project and general corporate purposes. This will allow the team the ability to add more features to the platform. The maximum raise will be 5000 Bitcoin during the token sale and the presale combined. The number of tokens issued per Bitcoin will depend on the Bitcoin raised as per the bonus structure table detailed in this whitepaper. Prospective TPAY buyers can trade any amount of Bitcoin including fractional amounts such as 0.010 Bitcoin. There will be a discount offered to early TPAY buyers that will decay with the number of TPAY claimed during the token sale. There will also be bonuses offered for referring buyers to the TPAY digital token sale.

Token TPAY
Platform Separate blockchain
Raised $24,243,811
Country British Virgin Islands
ICO Start Date 07 Dec 2017
ICO End Date 17 Jan 2018

About TokenPay

TokenPay has incorporated a peer-to-peer encrypted instant messaging system using algorithms to maintain private conversations when using the TokenPay wallets.

All of the messages sent and received are encrypted by the proven AES-256-CBC algorithm and distributed between nodes in such a way as to prevent the recipient's messages from being hacked or viewed by anyone that it was not intended to, even if the hacker can view the entire network and/or run nodes of the network.

To reduce significantly the risk and inconvenience of sharing passwords, we implemented the proven and trusted method of Elliptic Curve Diffie-Hellman or also known as an ECDH key exchange.

This level of encryption is at the same level as what governments use for top secret files.


Derek Capo member of TokenPay ICO
Derek Capo
Carlos Salazar member of TokenPay ICO
Carlos Salazar
Joseph Pacetti, CPA member of TokenPay ICO
Joseph Pacetti, CPA
John Singh member of TokenPay ICO
John Singh
Senen Garcia member of TokenPay ICO
Senen Garcia
Laurance Gerges member of TokenPay ICO
Laurance Gerges
Vlad Turtoi member of TokenPay ICO
Vlad Turtoi
Carlos Arraya member of TokenPay ICO
Carlos Arraya
Legal advisor
Charles Moscoe member of TokenPay ICO
Charles Moscoe
Elizabeth Vrettos, CPA member of TokenPay ICO
Elizabeth Vrettos, CPA


  • 1

    2015 Q4 Beta version of platform launched Fall 2015

  • 2

    2016 Q2

    Partnership with USTOCKTRADE and London Stock Exchange’s Tony Weersinghe Feature presentation at MIT Fintech Conference

  • 3

    2016 Q4

    Owing to overwhelming user demand for blockchain assets, founders shifted focus to cryptocurrency technology Established corporate headquarters in the privacy-focused jurisdiction of the British Virgin Island

  • 4

    2017 Q1

    Onboard world-class dev team to build a more secure and untraceable version of Bitcoin Proprietary Tor network coin technology integration Created Stealth Address and Encrypted Messaging system

  • 5

    2017 Q2

    Launched Multi-Signature Transaction Engine Released Linux, Windows, macOS and Paper Wallets

  • 6

    2017 Q3

    Agreed to acquire an established bank Added Ring Signature feature to TPAY blockchain Zero-Knowledge Proof advanced automation added

  • 7

    2017 Q4

    Release Whitepaper of TokenPay Token Sale

  • 8

    2018 Q1

    Completion of Token sale Add TPAY to notable exchanges TPAY Apple iOS Mobile Wallet Complete due diligence of Bank Integration

  • 9

    2018 Q2

    TokenPay website launched for commercial use Complete acquisition or partnership of Bank P2P multi-screen payment platform Global merchant services application available

  • 10

    2018 Q3 or Q4

    BlueDiamond debit card ships to account holders

  • 11


    TokenPay Bank to expand to new regions within APAC


Token Sale Info
Token TPAY
Platform Separate blockchain
Tokens for Sale 14250000
Investment info
Accepting BTC
Distributed in ICO ~64.8%
Hard cap 5000 BTC
Raised $24,243,811

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