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The Future of Retirement Funding is Fully Regulated Peer-to-Peer Tontines secured by the Blockchain. TontineTrust is developing a blockchain based, community driven retirement funding platform which removes the cost layers involved in traditional longevity risk solutions such as life-annuities. The Tontines will be administered by an unbiased, mathematically robust "Smart-Actuary" which is expected to deliver variable lifetime incomes for retirees starting considerably higher than many traditional annuity products.

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Token TON
Platform Stellar
Price 1 TON = 1 USD
Country Gibraltar
ICO Start Date 23 Apr 2018
ICO End Date 30 Mar 2018

About TontineTrust

Opening The largest 20 OECD countries in the world are struggling to cope with a $78 Trilion financial crisis equivalent to 100 times larger than Apple, the most valuable company on the planet. Tontine Trust has developed a system to allow citizens globally to receive income in for retirement without fear of governments or corporations going bankrupt. Secured by the blockchain and managed by a Patent-Pending “Robo-Actuary”, as the pensions crisis gets worse, hundreds of millions of people will seek alternative solutions resulting in the creation of a new multi-trillion dollar industry of which Tontine Trust is the pioneer. About Forbes recently described Tontine Trust as "Fintech's Answer To The Global Retirement Crisis (with ) the multi-trillion-dollar global retirement income market in their sights." The TontineTrust solution is a blockchain based version of a tontine which is the most popular financial product in the history of the world and will be offered globally as an immutable alternative to unpredictable governmental & corporate pensions as well as overly expensive insurance based products such as life annuities. This means that low-cost Tontine Pensions on the blockchain can offer BETTER retirement incomes to consumers in stable countries and can offer BETTER AND SAFER retirement income solutions to consumers in less stable countries. The patent-pending Artificial Intelligence “Robo-Actuary” powered Platform will manage the investment of members capital in conservative low-cost passive investment strategies fully backed by major global index funds as well as physical gold held at the Royal Mint in Britain. Tontine Trust has a heavyweight team & advisory board which are motivated to ensure that 100% of the platform economics are derived through the TON Tokens which only reach their maximum available supply when TontineTrust reaches $1 TRILLION in Assets Under Management. Tontine Members and TON Holders are eligible to receive a TON Card debit card which is expected to be accepted at over 40 million merchants and ATMs worldwide. The coming pension crisis will be far harder on consumers than even the 2008 crisis which will drive hundreds of millions of savers per year to alternative solutions which could result in TontineTrust becoming the “Vanguard” of the retirement funding industry within a decade.


Dean McClelland member of TontineTrust ICO
Dean McClelland
CEO responsible for Product Development, Establishing Partnerships
Jon Matonis member of TontineTrust ICO
Jon Matonis
Chairman, Strategic Adviser Bitcoin & Blockchain, Entrepreneur
Jörg Platzer member of TontineTrust ICO
Jörg Platzer
Board Member, Strategic Adviser BTC, Blockchain, Tontines Expert Cryptoeconomist
Richard K. Fullmer member of TontineTrust ICO
Richard K. Fullmer
Actuarial Strategist, Asset Allocation Director
Dr. Michael J Neish member of TontineTrust ICO
Dr. Michael J Neish
Quant / Programmer responsible for Product Engineering & Payout Trajectory Optimisation
Marcin Zduniak member of TontineTrust ICO
Marcin Zduniak
Lead Developer Blockchain, Fintech
Nedda Kaltcheva member of TontineTrust ICO
Nedda Kaltcheva
Technical Architect Govt. Scale Systems
Max Haran Doyle member of TontineTrust ICO
Max Haran Doyle
Ex-UBS advisor to the Russian State now Digital Strategy & Project Manager
Marcus Fuchs member of TontineTrust ICO
Marcus Fuchs
Fund Manager M.D. CEE + MENA Region
Eamon Bermingham member of TontineTrust ICO
Eamon Bermingham
International Pensions Investment Director acting as Expert Advisor


  • 1

    QUARTER 2 2017

    Tokenomics refined to generate network effects ✔ Team Expansion Commences

  • 2

    QUARTER 4 2017

    IPR Protected Release Whitepaper SAFT & Token Sale

  • 3

    QUARTER 2 2018

    1st Crypto Tontine Launch Biometrics & TonCard Launch Commence Passporting Applications

  • 4

    QUARTER 4 2018

    Strategic Partnerships Development Continues Regulatory Applications

  • 5

    QUARTER 1 2017

    Concept Development with a view to solving a major, growing global problem on the blockchain Smart Actuary Concept

  • 6

    QUARTER 3 2017

    Website Launch Incorporated in Gibraltar Meetings with Regulators TON$ Smart Contract

  • 7

    QUARTER 1 2018

    Platform Development Home Market Regulatory Applications Finalised Team Expansion

  • 8

    QUARTER 3 2018

    1st ETF Tontine Launch Strategic Partnership Development Target Market Regulatory Applications


Token Sale Info
Token TON
Token Type Currency
Platform Stellar
Price in ICO 1 TON = 1 USD
Tokens for Sale 340000000
Investment info
Distributed in ICO 34%

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